Participant information

Important addresses
Hotel: Pirita SPA Hotel, Purje 9
University: Tallinn University of Technology (TTU), Ehitajate tee 5
Tournament emergency hotline: +372 53755836

Registration when arriving
All registrations happen in the hotel. This applies both to the registration that you do on the day you arrive and your daily re-reg. When you arrive to the hotel for the first time, you will need to register to the tournament. Registration on arrival will happen between 10AM and midnight. You will be able to register starting 10AM but you get access to you hotel room at 2PM. If you happen to arrive before 2PM, you can register and leave your belongings to the hotel. If you arrive after midnight, let us know when you will be arriving by dropping us a line at

Daily re-registration
Daily re-registration takes place in the hotel lobby. Make sure you re-register in the hotel before exiting the hotel and entering the tournament bus, otherwise you are lost in the tab. Re-register in the hotel on a daily basis, to give the tab team time to build the draw while you’re being transferred.

You can check the schedule either from your app or HERE

As part of the tournament, we are having quite a few (12 in total) lectures about different aspect of debating. The workshops take place on the 14th and on the 19th and are all held in the hotel. The workshops are open to everybody and are held by some of the brightest minds in Europe. Since there are actually quite a lot of workshops being held, we’re not going to introduce them to you one by one, just check out our schedule to see all of the goodness that we’ve prepared for you:
Please find Tallinn EUDC 2017’s: i) Judges Briefing, ii) Speakers Briefing, and iii) Speaker Scale. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

Tallinn University of Technology
Please find campus map HERE so you can easily download/print/memorize it.

If you need a quick refreshment during the day, we can suggest two places that are on the campus site and run by our own students.

Nohik specializes in making all sorts of different high-quality coffees. You can get smoothies, craft beer, other drinks and light snacks in Nohik as well. Nohik is inside the main TTU building, in the student building. Look at the map for more details. Nohik is open from 9AM until 5PM. Nohik is the place to visit when you need something quickly between rounds.

Pööning has a few beers, pizzas, pastas, cakes etc. on offer. It is a five minute walk from the university and again – check the map for more info on specific location. Pööning is open from 11AM until late at night. You can visit Pööning at the end of the day if you happen to have free time before the bus transfer.    

Forest covers almost 50% of Estonia while the average of Europe is 35%. We like our forest and we intend to keep it. For those purposes we kindly ask that you supply your own flow-paper whenever possible.

There is free Wi-Fi in both the university and the hotel. This is Estonia after all, we brought you Skype, TransferWise and a President who was hip enough to have a part time DJ-gig while being the President of our country. There is free Wi-Fi in most of the places where you go, be it bars, restaurants, museums etc. This Wi-Fi is often protected by a password for security reasons, just ask representative of the location for a Wi-Fi password.

EUDC2017 app: We have a EUDC2017 app, called … eerm.. EUDC2017, that we are expecting all of the participants to use. You can download it now from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store. It is currently in “Early Access” stage. That means that we are still updating the info in the app. Once you get to Estonia and actually start using the app, everything will be running smoothly, except the orgcom. The orgcom will not be running, it will be walking because when people use our app, everything will be smooth. The app will contain maps of relevant places, tournament info and push notifications, meaning that if there is anything we feel you need to know, we can instantly contact you and keep you in the loop of things. Logging in to the app happens with Tabbie2 credentials. For now, just download the app and be happy that you have it. It will become more relevant over time.

#tallinneudc is our official hashtag. Use it where- and whenever appropriate, let’s create a great story all together. While you’re at it, tag us aswell, using #visitestonia.

Roaming fees: Once you get to Estonia, there are no roaming fees whatsoever. Gosh, it is so great that the European Commissioner for the Digital Single Market is our previous prime minister. This mean you get to use your phone like you are at home, without any additional prices.

Weather in Estonia is very seasonal. A week in an average Estonian summer has all four seasons in it. The average summer temperature is fairly mild, varying between 16 and 20 degrees Celcius. There will be rain so bring an umbrella and a waterproof jacket. Temperatures drop to 10-12 degrees on pretty much every night, so if you’re going out for a long night, remember to wrap up warm. Weather forecast in Estonia is available at

There is a black tie event (the Grand final takes place at Nordea Concert Hall on Saturday 19th August 2017).

The hotel is situated next to the sea. Take your beach clothes with you. It might be too cold to go swimming in the sea but you never know, take your swimming gear with you. The hotel has a sauna at our disposal, so bring your sauna gear with you.

There is an adventure park next to the hotel and a beautiful coastline/beach/park waiting to be explored. Take your sports clothing with you, get a bit of physical exercise between the mental exercise that is competitive debating to recharge your batteries.

We are also having a tank top party, so bring one with you. Or several. We promise to not harm any tank tops during the party.

General things about Estonia that you should know
We use euros. We don’t accept any other currency besides euros. A bottle of water in the store will cost from 50 cents up to one and a half euros, depending on the brand. Tap water is fine, we recommend drinking it.

One needs to be at least 18 years old to buy alcohol and cigarettes. Some bars enforce an age limit of 21. Alcoholic beverages are sold in the shops between 10AM and 10PM. After 10PM you can get a drink from a bar.

Estonians have a Nordic system of timekeeping. This means that when we say for example 9AM, we mean 9AM, not 9:05AM, not 9-ish, not somewhere in the vicinity of when it feels like about the right time. This means 9AM. 8:50AM according to some sources. Be there early to be sure.

Expect to see lots of flags on the 20th of August. It’s the day of our restoration of independence.

In case of emergency
Call 112. They will direct you to the appropriate agency (i.e. fire brigade, police, ambulance etc.).

Stuff to do if it’s your first time in Tallinn and you want it to be memorable
Our TV tower is quite near to the hotel, but we’d still suggest taking a Uber to get there. The TV tower is the highest building in Estonia, over 300 metres and the viewing platform on the tower is the highest viewing platform in Northern Europe. The view is quite spectacular. Some people use the TV tower for base jumping but we’d recommend against it. Inside the tower you can find lots of interesting things about the re-independence of Estonia that happened in 1991. The TV tower was quite a focal point in the re-independence and at one time was being sieged by soviet tanks while freedom fighters bunkered inside the tower. In case you didn’t quite figure it out yet, the whole operation was an amazing success and we’ve been independent for the last 26 years!

Take a picture with Juulius Tipikas. Juulius is the mascot and eternal student of Tallinn University of Technology. He is already getting a bit old, but on most days, he is happily greeting you by the main doors of our university.

Take a walk in the park of Kadriorg Palace. It is between the city center and the hotel. Uber it. The Palace and the park surrounding it are beautiful during summer days as the were originally constructed for the late Empress of Russia, Catherine I and it is also the official residence of our own President. It even has a swan pond!

City tour
Uve Poom, the ESL champion of EUDC 2007 and his trusted sidekick Sten Andreas Ehrlich (EUDC finalist) have been busy perfecting their skills as tour guides. They have even managed to publish a book and are holding a walking tour of our old town just for us. This is what they had to say: “Old Thomas, the watchman of Tallinn from times immemorial (1530), recently jotted down his life memories in a book called “Tallinn by the Stand-up Tour Guide”. At EUDC he will be sharing these stories in the form a walking tour that is obnoxious, tactless, and biblically correct. A 2in1 comedy show and city tour in the Tallinn Old Town.” We suggest taking part in the tour, if you can. You will need to sign up by 09.08 using this link:

Spend time in Estonia
Check out for more great ideas about what to do. There is lots to do and see and experience. Also check out this great travel guide to get more ideas about what to do here if you are arriving earlier or staying in Estonia for a longer time:

Enjoy your time in Tallinn, be nice to everybody and everybody will be nice to you.