European Universities Debating Championship is funded by the European Union European Regional Development Fund with 30 000 euros.

This project is funded by the Ministry of the Interior and the
National Foundation of Civil Society.

The European Universities Debating Championship is the largest debating tournament in Europe. In competitive debating students do not only train their general knowledge, eloquence and public speaking but also hone their ability to logically analyse arguments. Tallinn EUDC will take place 14 – 20 August 2017.

Project goals and expectations:

1) Popularising the discussion and increasing the interest of young people and the general public in the debating as an educational activity. All 100 volunteers will be fully acquainted with the background and structure of the discussions, more people will know what debating is and understand why an argument is a useful tool.

2) Continued growth of international trust in Estonian debating is an argument, which in the future will allow the to bring top educators and the best contributors from the rest of the debating world. The event is attended by 560 contributors and from 210 judges from forty eight different countries.

3) Gaining experience in organizing a major international event. Students and high school students in the role of volunteers and organizers in the future will manage major projects and events and will be successful leaders.