We believe that EUDC should be about more than just debating. We see the competition as an opportunity for the continent’s finest student minds to come together and establish friendships and connections that go deeper than your participation in the Championship.

We will have a social for every single evening so people will have the opportunity to choose when to have a quiet night and when to party until the early hours of the morning.

MONDAY – Welcome Night

On the last day of arrivals and on the first day of the tournament we will welcome you to discover the where-abouts of the hotel and find out more about Estonians in a treasure-hunt of activities near the Pirita TOP Hotel. For the less adventurous, the option to listen to a DJ, chill and socialise is granted.

TUESDAY – Time Out Tuesday

We welcome you to relax after the first long day full of debating. To help you connect with other debaters, a speed-d(eb)ating game shall be held for the first part of the evening. Afterwards you are expected to come and listen to our DJ Martin, jam out and perhaps grab that extra bite to eat that you know you have been longing for.

WEDNESDAY – Pub Crawl Night

Although the legend says Tallinn will never be ready, we believe that Tallinn is just ready enough for you to get acquainted to our superb bar culture.

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THURSDAY – Swinging 20s

As well as being break night party, this is the night to flaunt your accessories you bought for all those Gatsby-themed parties. Tallinn Song Festival Grounds is a sight to see. We offer two bands to be excited about, bars that are open all night long and decorated surroundings to bring the opportunity to get the best break night experience.

FRIDAY – Tank Top Party

This is the night where the most common description of a party happens. It is hosted in Von Krahl, an unique theatre-bar-club in the heart of the Old Town of Tallinn.  We urge you to wear your coolest tank top (not optional!) because, honestly, we are all fed up with the suits already. We’ll entertain you with a lot of good (dance) music. It is the night when most of you can finally relax and let it all out – so get ready to p-a-r-t-y!

SATURDAY – Final Night

On the day of the finals you are offered an insight into the soul of modern Estonia! It is a place where nature, technology and a ton of initiative meet – the grounds for great ideas to sprout is wide open and we cannot wait for you to get carried away!

To top off the glorious day of the Grand Final we offer a chance to properly unwind as the night is filled with dance, music, laughter and good food around you.

If you are not a participant, please buy your ticket to the finals from Piletilevi here.