Travelling to Tallinn

There are two international airports in Estonia – one in Tallinn and the other in the university town, Tartu. Tallinn Airport (full name Tallinn Lennart Meri Airport) is located a mere 4 km from the heart of Tallinn and has fast connections to the city center by taxi or airport shuttle.

There are many companies that offer direct connections to Tallinn: Estonian air, Ryanair, AirBaltic, EasyJet, Finnair, Norwegian, LOT Polish airlines, Lufthansa. For a complete list of airlines flying to Tallinn, please visit the Tallinn Airport site.

It is sometimes cheaper to fly to Tallinn through Stockholm, Helsinki, Riga or other cities, as they have bigger international airports. So if you want to fly cheap, don’t rely only on direct flights. For best deals, check the following websites: Skyscanner or  Travelmarket.

Few examples of how to mix and find the cheapest way to get to Tallinn:

  • Plane to Riga, bus from Riga to Tallinn
  • Plane to Helsinki, ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn
  • Plane to Stockholm, ferry from Stockholm to Tallinn
  • Train to Stockholm, ferry from Stockholm to Tallinn
  • Train to Bremen, plane from Bremen to Tallinn
  • Ferry to Riga, bus from Riga to Tallinn etc. 

You can take a bus to Tallinn from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and many other European countries. The central bus station in Tallinn is situated about 10-15 minutes from the city centre.For more information visit the following websites: Lux Express, Simple Express, Ecolines,  Temptrans (Belarus, Russia, Ukraine).

Tallinn is a port-town and the harbour is situated right in the city centre, only a 5-minute walk away from the old town. We have one harbor, but the different terminals (A, B, C and D) are not quite conveniently located next to each other, so be sure that you are heading towards the correct letter. The ferry lines connect Tallinn to Helsinki, Mariehamn, Stockholm and St Petersbourg. For more information, visit the following websites: Tallink/Silja Line, Viking Line, Eckerö Line (Finland), St Peter Line (Russia), Linda Line (Finland). To find the cheapest tickets, visit

Tallinn railway station (Balti Jaam) has a train connection with Moscow and the central train station is situated right next to the old town. For more information, visit the GoRail site. You can find timetables for some European trains from the Deutsche Bahn website.

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