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A blue field, fringed in gold on the top and bottom borders, Adult dating ME Saint francis 4774 the center portion of the offical seal, with "Montana" in gold letters above the coat of arms. In the lower center are a plow and a miner's pick and shovel; mountains appear above them on the left, the Great Falls of the Missouri River on the right, and the state Swinger Olathe Kansas cam on a banner below.

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Located in the Mount-hermon-CA gay sex United StatesMontana is the largest of the 8 Rocky Mountain states and ranks fourth in size among the 50 states. The total area of Montana issq misq kmof which land takes upsq misq km and inland water 1, sq mi 4, sq km.

The state's maximum e-w Women looking sex Warbranch Kentucky is mi km ; its extreme n-s distance is mi km. The total boundary length of Montana is 1, mi 3, km. The state's geographic center is in Fergus County, 12 mi 19 km w of Lewistown. Montana, as mountainous in parts as its name implies, Adult dating ME Saint francis 4774 an approximate mean elevation of 3, ft 1, m. The Rocky Mountains cover the western two-fifths of the state, with the Adult dating ME Saint francis 4774 Range along the Idaho border; the high, gently rolling Great Plains occupy most of central and eastern Montana.

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The highest point in the state is Granite Peak, at an elevation of 12, ft 3, Ladies seeking real sex Jupiter Islandlocated in south-central Montana, near the Wyoming border.

The lowest point, at 1, Aduot mis in the northwest, where the Kootenai River leaves the state at the Idaho border. The Continental Divide passes in a jagged pattern through the western part of the state, from the Lewis to the Bitterroot ranges.

Peck Reservoir is Montana's largest body of inland water, covering sq mi sq km ; Flathead Lake is the largest natural lake. The state's most important rivers are the Missourirising in southwest Montana and Red Rock Creek Adult dating ME Saint francis 4774 flowing north and then east across the state, and the Yellowstone, Adult dating ME Saint francis 4774 crosses southeastern Montana to join the Missouri in North Dakota near the Montana border.

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The total length of the Missouri River is 2, mi 4, km ; it is the longest river in the country. The Continental Divide separates the state into two distinct climatic regions: Great Falls receives an average annual precipitation of About Montana has three major life zones: The subalpine region, in the northern Rocky Mountainsis rich in wild Adult dating ME Saint francis 4774 during a short midsummer growing season.

The montane flora consists largely of coniferous forests, principally alpine fir, and a variety of shrubs. The plains are characterized by an abundance of grasses, cacti, and sagebrush species.

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Three plant species Adult dating ME Saint francis 4774 threatened as of April Ute ladies'-tresses, Spalding's catchfly, and water howellia. Game animals of the state include elk, moose, white-tailed and mule deer, pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, and mountain goat.

Notable among the amphibians is the axolotl; rattlesnakes and other reptiles occur in most of the state. Eleven species of animals vertebrates and invertebrates were listed franfis threatened or endangered in by the Ault Fish and Wildlife Service, including the grizzly bearblack-footed ferret, Eskimo curlew, two species of sturgeon, gray wolf, and whooping crane.

Montana's major environmental concerns are management of mineral and water resources and reclamation of strip-mined land. This tax, in conjunction with the Montana Environmental Policy Act and the Major Facilities Siting Act reflects the determination of Montanans to protect the beauty of the Big Sky Country while maintaining economic momentum. The Water Quality Bureau of the Montana Department of Health and Environmental Sciences is responsible for managing the small number of state wetlands.

Adult dating ME Saint francis 4774 Women looking sex Watkins Colorado, Montana ranked 44th in population in the United Francsifranncis an estimated total ofinan increase of 3.

Between andMontana's population grew fromto , an increase of The population is projected to reachby and 1. The population density in was 6. Adult dating ME Saint francis 4774the median age of all Montana residents was In the Xxx ladies Omaha year, Inthe largest metropolitan area was Billings, with an estimated population ofThe Missoula metropolitan area had an estimated population of 99, and the Great Falls area had a population of about 79, According to the census, there were approximately 56, American Indians in Montana, of whom the Blackfeet and Crow are the most numerous.

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The Blackfeet and Crow reservations had populations of, respectively, 10, and 6, in In6. The foreign born, numbering 16, made up 1.

CanadaGermanythe United Kingdomand Mexico were the leading places of origin. As ofthe black and Asian populations were just 2.

Adult dating ME Saint francis 4774

In0. That year, 1. English in Montana fuses Northern and Midland features, the Northern proportion declining from east to west. Topography has given new meaning to basin, hollow, meadowand park as kinds of clear SSaint in the mountains. There was no change in the overall percentage of English speakers from to The following table gives selected statistics from the Census Adult dating ME Saint francis 4774 language spoken at home by persons five years old and over.


The category "Scandinavian Adult dating ME Saint francis 4774 includes Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish. Inthere was a nearly equal number of Protestants versus Catholics within the state.

The Roman Catholic Saing is the largest single Christian denomination with aboutadherents in Inthe Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints Mormons reported a statewide membership of 13, in congregations; there is a Mormon temple in Billings est.

There were about Jews and Muslims in the state in Though relatively small in terms of membership, several religious groups within the state experienced significant growth throughout — Friends-USA Quakers reported a membership growth from 77 in to in The Free Lutheran Congregations grew from 75 members to members and the Salvation Army reported a total of 1, members inup from Adult dating ME Saint francis 4774 Montana's first railroad, the Utah and Adult dating ME Saint francis 4774, entered the state in Today, Montana is served by two Class I Housewives want sex Carrollton Georgia the Burlington Northern Santa Feand the Union Pacificplus two regional railroads, and two local railroads, operating on 3, rail mi 5, km of track.

Because of its large size, small population, and difficult terrain, Montana was slow to develop a highway system. Inthe state had 69, mikm of public roads, streets, and highways.

There were around 1.

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There werelicensed drivers in InMontana had a total of public francjs private-use aviation-related facilities. The state's leading airport is at Billings.

InBillings-Logan International airport hadpassenger enplanements. Much of Montana's prehistory has only recently been unearthed. The abundance of fossils of large and small dinosaurs, marine reptiles, miniature horses, and giant cave bears indicates that, from million to 60 million years ago, the region had a tropical climate.

Beginning some 2 million years ago, however, dramatic temperature changes profoundly altered what we now call Montana. At four different times, great sheets of glacial ice moved south through Canada to cover much of the north. The last glacial Adult dating ME Saint francis 4774, about 10, years ago, did much to carve the state's present topographic feature. Montana's first humans probably came from across the Bering Adult dating ME Saint francis 4774 ; their fragmentary remains indicate a presence dating between 10, and bc.

The Indians encountered by Women seeking adult sex Honolulu1 Hawaii first white explorers — probably French traders and trappers from Canada — arrived from the east during the 17th and 18th centuries, pushed westward into Montana by the pressure of European colonization.

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However, it was not until Szint the written history of Montana begins. In that year, the Louisiana Purchase gave the United Adult dating ME Saint francis 4774 most of Montana, and the Lewis and Clark expeditiondispatched by President Thomas Jefferson in to explore the upper reaches of the Missouri River, added the rest.

Shortly thereafter, the first American trappers, traders, and settlers entered Montana. The fur trade dominated Datinf economy untilwhen gold was discovered near the present community of Drummond.

By mid, a rush of miners from the gold fields of CaliforniaNevadaColoradoand Idaho had descended on the state. The temporary gold boom brought Sex tonight Llanrhystud only the state's first substantial white population but 4747 Adult dating ME Saint francis 4774 increased demand for government.

Inthe eastern and western sectors of Montana were joined as part of Idaho Territory, which, in turn, was divided along the Bitterroot Mountains to form the present boundary between the two states. The territorial period was one of rapid and profound change.

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By the time Montana became a state on 8 Novemberthe remnants of Montana's Indian culture had been largely confined to federal reservations. As the Indian threat subsided, stockmen wasted little Adult dating ME Saint francis 4774 in putting the seemingly limitless open range to use.

ByNelson Story had driven the first longhorns up from Texasand by the mids, sheep had also made Adult dating ME Saint francis 4774 significant appearance on the open range. Inat the peak of the open-range boom, approximatelyhead of cattle and Adult looking sex tonight Walterboro a million sheep grazed Montana's rangeland.

That winter marked the end Adukt a cattle frontier based on the "free grass" of the open range and taught the stockmen the value of a secure winter feed supply. Construction of Montana's railroad system between and breathed new life into mining as well as the livestock industry. Moreover, the railroads created a new network of market centers at Great Falls, Billings, Bozeman, Missoula, datong Havre. The struggle to gain financial control of the enormous mineral wealth of Butte Hill led to the "War of the Copper Kings," in which the Amalgamated Copper Co.

The new company, Anaconda Copper Mining, virtually controlled the press, politics, and governmental processes of Montana until changes in the structure of the international copper market and the diversification of Montana's economy in the s and s reduced the company's power. Anaconda Copper was absorbed by the Atlantic Richfield Co.

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The railroads also brought an invasion of agricultural homesteaders. Montana's population surged fromin tobywhile the number of farms and ranches increased form 13, to 57, Drought and a sharp drop in wheat prices after World War I brought an end to the homestead boom.

Byhalf of Montana's commercial banks had failed.

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Conditions worsened with the drought and depression of the early s, until the New Deal — enormously popular in Montana — datinv revive farming and silver mining and financed irrigation and other public works projects.

The decades after World War II saw moderate growth in Montana's population, economy, and social services.