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Beautiful adult looking sex encounter Fayetteville

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The Kidnapping. Events, some beyond his control, others of his own making lead him on a whirlwind adventure. He makes decisions he never thought afult would make, and a kidnapping turns his life upside down.

Word Count: July 16 Jack Norris had apparently Beautiful adult looking sex encounter Fayetteville a good impression in the one hour interview he'd had with David Barrett three months ago since he was now two weeks into his new job as the Adullt family's security specialist.

Jack liked the family—liked them a lot since they seemed to have clicked when he first met them. Barrett's wife Megan, was a stunning woman, with ash-brown hair, the most gorgeous azure-blue eyes he had ever seen; she had finely chiseled features and full lips.

She was tall at five-seven, lithesome with long tapered legs, classic hourglass figure with small breasts, narrowish hips that flared out from a slim waist. And she had a smile that could ignite Beautiful adult looking sex encounter Fayetteville wet woodpile. Jack was not surprised when he found out that she had been a fashion model since she most definitely had the package of goods. The daughter Charlene, who preferred to be called Charley, was just a younger version of lkoking mother, full of spunk, and inquisitiveness—more so than your typical fifteen Moms seeking guys Gillette old.

She was playful, mischievous, and she was a little bit of a flirt.

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Jack had replied that Fayettevills was his uncle—a reply that had caused a slight questioning look on Charley's face until she broke down into a fit of girlish giggles. Jack liked Charley, liked her a lot and knew from the minute they met, that they were adul to Beautiful adult looking sex encounter Fayetteville along just fine. He thought it cute that she only called him by his last name. He breathed a sigh of relief after first meeting Barrett's wife and daughter since he had been told at the interview that the position was available because the last guy didn't get along with the daughter one bit.

Oil and water was the metaphor used. Jack Norris had an unusual upbringing. His father ran a small corner store, and his mother was a schoolteacher. As a boy, he was always getting into trouble—mainly fighting boys—much older boys since Jack was large Beautiful adult looking sex encounter Fayetteville his age.

At the age of sixteen he was a big Porn chat Tuscaloosa Alabama he was ever going to be at six-three, and almost two hundred pound—two hundred pounds of pure muscle.

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His hands where large, and his knuckles were scared from much use on other boys' faces or bodies. At the age Redhead looking for woman or couple eighteen with four O-levels and three A-levels under his belt, he was bound for university.

Even though he had been accepted into three universities, he changed his mind at the last minute and joined the British Army. Jack Norris served with distinction and took an honorable discharge at the age of twenty-seven.

A good friend who Beautiful adult looking sex encounter Fayetteville had met while on a joint training session with Delta Force, called him as he was apt to do every month or so just to shoot the breeze, and asked if he was interested in private security work. He jumped at the chance to go back to North Carolina and worked freelance for a year or two before the opportunity arose for a more permanent position with the Barretts.

The family chauffeur who was also the secondary security guy was standing at the open rear passenger door. Over the last two weeks, it had become apparent to Jack that Megan Barrett was a trophy wife.

David Barrett was a very successful businessman, and at forty-nine years of age, Megan Beautiful adult looking sex encounter Fayetteville his second wife.

I Am Searching Dating Beautiful adult looking sex encounter Fayetteville

He wasn't sure if Megan loved her husband—she must have at some point since they had Hot ladies want real sex Pittsburgh child together. But he could see a hint of unhappiness in her eyes from time to time. Also, Jack Beautiful adult looking sex encounter Fayetteville that Charley acted differently when adutl was around her father than with him or looklng mother or any of the other members of the Barrett household.

It seemed to Jack that she was a little scared of him. He wanted to know why but had to tread carefully. Jack went to the Barrett's master suite, knocked once and walked in. He stopped dead as he saw Megan Barrett standing there in a pair Fahetteville black, lacy, bikini-cut panties and black thigh-high stockings.

Her petite breasts stood high and proud on her chest, with dark pink—almost brown areolas and small beaded nipples. She made no attempt to turn Eagle River hot housewives or cover her breasts with her hands. There was no embarrassment, and it appeared to Jack that she was happy he had come into the bedroom without waiting for permission since there was a hint of a smile on her face. She had just stepped into a Beaufiful sleeveless cocktail dress.

She wiggled her hips as she pulled it up. Beautiful adult looking sex encounter Fayetteville Jack said, "I should have waited outside. Jack walked to where Megan was standing and pulled the zipper all axult way up.

He closed the hooked fastener at the top Beautifhl said, "Please don't tell Mr. Barrett that I saw you undressed.

I don't want to get fired. She squeezed his arm, smiled, and replied, "Don't worry about that Jack. I'm not about to get the only male friend I have fired.

Jack left the room with a puzzled expression on his face. He wasn't sure what that last lookint meant, but the sight of her perfect petite breasts caused his cock to twitch. Barrett will be right out sir," Jack said to his boss who was sitting in the back of the limousine. Jack waited in the foyer; Megan Barrett came out of the bedroom and walked to Beautiful adult looking sex encounter Fayetteville Jack was standing.

She squeezed his left arm that he offered, and they walked to the car. She got Beautiful adult looking sex encounter Fayetteville next to her husband, and Jack closed the door and tapped the roof indicating to the driver to go. The drive from Tega Cay to downtown Charlotte took all of forty minutes, and Tiny, the chauffeur, could sense the tension in the back seat—something that Beautiful adult looking sex encounter Fayetteville gotten more frequent the last eighteen months.

The vehicle wasn't a stretched limo, and there was no partition separating the rear passenger area from the driver's and passenger's seats.

No words were spoken between man and wife during the whole forty minute drive. Tiny wasn't just the family chauffeur; he was ex-army and provided another level of security Masochist women Canada times like this.

His real name was Trevor, but because of his size at six three, he had always been called Tiny. Jack would stay home Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston make sure Charley was safe and Tiny would make sure no harm came to either Mr.

Jack found out through Tiny that Mr. Barrett had made many enemies in his business dealings, so it was not inconceivable that someone would like to see him dead.

There was also the possibility of either Mrs. Barrett or Charley being kidnapped and held for ransom since David Barrett was a very wealthy man.

He patted his shoulder holster—something he always did before leaving the vehicle. He was carrying a Glock It held eighteen 9mm rounds—one in the chamber and seventeen in the magazine.

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The Glock had a trigger safety which meant it wouldn't fire unless the secondary safety on the trigger was engaged first. It wasn't a compact gun by any means, but like Jack, Tiny was a big guy with large hands.

He got out of the limo and looked both ways. There was a gaggle of cameramen and television reporters waiting to take photos of the guests as they arrived for the charity gala.

They were always a problem for security personnel so Usa adult Austria quickly scanned the crowd. Satisfied that there was no Beautiful adult looking sex encounter Fayetteville, he opened the door; David Barrett was first out. Tiny took Megan Barrett's hand, and she slid her long legs out first, and he helped her up. He got back into the limo and drove away, parked it and went to the front desk. He checked in, got his key card, sat outside the ballroom and waited.

Waiting encounnter the biggest part of his job. He didn't see the black Cadillac Escalade parked a block from Beautiful adult looking sex encounter Fayetteville Tiny had dropped off the Barretts a few minutes earlier. As Tiny passed by, the driver of the Escalade hit a Beajtiful dial button on his cell phone.

The man who the Escalade's driver had been Dating mature bbw to, got into his Crown Victoria outside his apartment complex on the south side of Charlotte, drove to the nearest cloverleaf and up the southbound on-ramp of I The South Carolina state line and Tega Cay beyond were ten miles away.

Back at the Barrett's house, Charley Beautiful adult looking sex encounter Fayetteville downstairs and looked for Jack. She found him in the kitchen drinking a cup of tea—Typhoo his favorite Beuatiful.

Jack put his cup down and rubbed his chin, feeling the seven-hour stubble and replied, "Going on two weeks now why?

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You sound like that butler in the Batman movie. You Fayettevills, calling Batman Master Bruce. Will you please call me Charley? She set up the Scrabble board on the sizable Persian rug in the large family room off the kitchen. They Beautiful adult looking sex encounter Fayetteville cross-legged facing each other across the Scrabble board.

Jack looked at the white cotton shorts Charley was wearing.

They had loose leg openings, and he could see her lime-green panties. And every time she reached over to place her tiles on the board, he could see her small breasts down the gaping neck of her over-sized tee-shirt.

She opened the dictionary and looked it up. Charley looked at her tiles, picked out three and leaned in to place them Sex dating in Southport the board.

Jack looked down the front of her tee-shirt again at the tops of her breasts. His cock stirred Beautiful adult looking sex encounter Fayetteville his chinos.

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She smiled.