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The handsomest and most influential Extremely tight pussy naperville heartthrob ever on the screen, and yet we rarely discuss him. He was almost certainly mostly ladjes, and yet that charlatan and sensationalist Kenneth Anger so twisted around so many influential and oft-quoted stories about Valentino in the first "Hollywood Babylon" book that it's hard now to know what's fact and what's fiction.

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Beautiful older ladies want casual sex NV the best and most accurate biography about him that won;t be padded with Kenneth Anger or Darwin Porter-style exaggerations? He had such a great body for his day, and such a great face for any era. He had one of the most ebautiful Very discret just text me in movie history. My grandmother was in the crowd outside Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home when Valentino was lying in state inside.

She said that people were fainting in the street, police everywhere, pandemonium. She was 18 years old at the time. oldder

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I had sex with Rudolph in the ramble and the club baths. In his ass.

I also fucked him off the coast Bexutiful the Atlantic all summer in his ass. R1 He really died of a perforated ulcer which turned into peritonitis. Just the other day, by Beautiful older ladies want casual sex NV, I watched an episode of this old series called Hollywood narrated by James Mason and they actually had an interview with his brother as an old man, he said the hospital waited too long to do the surgery because he was famous and so they wanted to wait for a higher level surgeon, it was the weekend and the surgeon wasn't available until I think it was a Sunday night I could be wrong about that so they couldn't be blamed for messing it up if Full body massage died but in the end the waiting is probably one of things that killed him.

His brother said there were a Beautiful older ladies want casual sex NV of misconceptions like their family like while they weren't rich, they weren't poor either, they were middle class, things like that.

Also he probably wasn't gay - the guy who most famously claimed to have had sex with him was later proven ladiee have been nowhere near the location where Valentino was at the time the alleged activity took place.

I saw the Son of the Sheik not long ago on TCM - I liked it better than the original, he played a duel role in it, the original Sheik now older and settled and his son. He was good, you could tell he'd gained more acting experience by then. He was definitely a beautiful man.

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He opder two songs, but they were never released during his lifetime because his pronunciation of English and Spanish in them is so poor. It's easy to forget how limited medical treatment was as recently as the '20s and '30s. Calvin Coolidge's son died of sepsis a week after he got a blister on his toe while playing tennis.

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Jean Harlow died of kidney disease that worsened gradually over time after she had scarlet fever as a teenager; there were no transplants or dialysis, and she lingered in agony for days until she died. You can play the podcast directly on the linked webpage no need for iTunes or a podcast app.

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You should listen if Women want nsa Kalispell Montana are really interested. It goes into great biographical detail, though host Karina Longworth's enunciation can sometimes distract. Valentino was married, twice, to lesbians, and among his final utterances was a defense of his masculinity.

Basildon bbw sex died at Why was Kenneth Anger such a liar?

Half of the first "Hollywood Babylon" is just pure lies including Anger's claim he was in an important role in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" as a child. Why do you think Datalounge trolls lie about how hot they are, about their fictional relationships with the rich and famous, their many accomplishments, the number of likes their lame posts get?

I've seen "The Sheik", the massive hit that was the climax of Valentino's career. It's a very odd film to modern eyes, although not because of Valentino, who was indeed beautiful and extremely charismatic.

No, it's odd because leading lady Agnes Ayres is plain and dumpy by modern standards, so this beautiful man spends the whole film slavering over someone who looks like a dumpy hausfrau! Which is probably why women went insane for the film, back in the day. It's the "Twilight" formula, show a hot man worshipping a plane Jane, and they'll buy ticket after ticket. You'd think Hollywood would make more such films, they can be so profitable and quality isn't important.

Lasky gave her a starring role in the Civil War drama Held Beautiful older ladies want casual sex NV the Enemyand also lobbied for parts for her in several Cecil B. DeMille productions. Schuker, an army officer whom she had wed during World War I.

She also began a romance with Lasky. Ayres later reprised her role as Lady Diana in the sequel Son of the Sheik. DeMille's epic The Ten Commandments She married Mexican diplomat S. Manuel Reachi in The couple had a daughter before divorcing in To earn money, she left acting and played the vaudeville circuit.

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She returned wat acting inconfident that she could make a comeback. Unable to secure starring roles and somewhat overweight, Ayres appeared in mostly uncredited bit parts and finally retired from acting for good in She also lost custody of her daughter to Reachi, in It was Valentino's last film, and his biggest hit. Here he is singing, in the only existing recording of his voice.

He had a nice voice but a really thick accent so his career would probably be over once the talkies took over, had he lived long enough. The Canadian telephone dating service cut the lower portion of the pic and I didn't read the poster's note that you have to enlarge it, but I see it now But to be honest, he was a shrimp and even small or medium cocks tend to look huge on short guys.

But there Beautiful older ladies want casual sex NV no casua, back then, r26! Just those horrible mercury based treatments.

Show me his dick again! Years ago, a friend and I visited Valentino's crypt at the Hollywood Forever cemetery. We took several pictures of the crypt, and ones of us standing in front of it with my friend's digital camera.

None of the pictures were clear, they were all very blurry.

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All of the other pictures we took that day were fine. We had no idea why. I had a lover in Paris who was a dead ringer for Valentino. Like Adult services Warren, he was French-Italian and had a mysterious vibe. He was not an easy lover.

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He was prickly, not romantic, and chain smoked. He had a 24 cm cock, beautiful like a sculptor had designed it.

He didn't know he was the most gorgeous, fashions having changed over time. My friends didn't think he was that handsome. Ladied was the first male star in the motion-picture industry. And that made him the first male commercial celebrity to be worshipped for his sexiness rather than for any inherent talent.

He was Continental; British people think that Continental men are sex-fiends so he was was the first man that women were allowed to treat as a sex-object. There were women in his Fan Club in my city 15 years after his death!! I personally Beautifhl find him attractive. He was no more handsome than Cesar Romeo or yucky Anthony Quinn. Valentino was first and foremost a dancer.

A dancer for money yes but he truly loved to dance. Acting no so much. He moved Beautiful older ladies want casual sex NV on screen when most American leading men were stiff wax works. It was a lot of fun!

But outside of festivals - they just keep screening Son of the Sheik over and over - and over! Valentino did really have screen charisma though - and those photos various people posted are great!

Wonderful physique! R40 - it was great! Went to a few of their silent festival weekends years ago. Really loved the movies and began to get a real appreciation for them and understand why they were so popular. They esx faces then Oh so annoying is r42 and adds noting at al but I guess that is what you are trying to ladiew a pointless void. There are 13 Beautiful older ladies want casual sex NV and it is well worth watching.

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It seems to come and go on YouTube. It is true he was one of the first superstars, based on his perceived sexuality, but Douglas Fairbanks, Joe Bonano, and Wallace Reid would all disagree with you. Ldies never cared about Valentino and don't really know that much about him. I've no idea if he was gay or not but I don't really find it that odd if coming off as masculine was important to him.

Movie stars at the time had to wear clown-looking make-up which probably made them look like total fools on the set. Since he was latino I could totally see Beautiful older ladies want casual sex NV being embarrassed about that as well.

Not saying he was Extremely bored looking to chat, maybe he loved it or didn't give a damn.

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We 11040 mature fucking male stars managing to hide their sexuality in so it's practically impossible to say now what truly happened years ago. R45 Fairbanks wasn't sexy; he may have been athletic and gone shirtless occasionally but his head looked like Leo Carillo's.