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PLEASE BE REAL AND SERIOUS ABOUT MEETING AND HAVE FUN. I wajts care at all if you juice just don't roid rage out on me, I put up with enough of it.

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Wanys, come on I wanted to talk to you about the downsizing? There's no downsizing. I, but if there were, I'd be protected as assistant regional manager? Assistant to the regional manager Dwight.

Yeah, so I don't have to worry? Look, look, look.

I talked to corporate, about protecting the sales staff. And they said lwdies couldn't guarantee it if there's downsizing, okay? But there's no downsizing, so just don't Bottom line. Do I need to be worried? Mmm, mm, mm. It looks like there's gonna be downsizing. And it's part of my job, but I hate it.

I think the main difference between me and Donald Trump is that, uh, I get no pleasure oldee of saying the words, "You're fired. Uh, you're foir-ed. No way. It's a real shame, 'cause studies have shown that more information gets passed through water-cooler gossip than through official memos.

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Which puts me at a disadvantage, because I bring my Sex personals Morgantown Kentucky water to work. Why'd you do this? I didn't do it. What do you mean? Oh, the water cooler was brought over here for So what do you guys hear?

What's the scuttlebutt? Now, I think I have had a little stroke oder genius in that I have had my assistant Pam Smile, Pam. I have had her go out and find out whose birthday is coming up, so we can have a little celebration for it.

Not bad, not bad at all. All right. And the birthday person is Here we go, who is the birthday, birthday person? Who is Beautiflu Who's the birthday?

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Actually, we don't have any staff birthdays coming up. Next person on the Okay, umm All right, come on down Meredith!

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But it's not until next month. Well, great, well, you know, it'll be a surprise.

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You still want to have a party? Yeah, why not? Go ahead, live a little.

Come on, Pam. Come on, shake it up. Shake it up! Uh, Spock, are there any signs of life down there? Well, let me check Captain.

Beautiful older ladies wants real sex Stamford

No, Captain. No signs of life down here. Just a wet blanket named Pam. Star Trek. Well, uh, for decorations, maybe we could TSamford was just going to say, maybe we could have streamers, but that's dumb, everybody has streamers. Never mind.

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No, yeah, I think that's a good idea. What color do you Samford think? Well, there's green, um, blue How about green? I think green is kind of whoreish.

This was tough. I suggested we flip a coin. - The Comprehensive Source for The Office Quotes!

But Angela said she doesn't like to gamble. Of course by saying that she was gambling that I wouldn't smack her. These are my party-planning beeyatches. Pulled off an amazing '80s party last year.

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Off the hook! So I was thinking, if you haven't already got a cake, um, maybe going for one of those ice-cream cakes from Baskin-Robbins.

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Those are very good. Very Delicious.

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Meredith's allergic to dairy, Beautiful older ladies wants real sex Stamford She's not the only one that's going to be eating it, right? I think everybody likes ice-cream cake. It's not, uh, it's not just about her, so It is Mint chocolate chip!

That'd be good, how about some, mint chocolate chip? Hey, so listen, I was thinking that it might be a good idea if you and I formed an alliance. I think an alliance might be a good idea, you know. Help each other out. Do you want to form, an alliance, with me?

Absolutely, I do. Good, good. Excellent, OK. Now we need to figure out who's vulnerable and who's protected At that moment, I was so happy. I mean, everything Dwight does annoys me. Did you get your tickets?

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To want The gun show. And I spend hours thinking of ways to get back at him, but only in ways that could get me arrested. And then here he comes and he says "No, Jim, here's a way. There's one other thing and this is important. Let's keep this alliance totally a secret. Don't tell anyone. An alliance?