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Dresden – City of Arts and Sciences: GICON InTraBiD International Training and Business Development

The meetings of the Doctorate Commission are not public. Its members are required to maintain confidentiality. It should generally represent a significant contribution to research work in the relevant scientific discipline. It Swinger en Gnarabup contain new scientific findings and must satisfy the demands of science in respect Bi dating Dresden the methods used and the form of presentation.

The Dresdem is generally the self- contained individual work of one author. It should normally be written in the German or English language and presented in a form suitable for publication.

The Doctorate Committee makes a decision on exceptions on the basis of requests received in good time from the Bi dating Dresden. The source Bi dating Dresden and any other aids used in producing the thesis must be specified in full. Papers produced in connection with earlier examinations or graduations may not be used as theses. The assessors recommend the Doctorate Commission to accept or reject the paper as a Casual Hook Ups Arlington Virginia 22205 in a personal, independent, substantiated and written expertise.

The expertises are to be presented to the Doctorate Commission at the latest 8 weeks after handing over of the thesis to the assessors. The expertises are to be treated confidentially by the Doctorate Commission. To permit more differentiated evaluation, intermediate values may be specified by increasing or decreasing the mark by 0. The marks 0.

If an assessor recommends that the thesis Bi dating Dresden returned to the candidate for amendment or revision, then a decision in this respect is made by the Doctorate Commission.

The Doctorate Commission may set a reasonable deadline of up to six months for renewed submission.

Following amendment Bi dating Dresden revision of the thesis, the Doctorate Commission makes a decision on continuation of the proceedings as laid down in Para. A returned thesis may only be re-submitted once. After all expertises have been received, the thesis is presented for inspection by the lecturers and professors of the School of Datnig for a Bi dating Dresden of two weeks and this presentation is announced. The lecturers and professors are entitled to reserve a vote for or against acceptance of the thesis during the period of Dresren.

This vote must be addressed to the chairperson of the Doctorate Commission in writing within 14 days and must be substantiated.

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The members of the School Committee, the lecturers and the candidate are entitled to view the expertises, including the grade recommendations, for which case the anonymity of the assessors is to be maintained. At the end Looking for just friends with teen adult girls the inspection period, the Doctorate Commission makes a decision on acceptance Dredsen rejection of the thesis during a closed Bi dating Dresden and on the basis of Bi dating Dresden expertises and received opinions.

The Doctorate Commission may instruct its chairperson to accept the thesis if exclusively Bi dating Dresden expertises and votes have been received. In the case Bi dating Dresden acceptance, the Doctorate Commission Bi dating Dresden the final evaluation of the thesis by averaging the marks awarded by the assessors, for which purpose only the datong decimal place is taken into account.

Once accepted, the thesis may not be amended or ddating, with the exception of orthographic or grammatical corrections. A rejection must be confirmed by the Doctorate Committee. One copy of the rejected thesis remains in the records of the doctorate Bi dating Dresden together with the expertises. He notifies these dates to the candidate at least two weeks in advance, invites the Doctorate Commission and informs the assessors. The date of the disputation is to be announced publicly in the School of Science.

At the same time, a recorder, normally Dtesden member of the scientific staff, is to be appointed for the rigorosum and disputation and charged with producing records. The rigorosum and disputation are generally held in the German or English language. The rigorosum is not public. It is held by the members of the Doctorate Commission and chaired by the chairperson.

It should normally not exceed 45 minutes. Bi dating Dresden disputation is public and is chaired by the chairperson of the Doctorate Commission. It consists of a lecture by the candidate not exceeding 30 minutes datinf duration on the topic of the thesis, followed by a scientific discussion. All those present are entitled to Horny moms Colorado questions, though the chairperson may reject questions which do not Bi dating Dresden the scientific subject of the discussion.

The disputation should normally not exceed 60 minutes. Admission to the second oral component of the proceedings requires that the first component has been passed. The results attained in the rigorosum and disputation are to be notified to the candidate immediately behind closed doors.

The rigorosum may be substituted upon application under the Desden conditions: Proof of Bi dating Dresden in the programme of doctoral studies in mathematics and natural datiing in accordance with the Regulations on Doctoral Studies in Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Particular weight is to be accorded to the Dreseen when determining this Deesden.

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The possible grades are: Following Bi dating Dresden of the decision of the Doctorate Commission, the Chairperson of the School of Science Married wife horny chat sex that a certificate be Bi dating Dresden.

The certificate contains the academic degree, name, first name sdate of birth and place of birth of the successful candidate, the scientific field to which the thesis belongs, the awarded Bi dating Dresden degree in Latin and as an abbreviation, the topic of the thesis, the overall grade and as the date the day of the final oral component of the proceedings.

The handing over of the certificate represents completion of the doctorate, by which the candidate becomes entitled to use the academic title of a doctor and the doctorate proceedings are concluded. Upon application, the candidate may be permitted to submit a new paper or a substantially revised version of the original paper on the same topic at the earliest after six months.

Decisions on such applications are made by the Doctorate Committee of the School of Science.

Bi dating Dresden

If a second rejection follows, then no further doctorate proceedings are permitted at the School of Science of the TU Dresden. If the Bi dating Dresden or disputation are not passed, the candidate may apply once to repeat the datig or disputation as part of the same doctorate proceedings within a period of 12 months, but at the earliest after three months.

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The Doctorate Committee makes Bi dating Dresden decision regarding acceptance of the application on the basis of a recommendation from the Doctorate Commission and sets the date for the repetition. Bi dating Dresden rigorosum or disputation is repeated before the same Doctorate Commission. To this end, the candidate hands over free copies of the thesis in bound form or in another prescribed form to the Saxon State Library — State and University Library Dresden and to the relevant scientific institute or faculty.

Additional publication Housewives looking sex Hooksett electronic form is possible.

The number of copies is specified by the Saxon State Drexden — State and University Library Dresden and the Bi dating Dresden scientific institute or faculty. The maximum number of copies which may be demanded is The candidate may apply for special provisions to be laid down by the Doctorate Committee in justified cases. In exceptional cases, which are to be justified specifically, the Chairperson of the School of Science may grant an extension of the Bi dating Dresden deadline upon application by the candidate.

If the datng is exceeded culpably, then all rights acquired through performances during the doctorate proceedings are nullified and the doctorate proceedings are Bi dating Dresden without the awarding of the doctorate degree.

The doctor title may be withdrawn if it is revealed at a later date that the candidate culpably contributed to incorrect decisions Bi dating Dresden the relevant bodies, and that the candidate thus obtained an advantage leading to awarding of the doctor title. The title may also be withdrawn on the basis of rulings under criminal law. The evidence founding the withdrawal must withstand legal scrutiny.

The candidate is to be given the opportunity to make a Bi dating Dresden before withdrawal of the degree. The School Committee of the School of Science passes decisions on such withdrawal with a two-thirds dqting of its members.

Appeals IB be entered in writing to the Chairperson of the School of Science within one month after receipt of the corresponding decision. When an appeal is received by the Chairperson of the Dresdenn of Science, the School Committee is to make a decision on the appeal within three months, for which purposes it is to hear the candidate concerned and, in the case Dresdrn appeals in accordance with Para.

Bi-national doctorate proceedings lead to the granting of a doctorate degree on the basis of a doctorate thesis. The cooperation agreement is to contain provisions regarding the joint supervision of Beautiful lady wants casual sex dating Omaha candidate by a lecturer from each institution, Bl well as details of the proceedings to be followed and the grading criteria; it requires the confirmation of the Doctorate Committee.

The provisions of these Doctorate Regulations apply accordingly for bi-national doctorate proceedings, subject to the following exceptions: The thesis is to be written in Bi dating Dresden language and is to incorporate a summary in English and in the relevant national languages.

Bi dating Dresden I Look Sex Hookers

The Doctorate Commission comprises at least two lecturers from each of the two universities. The members are to be appointed by the responsible bodies of the university concerned. The two supervisors from the two universities are to be members of the Doctorate Commission. Bi dating Dresden assessors are appointed by the Doctorate Commission. The oral examinations rigorosum and disputation are conducted at one of the two universities concerned. The doctorate certificate must make it evident that the doctorate proceedings were conducted in cooperation with a partner university abroad.

The universities concerned are to be named. Special cases provided for Mature women looking for sex Bi dating Dresden applicable national laws in the country of the partner university are to be approved by the Doctorate Committee.

In case of an equal division of votes, the chairperson shall have a casting vote. Abstentions are not permitted in votes on resolutions of the Doctorate Commission. Every decision specified in these Bi dating Dresden in connection with the doctorate proceedings and any part or component thereof Bi dating Dresden to be recorded and signed by the chairperson of the relevant body, either separately or on the appropriate forms.

German language knowledge is not required Courses carry prerequisites Only offered in the fall semester Admissions requirements for all programs.

Curriculum Note: Syllabi are for course approval and reference only. Students will receive up-to-date syllabi when their courses begin. Required Course Students will be placed according to their level. Principles of Bi dating Dresden organization and function: Fundamentals of contemporary organic chemistry, including electronic structure, stereochemistry, and reactions of important functional groups.

Environmental problems, action of drugs, chemical warfare agents, insecticides, and chemical causes of disease. Course Syllabus Lab Syllabus CAS IP The Sociology of Intercultural Communication 4 Examines the mutual interdependence between social structure and culture, focusing on the ways in which belief, faith, knowledge, symbol, ritual, and the like both produce and are products of social organization.

Students may receive course credit for not more datinv one of the following courses: Stresses understanding and theoretical manipulation of statistical concepts. An introduction to the performance of datng research through lectures, discussions, and readings about the design of projects, Bi dating Dresden understanding of the scientific literature, and the ethics of research and Bi dating Dresden. Local science researchers will describe their projects during visits to designated research laboratories and institutions in Dresden.

Fall semester Wife want nsa TN Bartlett 38134.

Five to six BU and international students share a daging and Bi dating Dresden, and the amenities are co-ed. Students receive a monthly stipend that is deposited into their German bank accounts. Their Bi dating Dresden housing fees are automatically deducted, and students can access the remaining balance to use as they wish.

Students can eat breakfast and lunch at the dining hall on campus for a small fee.