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After a time the Indians give up. There are easier spoils back at the group of undefended houses where the attack began.

Hannah and Mary, for instance. Why they are not killed outright is not clear. I am inclined to call it luck; they would call it divine providence. History gives an armature of facts, to which we must give weight and substance. And here is a fact. Twenty-seven killed.

Thirteen taken. Thirty-three percent were spared. The captives are collected into a group with 20 or so Indians. Hannah is huddled beside Mary, hardly aware of her one bare foot.

In her haste to dress she left a shoe behind. Their captors do not head toward the garrisons; they have less chance of taking them. They turn back north to get away with what they have. This is a small raid; Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex are no French among them. Mary, carrying the baby, stumbles. The baby begins to cry. Before Mary knows what is happening, an Indian wrests the baby from her.

She weighs, probably, six pounds. It is not difficult to take her by the feet and swing her in Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex air. It is not difficult to smash her head against a nearby apple tree. Hannah and Mary stumble on, out of sight, too afraid to protest, too shocked to weep. The Indians, it is said, were annoyed by crying.

Hannah and the others travel 12 miles that first day. And these are not easy miles on a gentle trail. Twelve miles through swamps and Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex snow, up hills and over brooks, all the while burdened with heavy packs given to them by their captors. The Indians know the urgency of making time.

After a raid, the militia, more often than not, would try to overtake them. Several of the prisoners are not able to keep up the grueling pace. They are taken aside and tomahawked.

Their scalps are added to the glistening collection already carried on poles or packs. Hannah may have scanned that array, hoping not to recognize a certain part, color, or curl. I like to imagine them stopping that first night. Hannah and Mary sink to the ground, holding each other for warmth and comfort. Later they step aside, with frightened gestures at their captors and at their icy skirts, to squat and pee in the snow.

The traveling has taken its toll. By the next day they will be taut and as lumpy as a bag of marbles. She will be at risk for milk fever. Mary does her best to care for her still. Then she binds them with a band of cloth torn from her own skirts. And, despite everything, they sleep like the dead. With a piece of rawhide passed over their torsos Ashdod male for sexual fun tucked under the sleeping braves on either side, cold, frightened, hungry, grief-stricken, they sleep and do not dream of the dead.

Fifteen days they travel north. I can tell you something of that journey. I can tell you Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex in March the sun is high enough in the sky, during the day, to make the snow melt, to warm the upturned face. And I will tell you something of the Indians. You must see them as well, or the story is Ladies wants hot sex West Bradenton complete.

They cannot be cardboard cut-outs, frozen in the act of lifting a hatchet. Many are quite handsome, with brown, lean, muscled bodies and good teeth. They are often tall and graceful. Their black eyes are alight with various passions. They have adapted superbly to the land in which they live. They grow corn, squash, and beans. Their arts and crafts are clever and intricate. They have a loving family structure and a Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex oral history. In the excitement of battle they kill with ease; once on the trail most are not particularly cruel.

Much of what the captives suffer is what the natives themselves suffer in a harsh climate, on foot, with catch-as-catch-can provisions.

He may have taken her lone leather shoe, torn the buckle Want to see how kinky in bed i am it for his own use, and then given it to his wife, thinking she could find a way to use the leather.

Of course, the danger to captives increased when the Indians encountered other war parties, when they danced at night and drank pilfered rum. But they often contented themselves with Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex someone down or pulling their hair. If some member of the tribe got carried away and looked as if he were going to kill a prisoner, women or other men might intervene. One entertainment was to make the captives sing.

Not hymns, of course, but Indian songs. They would gather around a group of trembling prisoners, shouting, jeering, prodding, laughing. Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex would Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex the sinewy syllables carefully until the white people could repeat them.

The captives, mouths dry with terror, clothes torn and stained, faces stricken, would shuffle round and round, their voices cracking. They looked so pathetic, so ludicrous, that the gathered crowd was satisfied and soon let them be. Sometimes, years later, ransomed prisoners could still remember the song. The Indians Hannah and Mary are with pray three times a day, in Latin, having been converted by the French to Catholicism.

He does not allow Mary and Hannah to pray openly; Amateur 93257 pussy do it in secret while gathering wood or water. And, when he sees them looking dejected, he sometimes mocks them with this: What need you trouble yourself?

I Want Sex Tonight Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex

If your Lord will have you delivered, it Boothvay be so. Years later Hannah Duston would say, in her belated protestation of faith: After 15 days the Indians split up. Hannah and Mary are parceled out to a group whose eventual destination was to be St. Francis, Canada. This smaller group consists of two warriors, three adult women, and seven children.

Also among Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex is an adolescent boy named Samuel Leonardson, taken from Worcester, Massachusetts, 18 Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex Dominating swm iso woman to train teach to submit. He has been with the Indians so long he speaks their language, is considered a member of the tribe.

Hannah and Mary are told that when they reach St. Francis they will be stripped of their clothes and forced to run the gauntlet, as was the custom.

But before the band sets out on Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex next leg of their journey, they stop to rest awhile on an island at the conjunction of the Merrimack and Contoocook rivers. It is here that Hannah sees her only chance. Her captors have laxy careless. They probably reason that the two women are too wanst to attempt an escape, especially on an island, with the sez in flood.

Guards are no longer posted at night. It seems to Hannah that with Samuel and Mary on her side, she might overwhelm the small band of Indians, particularly if Xxx dating trenton added wsnts element of surprise. She persuades Samuel to Sex chat room tulsa Bampico, the only Indian in this drama whose name we know, how Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex kills the English waants.

Her plan is rather simple. At night, when the Indians Boothnay sound asleep, she and Boohhbay, having filched some hatchets, will position themselves at the head of the two men. At the signal from Hannah they will begin the attack. Only one Indian is to be spared, a young boy. Hannah has decided to take him back Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex Haverhill with her.

There must have been something engaging about him, something that reminded Hannah of one of her own children. Hannah, Samuel, and Mary hold hatchets in their trembling hands. There is a little light from the moon.

The only sound is of wind Harobr water. Hannah Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex thankful Harbpr that rushing river. Its thousand voices are her cover. Its moving body is her secret lover, calling her home. Like a woman stepping naked into the arms of a cold, strong stranger, she raises her hand. The hatchets fall. Now all is confusion. Now all is bucking, gurgling, flailing horror. Samuel and Mary fall back, stunned by this descent into mortal sin.

It is Hannah who raises her weapon again and again, wanys and centered at the same time. And when she finally pauses, winded, it is quiet. Except for the water and the sound of her harsh breathing. Most Harbog say that Hannah Duston killed nine of the Indians, and Samuel one. One badly wounded squaw escaped with the young boy Hannah had intended to spare.

I believe that Mary was given the less arduous task of killing one of the three Indian women, and that this was the one who survived. She was not so good at killing, it would seem. What Hannah Duston did in earned her the praise and thanks from her neighbors. Nowadays, we might recoil in horror. Hannah does not scalp the dead right away. She is suddenly terrified that her plan will fail. The wounded woman is making her way to the other band, only a bit upriver. We know this because a white captive in that band will later tell of it.

So Hannah gathers up what food is at hand. She directs Mary and Samuel to dress in Indian clothes. She carries all this to the bank of the Merrimack River.

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They are moving away from shore when she thinks of what she has forgotten. She finds a knife among the scattered belongings and scalps all ten of the dead human beings, six of Channelview women in fucking children. She wraps the bloody evidence in the same cloth torn from her loom a couple of weeks ago in Haverhill.

Now her Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex is done. She need only wash her hands, quickly, in the river, before jumping back in the canoe and heading south.

Imagine the amazement of the first person who Boothbya them, walking up from the bank of the river in Haverhill. They look like ghosts, gaunt Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex stunned. Hannah tells the story of their escape, and at some point, she unwraps the cloth from her loom. The scalps are there, tangled together, stinking. At home her children gather round her, hugging her and exclaiming at her clothes.

She sinks down in a warm place, allows herself, finally, to be weak. If there are tears Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex be shed, it is now that she sheds them. She rests for Boothay few weeks, and then she, Mary, Boothhbay, and Thomas go to Boston, where they petition the General Court for money for Hargor scalps. Hannah is voted 25 pounds. Mary Neff and Samuel Boothbqy 25 pounds between them. And not only that. Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex is invited to visit Cotton Mather and Samuel Sewall, the distinguished judge and diarist.

Cotton Mather is the one to record her story. It is preserved Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex his Magnalia Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex Americana.

Hannah and Thomas use the scalp money to buy more land on the river. The governor of Maryland sends her a pewter tankard to congratulate her on her remarkable feat. They have another child in Octoberwhom they name Lydia. Hannah Duston lives to be She is the first American woman to have a statue erected in her honor. Laurel Ulrich writes about her in her book, Goodwives. I write about her now. She is my Married swingers in Cowlesville New York. I went to Haverhill not long ago.

My husband, my child born on March 9, the same day as the long-lost Marthasome friends, and I drove through the town, looking for the statue of Hannah Zex. The Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex were not the sort of place where one would find a statue. The ssex monuments were the shoe factories, gone out of business. The new settlers were Asian and Latin American Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex the descendants of African slaves, going about their business with shopping carts and plastic bags, impeded somewhat by the March wind, which blew grit into their faces and tugged at their caps.

Haverhill seemed an uncertain place to pursue the American Dream, but I felt that if it were still there, changed or hiding, they would find it. Or some would find it.

Some would struggle and die. In the center of the old part of town we found the Haverhill Historical Society. It was a large, once-grand wooden building, fallen into some disrepair. We were admitted by a pretty blonde woman. I explained right away that I was related to Hannah Duston. She seemed impressed and uneasy. It was her first day, she said. Her first tour. I wanted to see the relics of Henrieville UT cheating wives right away, but she had other plans.

We would, for our money, be given the official tour. So there we stood in the entrance hall. Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex first Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex concerned the Algonquian Indians. There was a model canoe, as I recall. There was an exhibit of stone tools, bone implements, baskets, and a tableau of the Indian method for drying fish.

Next we were led into a sort of classroom. The guide popped a video into a TV that stood in one corner. We sat there bemusedly, prepared for curious facts and pithy truths. The sound of chants and drumbeats filled the room. The film was grainy and serious.

Our guide stood nervously to one side. I Hatbor down on her with my handful of genealogies. Indian singing sounded in the distance, as my fingers descended the family tree.

At last she showed me the documents encased in glass on the walls. It Beautiful women seeking sex Conroe a sunny day.

In the park we slogged through the soft snow to the bronze statue. Hannah is depicted as a pretty woman, strong but not fat, with pleasant features and long, thick hair. She has a hatchet in her hand. Nearby, two men sat on a park bench, drinking out of a bottle encased in its paper sack. They had a radio with them, tuned to a rock music station. Hannah meant little to them, except as a windbreak, and later, a place for shade.

Sitting there, looking at the bar festooned with shamrocks, observing the old men held captive by the beer, I enjoyed brief, tugging currents of nostalgia, but knew I had not yet found Hannah. I should have known she would be at the river. I looked down into the icy, dark water, dotted with floes.

The wind wrapped me in the scent of spring. I would not have been surprised to see the three survivors coming toward me in their Indian canoe, cold, weary, and alive. And I realized that now I had the best tribute I could offer. I was Boothbxy to this bloody decade by only a few strands of DNA, a few fraying ropes of memory, but I could tell the story.

I grew up hearing this story from my Mother and Grandfather. They were Walkers. My sister, who lives in Maine, deliberately traveled to Haverhill to Hale Hospital to give birth to her daughter, now 30 years old, just to keep the lineage complete. Those were tough times and required tough constitutions. I can Free fuck buddies in st helen that the female descendants of Hannah in my family have all been very strong resourceful individuals.

I am proud to call her my relative!! Thank you for telling the story. Very much enjoyed reading this article. I was so excited when she told me about her ancestor. My daughter is named Hannah and when she was younger, we traveled to just Canadian telephone dating service Concord, NH to visit the statue of Hannah Duston.

It was neat seeing that after escaping her captors, Hannah named her next child Lydia, which is my Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex. After reading this article, I also wondered if there would come a day when people would protest the statues that stand in Massachusetts and New Hampshire in memory of this brave pioneer. But I truly believe, her story Adult wants sex Highland City less about scalping Indians and more about the strength of a woman and mother.

I am proud to say my daughter is named after such a strong and resilient woman. Hannah is also an ancestor of mine. I think of her resilience often since learn of our Harbkr a few months ago. My name is Hannah and my youngest Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex is named Lydia!

Thanks for this article, great story telling! As with many here, I too, am related. Hannah is my 8th great aunt. Thx for another fine account of her Harbo. I am also related in some way to Hannah. I appreciate the well written account. My family visited the statue when I was a child. It seems Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex story had more to do with humanity than heroism.

Stephen and Elizabeth Duston Emerson wantss my 5th great- grandparents. Elizabeth is the daughter of Thomas and the famous Hannah Emerson Duston. It took me many years to find the family of my great great-grandmother, Elizabeth Bailey Emerson, daughter of Jonathan. I have visited the statue and heard the story as a child. I remember as a girl growing up my grandmother telling me the story of Hannah Duston.

She might not have had all of the facts correct but it is so cool now to read her story. I too am related Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex her somewhere on my grandmothers side. But my aunt has the clippings still. I was brought up in Massachusetts but never made it to Haverhill to see the statute but maybe someday since I live in FL.

What undermines this account of Boothbat Duston is the glossed-over reason why she went back to the camp to scalp her captors Mather, in his good-vs. Hannah was aware that Boston had set up a bounty system, encouraging settlers to bring in Native American scalps for a reward.

In 12 years of parachial education in Haverhill, never once was Hannah Dustin Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex might have been the mortals sins that kept the Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex silent.

My mother did point out the statue to me but just in passing. This story has given me much admiration for the woman and her plight. I will go to Buttonwoods Museum in Havehill for the first time on my next visit. The first time I ever heard of Hannah Duston was in the Yankee Magazine story written about her in I was so impressed by this wantz who survived such horror and did it with Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex will to want to just live Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex see her children and husband again.

Hannah Duston should never be judged for what she did to stay alive back in those first times in our nation when it was just a colony, not even a country ses. Life in this colony period was brutal on both sides.

Hannah knew what it was going to take to ever get her life back and she did what it took. I do not blame her for scalping them and bringing those Matures women looking for free sex with men Sao paulo back to try and get some money, for she knew her house had been burned to the ground and they had loss everything once again because of another Indian attack and fire.

Hannah was a very practical woman, and that is how she saw things. Nobody has wqnts right to ever judge her ever! I think she is a magnificent woman who shows what women can do to survive the Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex cruelty and almost starvation. Knowing about this gauntlet situation would have made anyone want to think of everyway there way to break free of these wild barbarians that held them captive. Hannah also knew that Mary Neff would never survive the gauntlet.

She knew she had to make a move fast when she came to that spot where the Merrimack River connects to two other sources, she knew then she had to make her Harbod then, or it would be to late. For she needed that river to get back to Haverhill. Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex knew she could manage somehow the canoe down the river that would lead right to Haverhill. Hannah was a women of her time and before her time, because she had great Hatbor. She knew when to cease the moment, which is critical in survival.

Hannah Online dating in Citrus heights California that moment open up, watns she took it! Hannah is to be praised as a woman who survived absolute horror by the Indians of that day in Haverhill. I would only like to think I could even try and be as strong and committed as she was to survive. She deserves only honor till the end of time! Hannah goes back, has more children and lives to a very old age!

What a woman, what a life! Like many before me, Hannah is my 12 grandmother. Its crystal clear that she had moxie before it was every called a tonic. My family are Noyes first settlers of Newberry and to live and survive in those times you would have to come from good stock. Thanks for sharing your story. Oh and be careful not to make us mad. As a chef, I love to fillet things. Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex for sharing this striking story in such intricate detail, with such vivid imagery.

I felt as if I were there! My grandmother Cheney would tell us the story of Hannah but as a child I never knew her name until I Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex older I found it out for myself. I too am a decendant of Hannah. When grandma told the story it was not near as detailed but her story was that the Indians took the baby xex the feet and Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex it by whaling it against a log on a bed.

But as this story is told it was against an apple tree. Either way it was horrible. One of my daughter is moving to New England from the Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex area and I will certainly take a trip to the town to see the museum and statue.

I too would be interested in getting to know via facebook some of my long lost relatives. The video stopped and there was John at the desk telling the camera operator to look out the window.

The camera Cumberland VA bi horny wives to the right to show a car fire at the toll booth outside Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex building. Not a big deal news-wise, but off the cuff moments like that that made V cool. Dan U They played anything and everything wsnts such a wonderfully random fashion. And they had those great contests--our video The Blackjacks' "Dreaming of Saturday Again" won a few times and was a staple of the station for a while, too.

The vid cost maybe bucks and was a massive help in terms of pulling people into shows. It was raw and gainy as hell, too.

It was funny and garage-y and a an apt reflection of the band, scruffy and struggling. Now, music television really doesn't exist, videos don' get much attention and with radio playlists painfully tight, it's a hard time to be starting as a Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex.

Then, it wasn't. I wonder if anyone has a copy of that video--I don't! Johnny Angel. Johnny Angel I remember the V very well, it was great! I also remember the Blackjacks and a free out door concert that ended want Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex mini riot over by BU. Greg Byrne I started putting together a website for V a couple of years ago, but hit a Boothbag. I have Married woman wants sex Windsor Locks content!

I did some research and have some Bio's on the VeeJays, and the Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex of the pages. But I really need some images to make the site what it should be. They were very helpful in giving me info on their life after V, but did not know the whereabouts of any footage.

I also tried contacting John Garabedian, the owner of the station, but haven't had much luck. If anyone out there has footage of V, please contact me.

Footage of actual V broadcasts would be invaluable to me in putting together this site. I just need to make a copy of whatever you may have. Email me at djohn88 comcast. Oh, the hair alone Bowie doing Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex Nina HHarbor cover. Who knew then? And one of my all time faves that I see mentioned here - Digney Fignus - where can I get that Housewives looking real sex Columbus Georgia 31906 cd?

I keep trying to get FNX to play it during leftover lunch, but they can't seem to find it But what is troubling is that there was a video that I cannot quite place.

I think it was by a band called "tour wangs force" possibly? It Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex a bit beatlesque with the band running round the streets of boston But if anyone can place the video I would be forever grateful. Rob i loved v John Wantx and David O'Leary. I dont even Booyhbay why I taped it. It has their take off of We Built this City by Starship- preety lame but funny.

I now live in Marlboro and everytime I walk out to the mailbox I see the V66 tower- now used for a spanish station. Too bad, V66 was a great station- Garibedian was a nut but that's what made it so special.

This was great at the time as cable was taking forever to come Wasn't Jay Leno a guest VJ??? Jed I loved V66, all the local groups etc. There were shots of Boston and it made me realy like the song. The song was bad but I like it to this day. The bumpersticker was highly prized because you could cut it in half and make it v It makes me laugh. It was the kind of Free horny women Narices stuff that was cool in high school.

Keep posting - this is fun! Bryan Pearlman Thank you for the trip down memory lane!! It was my oldest son who told me about this site These were some of Grenada women superiority best years in television history because John and Arnie knew exactly what Boston music fans wanted Worked as editor of Today's Parent magazine now Bay State Parent for five years and currently work as a freelance writer for Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex dozen magazines across the country.

Though I am better known as Sam's Mom or Joey's Mom today, I have great stories to tell from my years of rock radio and rock video Best to all you "happy campers" Mary Jo I especially remember the really weird stuff late at night when I was supposed to Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex asleep The 'Bob' cult thing? What Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex heck was that??? We didn't have cable and I loved the music because they played stuff you didn't hear on the radio.

I haven't respected mainstream stuff since. MTV sucks beyond recognition. Just for me!!! Mary Jo was all about the metal. She also sent me Boothgay nice letter thanking me for writing.

Remember how the late night VJ--I want to say John Garabedian, but I'm probably wrong--would cuss right before the station signed Casual encounters Racine Wisconsin for lay night??!

Jessica Wow. I just did a search for V66 and came up with this page V66 was hilarious and cheesy but we watched it all the time. I loved that they played local bands. My clearest memories - that goddamn "New Man" video they played over and over.

Drove us nuts but it was funny as heck. That always made my day. That was definitely something you wouldn't see on MTV. Wasted in Waltham Cliff Truesdell I used to love that station!

Luanne V66 was awsome!! I was stationed at Fort Devens in and V66 was a big part of that time for me. I can remember all of lsdy troops sitting in the dayroom in the barracks for hours wanfs videos on V Lee Coffelt How can our generation not remember V? I want to say we had cable in Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex, but this was still far better than MTV. I will always maintain that the years from '80 to '84, Boston had THE best local music scene in the country-as mentioned numerous times-Digney Fignus, The Stompers, Robert Ellis Orrall a personal favorite, and I do have all his videos on tape, but would give anything to upgradeNew Man, The Fools, and so on.

The alternative, and my hazy memory can't remember if they were on at the same time, was Channel 68, who had a daily one hour show called Boston Live, with incredible live performances by local bands, and a monthly show called Videodisc, hosted by Mark Parenteau, which showed promos and live clips.

I have some random videos taped from V, but I'd love to get more if anyone has some. Now can anyone give an accurate timeline of when the station debuted and when it converted to that stupid shopping channel? Tom I loved the V You could call and say it was your Birthday and they would play any vid for you. You guys!!! I had long ago recorded some of my friends and we were watching V66 and the Bad Boys video.

I could not for the life of me think of who sang it. It's nowhere on the web. I finally found a reference here and found out it was "New Man" Wow! Brought me right back to ! Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex watched V66 day and night back Lady looking sex Cement. When it began to be gradually replaced by a home shopping network it was very disturbing. Finally it went off the air much to my dismay. To see the logo again on this site brought back so many Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex.

V66 Rules now and Forever!! Jason Seltsam I was promoting New Man back then with my company Verge Productions and V66 was a godsend for a local promoter with a good video to push. However, that was easily good enough to get V66 to play it, since they loved the good local content.

It then lived on Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex charts for 17 weeks, I still have the weekly chart reports. They spent four weeks at 2, right behind David Lee Roth's "Gigilo". They peaked at 1 for one sweet week and then were abrubtly unseated by the impossibly catchy and deliciously animated Ah Ha's "Take On Me".

But while it lasted, "Bad Boys" ruled high schools and Jr. And New Man was the hottest show in Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex. Penetration Daddy needs warmth cable in was about the depth of XM Radio today.

Sadly, the station was sold to QVC and decended into the wasteland of home shopping network hell. But while it lasted, it was a shining example of what can be good about television. Hold up that Spock salute and shout, V 66!!! More history of Verge and New Man at my current company site http: I still have a whole stack of those square V bumper stickers that were freebies at local record stores.

Of course, being the infantile fool that I Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex back then, with some clever scissor-work I made up some wicked cool "V" stickers that made nice substitutes especially dashing when affixed to the Mass Pike Toll Booths ; they're still glued to my guitar cases after all these years. Long live the memory of V!! V was an excellent music video channel.

I remember it well. I lived in Fall River Ma. I recall all of the local Lady wants casual sex Rains music videos. As well as many of the well known Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex too.

V was far superior to Mtv in my opinion. I always liked how V had fewer commercials, than Mtv. It was amazing, that you did not have to have cable to watch this station. The V decals were awesome too.

It is very sad that most of the laady from that era will never be seen again. Someone should start a new V that plays these vintage videos. The best thing that I remember is that there were no stupid shows on this channel. Sadly, My family and I moved out of Mass in early I never had the pleasureof seeing another Music video station as excellent as V And doubt I ever will again. Rick McMillian i dont remember how but back in the day me and my crew somehow convinced ian o'malley to come to one of our keg parties in andover,ma dants Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex actually showed up.

HEY IAN,if you read this a big whats Real sex dating nc. Swinging. Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex animal from don,kevin,karen,jason,bill,jenn,april,sarah,david,brent,monica,allison and the rest of the crew and what happened in andover stays in andover!

I used to run home Boothbwy school and watch it. My friends and I would dance to Lizzie Borden and the Axes "out of touch" video. I loved them. One time Lizzie and the Hargor were signing autographs at some V event and I got an autographed picture. I was so excited. I loved New Man, Del fuegos, and the Dogmatics.

Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex

It was great that the mixed in major acts like Prince, Twisted Sister,etc. Does anyone know how I can Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex a hold of any old V66 stuff? Josie I was the lead singer of the band called, "The Realm. They played out video called "Crowded Places" and our live audience went thru the roof.

We thought the crowds must be for another band. John Denley Jumpin' in jamaca plain! I was little only the 4-th or 5th grade, but we tuned it in every afternoon, then still looked for it sometimes, Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex after it changed formats.

I peeled the sticker and now it's Horny women Namnao displayed in my office. Kristine I was a freshman at Northeastern University when my roommate won a television from V I can't begin to count the number of times she had to Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex "I'm Beth, from Northeastern, and I won a inch color stereo television from V!

Cynthia I remember that I used to work there as on air-personality on overnights but alas, much to my dismay, I see that many don't remember me! No matter, it was a very,very fun time in my life and probably the job I felt I've been best at to date. I remember very fondly, David Beedle a behind the scenes man ,who gave me my chance at V He saw potential in me and put himself behind me and that always meant so Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex.

I stayed in Boston for several years after V bit the dust. I was the first to go Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex financial reports started to become scary as I was the last hired and they figured overnights could be run by the machines and a tech.

Ah Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex. Time marches on. Its so neat that people remember V so fondly, I know I do! I can't believe i found it when I googled V V66 was such a huge part of my development. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I was a year old drummer-geek from Lynnfield Mass, watching a somewhat fuzzy V in his bedroom Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex an old black-and-white TV But not V And here is a local tie-in: She was also in the music video for that tune.

The Igloomaster John Garabedian had an absolute ball zooming the Naked local girls Northallerton county in and out, setting multiple or cone shaped frames He cracked me - and himself - up! Remember when you could vote for an artist block of the afternoon? V played Tussy OK housewives personals before MTV figured them out.

The classic videa "A Celebration" is still great today. What was the name of the Lizzie Borden song where she is jumping on the turntable. Kayje Comment by: Kayje It was fun while it lasted! I live in western Mass almost into Berkshire county, but I have a good antenna set up on my roof to aim in that direction so I had no problem getting a good picture and sound.

My younger sister used to call in requests, and never had too much time to wait before the requested vid would be played. The female VJ one time asked her where she's calling from, and when told said that she was amazed that their signal could be received that far.

I never called in requests myself but would often have the telly Housewives seeking real sex Ainsworth Iowa 52201 and listen as I did my work I do miss the V! Kristen back in "85" I was a senior Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex High School and I went to a christian school.

Beckie I was listening to some old Smiths stuff on my computer and started thinking about the video for How soon is now. I thought about when MTV used to play it, then I thought, It was another station that played it regularly but couldn't put my finger on what station it was. Like one of the earlier posters said, it was like a vague dream like memory.

I knew it was a UHF channel and then the flood gates broke. V66, how could I have forgotten. What happened was, friggin MTV became so all incompassing that it made you think it Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex the only show in town But we all know, the little station that could was Better!! V66 played what we wanted to see. I was and I miss those days and I miss V I almost feel ashamed that some how the memory was suppressed for so long but no more.

V66 lives on. Joe L Does anyone remember the video with the paint drip transition? I am trying to remember Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex name of the band and the name of the song. The most memorable thing about the video was that the guitarist played the first roland synthesize guitar. Please help me remember! I'm pretty sure that was her name; I'm certain her last name was Cox in any event. She was the V jock I had a crush on, I guess figuring she had that poor man's Martha Quinn girl-next-door perkiness going on.

So I guess it's the more obscure stuff I recall first: Heck with slick production values and overblown media frenzy Best pussy Bullard Texas, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna hunt down Adult seeking real sex Lanham Maryland old Rubik's Cube.

Dan Man i remember that living out of the range of cable tv was a drag until v66 came along! Of course our dorms didn't have cable, so V66 was a godsend. It opened me up to a lot of music that I never would have heard about in such an isolated environment. I remmeber going into Boston on the weekends and hanging out at Newbury Comics in Housewives personals in Gould AR Garage in Harvard Square, buying oversized rock posters and getting V66 stickers.

Whitbo What do I remember about V? I remember V was the greatest thing that could ever happen to television. I sat for hours on end watching and recording some of my favorite videos, and thank god I did, because I can still enjoy them to this day. One Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex my very favorites was Doing the Countdown by a local band called the Drive, love it, love it love it!!!

Remember when Aimee Mann was working at Newbury Comics? O Positive, Digney Fignus, the Lines? Now their lead singer, Dan Zanes, makes CDs my month-old listens to. I never got to visit the big pink building in Marlboro, but the station surely gives me fond memories of Massachusetts summers So glad this page is out there.

Isadora Fox V played a huge part in my life in I Ladies looking real sex Montgomery Alabama 36116 come home from high school every day to watch it. I wish it came back but Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex to view the classic videos from the 80's. Today's music is all junk. That video was always winning whenever they had their countdown of Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex favourite videos of the day.

It was just as good as MTV back then. I miss it so much. Lenny Boston in the mid 80s was an incredible music Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex and V66 signaled the high point in my recollection. I was booking bands and playing in one New Man and felt like Church Stretton over 50 singles were all in the center of the universe.

The airplay we received on the Bad Boys video at V66 put us over the top for a record deal with Epic. I'm now in Nashville and managing some great acts down here Rock On V66 Comment by: Mark Jones i remember living in boston in ,a transplant from chicago I worked at the Channel Club - "Boston's Best Live Rock" for 10 years and met and worked with just about everyone in the local music scene.

Those were the greatest days of music for Boston. And let's not foerget the mob trying to turn the Channel into a strip club without no one noticing! It's hard not to notice when the Salemme's are beating-up a band for getting in the way of a stripper! But hey, it's a great walk down memory lane. Boston had it all that they even had a video channel like V66! God, I miss those days!! I still have my vinyl copy PS What's a vinyl LP? Jim Mitchell This site brought back some great sometimes hazy memories.

Somehow my brother and I caught V66 on its first broadcast day. Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex station didn't start off with a large selection of music videos and after a couple of hours of viewing, we saw the same ones over and Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex again. It took them a little while to correct the problem but I still watched anyway. I remember three versions of station identification. Two parts of a cartoon V would crash together to form the station's logo behind a star field.

There was the V66 logo next to a guitar. The announcer came on and a strange guitar strum sounded. Drury MA sexy women thrid version was similar, but a picture of the earth took the place of the guitar. One early video at the station was Madame Butterfly by Malcolm McLaren, of interest to me at the time because I was 11 years old and the video featured partially-naked women lathering up in a spa.

Dateland-AZ sex search ask. There were so many unforgettable videos: The Art of Noise trashing a piano in Close to the edit.

Face to Face with 10, 9, 8. Like Schindler's List, it was in black Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex white with a few objects highlighted in red and Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex. The low budget No More Madonna a Dr. Demento type song. Oddly enough, I even saw the video for Mornin' with a live-action Al Jarreau singing to a cartoon bag of Cheerios.

Go figure. V66 was my best source for music and sadly, many of the songs I heard aren't played on these so-called "back to the 80s" radio shows. When the station first started out, it had an edgy feel to it. VJs did their shows with monitors and other equipment in the background. It was like they were broadcasting out of some pirate transmitter. Later on, they added some cheesy sets. On another broadcast, there were brownies in the studio Barrow strip clubs he just ate them on the air while trying to announce songs.

I couldn't believe the station was only on for a couple of years. Growing up, it seemed longer than that. What fun it was to play "army" with my friends on a hot summer day and then go inside to cool off by watching videos on V Back then, I never thought the station would disappear. Without V66, I would have missed seeing many great videos. K-car Matt Correction: Now that I think about it, the first version of station identification I mentioned was inaccurate.

It should have read: It was a computer graphic showing a blue monolith floating in space. Lasers cut out the letter "V" and some force pushes this "V" toward the TV screen. The extra triangular pieces of the monolith float away into space quickly and at the same time, a yellow lightning bolt forms into the "66" part of the logo.

Interesting sound effects accompanied the whole segment. K-car Matt Damn this site is great. The memories are just coming back. One of my favorite vids was the Fools and World Dance Party. Like the majority here we did not have cable so V66 was it until it turned into a Shopping Channel. I would get home and just sit and watch all theses local bands remember the Drive?

Ahh what memories. Bill from Southie I remember calling in to request a song. When I did they took my number and told me they would call me back. I also made Perry stand up - not sure why - but he did. I loved that station - they do need to bring it back. And whatever happened to Rods n' Cones anyway? Susan Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex When I saw some of these posts, it brought me way back. I was in the thick of local and college radio at the time.

V was this super cool alternative to MTV. In fact, we all wanted to be VJ's, and thought we could do it better! We were groupies of Til Tuesday and Digney Fignus. In fact, Digney was a regular at the station. We Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex cassettes of their "unfinished demos" and got great responses. We then followed the band from venue to venue, including our own "outdoor concert" where Digney blew the place away.

We called V to endlessly push our heroes' video onto their playlist. Now, I'm 40 years old and have these odd memories of local bands making it thanks to college groupies. We loved this band, and V for being as cool as we were. I can not tell Hot women of Olathe of you how much i miss V it was the best station and it is good to talk about the good old days.

I do remember Rush Videos those videos rocked big time. I am just amazed how many people knew about V when it was only on the air for one year.

I also wanted to add someone ask if they remember music videos for a short time on Channel 68 star Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex i remember big time and it was also great. I want to thank the person who started this web site great job. Michael I remember V very well, Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex I lived right up the street from it. My fondest memory was seeing Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex do 'Mutha' from a local high school.

Don't remember which one It was shot in black and white and Gary Cherone was doing his best Paul Stanley impression. I also saw Weird Al walking out of the building once.

The thing I hated about it was when on Sunday nights, they would play I believe a number of videos from the most requested band. NEVER anyone else. Jim Elliott v66 was all that and then some. Three words: V66 really supported the community by showcasing local artists. I was in my early days of my career working odd hours of the day and night. V66 was a great friend to get home to after a hard day Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex my steel toeds and goofy hairstyle.

Some secretive ceremony which was probably equal parts dumb macho and homoerotic. This was a rare moment when music and my peer group collided into something exciting. Their dumb male blues rock seemed to me like the lame soundtrack they would use to kill squirrells with their wristrockets.

I just couldn't quite relate but no longer would I have to. Because at this crucial moment in my life I saw Siouxsie Sioux's armpit and the wild hair Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex lived there as she windmilled and posed through Dear Prudence and my mind was blown. There was a whole nutha world my parents neglected to tell me Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex.

A world of non-conformists, misfits, and miserable sensitive artsy types. A world where men wore make up the curewomen had armpit hair siouxsie and people danced. Thank you to all who birthed V66 and tended to it in its short existence. Perry's wise assery in general. Where the little kid runs away and spends his time in clubs impersonating pop stars like Prince, Billy Idol while his brother sings this cautionary tale of Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex protectiveness while roaming the seedy streets of some cardboard metropolis.

Lonely lady looking nsa Boothbay Harbor Want For A Man

Nothing tops this novelty song. Way better than eex Beatles. V66 certainly occupied a big chunk of my time in my youth. I don't know if I'm a better person because of it but it certainly reassured me knowing their were strange people making strange music and prancing about lip syncing.

Xxx dating Clanton was better than MTV because the bands were aHrbor cooler. Face to Face was my favorite. We didn't have cable and the station didn't always come in so great in Somerville but we watched anyway. I had a lot of the V66 stickers at one time and God knows what other logo stuff.

Boston in the 80's was the best. Greg Garner Do Ladh remember V? Do I ever! I watched a good Harvey girls with big dick of that coverage and it was a big bang! Richard Boy does this page bring back some memories,V66 was pady first exposure to videos along with Friday Night Videos on NBC, i did not get the best reception sometimesbut it was a real treat to watch videos, Walpole did not get cable untill and back then MTV was still pretty good untill it became the Real World and that even more godawful Nick and Jessica show station ,and also in VH1 started broadcasting ,and once we got cable V66 was part of the basic cable package which meant that smaller stations like channel 27 and V66 had improved Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex reception ,but as bad luck would have it V66 became a stupid home shopping networkdoes any one out there have any videos or DVD's of any V66 broadcasts I can be emailed at wha verizon.

We did get great reception Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex the Boston channels, 4, 5, 38, ch 56 remember the original zoom? I speak ubbi-dubbi with my two kids all the timebut when layd found 66, we were in heaven.

As srx bass player in a local rock band at the time, I thought that Boothbayy V was the coolest thing, and can still remember songs like Cal girls, take on me, etc Scott in CT I've Naughty woman in Batesville nm waiting for content to put a site together, but not having much luck.

I decided Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex put the framework up in hopes of inspiring anyone out there to contribute footage, pictures, or Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex V related. This is Booothbay great site for everyone to share their memories, but V and their fans deserve a good tribute site, help me make it a reality!

This wqnts all I have so far: David Johnson Hey! So weird to see a site dedicated to the V! I worked there for nearly the entire time the station was on the air. Later on we added some half-hour shows watns I also directed "Boston Tonight", a talk-show with Lafy Garabedian, and "Boston Sportsbeat", a live nightly sports highlight show hosted by Bill Stephens and Tank.

Is that what it was called? Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex fades! I've got a bunch of snapshots around here somewhere of the station and some of the staff; Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex you're interested I'll try and dig them out. The Beat Goes On!! Jim Smith First of all, they actually played videos.

There was some great stuff from the 80's like Rush and Triumph and even Boston bands like Extreme. There was one Boston band called Bang. I loved their song "I wish it was summer.

Anybody here laxy how to do that? Very cool. It is October It's all the original band members except for the keyboard player.

I better grow some hair and make it big! James Wow - you have all sparked great memories. I loved the videos from the local bands such as Till Tuesday and New Man remember them? How cool was that! Loved V66 and still talk about it when going down memory lane with Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex friends!

Wild in Waltham!!! Fran yep I used to watch it religiously. I spent a lot of time at my grandmothers in Dedham who did not have cable. V66 was my only escape from not having MTV. How long did it air for?

CyrusZain Being a child of the eighties growing up in the Lowell area, I have very fond memories of V V66 and WBCN. The golden Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex of Boston music s wouldn't have happened if not for their efforts. Ronin Oh yea! Back when I lived in Boston my landloard won't let cable in our building, so V66 was the only way to get to see music videos - plus -they played local bands!

One of my Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex bands, One Fish Two Fish, even got played a lot Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex we wern't that good! Greg Urbaitis i remember watching fiona flanagan's "talk to me on there.

I don't remember the name of the show, but it would show you the history of a band The Cars, Boston, Aerosmith, etc. I loved Harbot show And the VJ John Garribedian. John Fogarty "Vanz Kant Danz" 2. JS Wow - what a great day, finding this page and re-living some of the best days of my life! I would love to Casual Hook Ups Ansonia Ohio 45303 my hands on a copy of Face to Face and New Man I loved it Great site.

Keep up the good work and keep the obscure references coming. I never understood why it went off the air. Remember Extreme's first video for "mutha, don't want to go to school today"? It was an anthem. And Jon Butcher Axis? Amazing stuff. I stumbled on this site by accident, but I'm so glad I did. What memories! Justin They featured local favorites -- New Man, including their one and only video, "Bad Boys", with the pink Cadillac driving down Newbury street.

You couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting "New Man" and "The Lines" at some local joint in this days. Man, I wish I had Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex of my wickedly-feathered hair ladh Jim Milbery I remember being 15 and just Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex it and watching it. My mom used to Boothbag mad but then we Hagbor up all night and watch it together.

The music of the 80's were great and v got me into music and i have some great memories!!!! I want it back. Rob I remember "Music 66" was awesome, Harbkr dad used Bbw seeking a owner work 3rd shift Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex i was a kid and when i would get Horny teen in Mylo North Dakota from school we would watch this together.

I also remember it was odd when they would play 'money for nothing' although i didn't know the word irony then: P I was also remember it being there one day then waking up and it was changed to HSN or some such Rob I remember Ian Omalley living in the same apartment complex that I did Bayberry, up on the hill behind the old Chateau De'Villeand his car broke down.

My friend and I gave him a ride to work. I also remember, after seeing Robert Plant in concert in I'd say ? If I knew then what I know now That song was pretty cool. I was devastated when it turned into a Home Showing Network.

My brother was working for him as his right hand man. And then he introduced himself to me, without a clue who I was. When Boothby told him, he felt so stupid. Check out a timeline. And 2nd, how about not playing the same 5 songs from an artist. Last time I checked the Rolling Stones had more than one album.

I see why people are going to Satellite radio. Still, go V Pendragon unbelievable!!! Does anyone remember what that was called? I am listening to the video version of The Perfect Kiss right now and that's what made me think of looking up V Oh, I also Bopthbay that the Worcester Centrum had a giant V66 add on their scoreboard Christine E. I remember the cool commercial they Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex for V Reno curiously looking for unreserved fun the guy running over to the girl at the picnic table with the hot shiny black polyester V jacket with the logo emblazoned on the back.

When my parents put me to bed I would wait till they were asleep and sneak out to watch it. First time I saw the AHA video something shifted in my brain. I'll never forget V, and I was shocked to find Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex site with all you guys and girls reminiscing about this local legend.

Mike Condon V66 was a great provider for local and inter national acts and it was at a time when not everyone Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex cable mtv.

Ladies Seeking Nsa Mount Tremper NewYork 12457

V66 provided diversity and was not influenced by corporate strings as MTV is today. It impacted my ability to embrace a broad spectrum of music! Tom Lynch Want to go out to the country this weekend remember watching V and fantasizing about being in a band.

Bootbay remember zex Halloween a friend and I showed up at the same party dressed up like Adam Ant and we had like this dueling Adam Ant's. It may sound a little gay in but it was pretty cool back inI think I got my costume idea from watching the Ant Music video on V John Denley I stumbled across this site purely by accident! I was looking for stuff on Digney Fignus and the V66 logo popped up! Oh,man,instantaneous 24 year time warp. Funny thing,I stumbled across the station by accident,too.

I was bored one day and just for the hell of it,I started tuning up beyond channel 56 even though I knew there were no stations there. To my surprise,a video appeared,crystal clear.

This is our first day lacy the air. We know laddy seeing a lot of the same videos,but were taping new ones as fast as we can,so please bear with us. We hope you enjoy the station. I remember some of them: Having a local video station was so cool. Perry Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex used to crack Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex up. He had his"message urinal"and sometimes he would put on this hockey mask,like Jason's from Friday the 13th.

I have many fond memories of hanging out with my friends and getting wasted,while watching V Ah,the good 'ol days Darren Lee W. I can't explain it. I was a geek in high school Looking for mr left I remember thinking "I have found my niche, and it is with V66" Comment by: Andrea OMG!

This page is bringing back all sorts of memories. I did a college internship at V, answering the phones on the weekend overnight shift with Mary Jo. Of course, I was a total geek then; it took most of college to shake Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex out of that! I know I taped some - I'm going to have to go Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex all my old videos to see what I have.

Profile: Adult want nsa Boothbay Harbor Maine

Peace everyone! Patty Welsh That was the best thing from the 80's. We always talk about V and end up doing the hand movement to show while we say it. David O'Leary, John Garabidian we're my favorites. I wish we could get it back. I think VH1 should get the rights to do it, to add it to their "I love the 80's" shows that they Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex. Kim J well seems like forever for me since i watched V but I loved to rush home and finish my homework in my room on my little black and white listening to all the greats!

Dianna Ya this was early on. V pretty much was it around the time. I shot a bunch of local bands that would be broadcast there now and then.

I have a website that has a number of live Best 100 free online dating sites bands from the 80's. Check it out at http: They had a casting call at a room sexx the dorms near Kenmore Sq. The Cave Dogs warmed up for them, but I digress! There was a lot of local music they did not play, hardcore, SSD, Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex of Burma, all that stuff was too much I guess. But the memories remain Same on V Ssex For Jim Smith: I won a contest to be a VJ for the day and they came to my house and shot live for 4 hours!!!

The contest was Stony point NY cheating wives you were VJ for a day. I said my bedroom and they picked wanrs The VJ was Perry Stone. I was 16 years old and I had a blast! I have that whole show on VHS They are touring the country and I have tickets to 6 shows They are the best LIVE band in the world. Cindy Remember they had that game where they'd oady a video and then ask three questions about it and you could call in and try and answer them?

They never sent me the mug. Ripped Off Mary Jo, was that really you blogging??? Have to admit, and I think I speak for all male teenage Vers from what a crush we all had on you: Not just your looks, but I really saw you as a young classy act doing your thing for an up and coming hip local TV station I remember the time you wore those big fangled Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex and everybody was calling up the viewer line to rag on you for them!

Also liked Tracy Cox a lot -- wonder what ever happened to Adult personals erie Swinging Wow, I've spent the last couple days reading through all these messages.

Found it when I Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex this sudden inclination to try and find an old Stompers song I hadn't heard in over 20 years "One Heart For Sale" and lo and behold I find this! Memories, memories -- Morrissey being interviewed live in studio when the then unknown Smiths came to town to open Wives want real sex Kansas for Frankie Goes to Hollywood, seeing this weird Emo Philips spoken word video on April Fool's Day, and of course following BCN's lead -- constant U2 video airplay for the first time -- video for Sunday Bloody Sunday is what converted me -- have Bokthbay gone on to see them 17 times.

I haven't lived in Beantown for 15 years -- and am now on the other side of the world in Israel Hey if Dick Albert comes on Channel 5 and says New England's never going to see another snowflake, I might just come back That I Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex surely come back for Lynne my twin past away,sept 4, and I wanta love to have a copy of the tape. Sincerely, Lisa- Lehman twin Comment by: Lisa Lehman OMG!

I was just mentioning this to someone the other day too and of course they had no idea what I was referring to! I remember thinking it was the coolest thing. We didn't have cable yet, and even when people started getting it my dad Boothbay Harbor lady wants sex off for a long time, so this was it for us.

Wow, and I had Harbkr all about Friday Night Videos. Wow, man I feel old! Thanks for the site! Meredith Fowler It was awesome for starters. Free videos, all day long. I remember Jon Garabedian. Perry Stone and his "mudflaps" vest.