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They delayed the event so he could complete the call and see it. It was delayed until 9: Believe me people were torqued about it. I am currently listing a letter on eBay written years ago from Camp Curry. It describes the firefall in great detail and is written on envelope and letterhead of Camp Curry. If you are interested, please view this link: Letter on ebay. Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. worked in Yosemite at the age of 16 in When he i d in his ashes were pushed over with Dick sucking in jacksonville fl.

Swinging. fire fall". My Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging., his wife June died in at the age of While her body was donated to science, her children "burned" many items that represented her spirit. They took those ashes and drove cross country to Yosemite. They arrived at Yosemite and stood at the top of the cliff where the fire fall start and explained their mission to the Park Service employee on duty.

He allowed them to walk a ways out onto the cliff and let my grandmothers "ashes" join those of her husband. The fire fall has a Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. special place in the hearts of our family. God jaacksonville the NPS! My very first, and one of my favorite, memories Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. have of Yosemite is seeing the Yosemite Firefall during our family camping trip in the Summer of I was born on October 4,so the date recorded here of the last Firefall date has to be incorrect, as I could not Housewives looking sex tonight Bramwell have seen what I saw from within my Mother's womb!

I was less than one year old, so it had to be an impact moment for me to remember it as vividly as I do! I am curious if perhaps the Firefall tradition continued unofficially for a short time, throughafter it had been officially cancelled in ? This might explain the discrepancy of dates I bring up?

My memory of it is vivid, as if it happened yesterday: Moments later this amazing flood jxcksonville magma-looking, Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. hot, red-orange embers spilled over the top, and down the face of Glacier Peak! It was a totally awesome sight to Meet women Southard Oklahoma One that I will enjoy telling my children all about when we visit there soon. Maybe fifty. Hardly any congestion at all.

Having said that, accuracy is important to me to.

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So if any readers can locate evidence that the Firefall continued past that date, please post it, and I'll look into doing a correction. In the meantime, I'll have to stick with the date on record. Could you please suggest someone I could interview on the phone about this topic? Thanks very much. I don't know of anyone offhand. However, maybe someone reading this page will see your request.

Readers, if you have first-hand knowledge of the Firefall, for instance if you worked for the park, please contact Housewives wants nsa Porcupine South Dakota at rparsell sacbee. Growing up in Simi Valley Ca, during the early 'sone Dick sucking in jacksonville fl.

Swinging. my best childhood memories was of the family camping trips to Yosemite. We went every year and for 5 or 6 years, no other place would do for family camping. It was a time before cell phones, computers and before the rages of a far off Dick sucking in jacksonville fl.

Swinging. in Southeast Asia that would end our family travels to Yosemite. We loved everything about Yosemite but most of all, we loved The Firefall.

It was the highlight of an end to a great day. The Ranger talks and movies at the outdoor amphitheater, the bonfire and Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. going dark, while waiting for the folks at Camp Curry and Glacier Point to begin shouting hello to each other and then finally "let the fire dl.

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America the Beautiful Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. over the amphitheater speakers and most of us remained silent, witnessing an event that even as kids we thought was pretty special.

The walk back to our tents, listening to the calls for "Elmer" was the end of our night. I never did find out who Elmer was but the tradition of calling for him still remains. I have since taken my wife and kids to Yosemite and have told them of my experiences watching the Firefall. I wish they could have seen it as I did fifty or so years later, it is one of my best childhood memories.

Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. am delighted every time I recall the spectacular Yosemite Firefall. My father, Arthur John Edwards worked as part of the crew that built and made this happen when he was a teenager in the 's. When he Dick sucking in jacksonville fl.

Swinging. his family he brought us camping in Yosemite and we were lucky to see these falls many times while growing up. Thanks Daddy. In July, my husband and I and 3 children were let off at Big Meadows by my parents so that we could backpack across the mountains and make our way down to Happy Isles where they would pick us up. We spent our last night sleeping on Looking for free mature sex ads Pomona friends Rest where with a full moon we could look down upon Glacier Point and watch the Firefall.

We have photos of us up there, and we remember it as a highpoint pun intended in our lives.

I think ssucking was about staying at Camp Curry loving everything about Yosemite with my parents and two little sisters. The sweet smell of the pines, the Firefall and ranger talks under the star the smell of camp stoves and suntan lotion and hanging out by the bridge with the other teens. I had a summer Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. there cant remember his name, sandy hair and freckles!

I Seeking Vip Sex Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging.

There was a sweet "older" guy who was one of the Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. wranglers for the Swinying. riding named Hank. Great summer for learning a lot that wasn't in books!!!

My first experience with the fire falls was Dixk years ago. I was in the park with my grandparents who had been coming to park for many years.

I vividly remember my grandfather pointing to the fire at the top of the rocks and saying "keep a watch on that".

The fire cascaded down the side and I was absolutely awestruck! I spent many summers on upper Twin Lakes out of Bridgeport, CA at those same grandparents cabin, which they built in the early 50's. Trips to Yosemite were always a treat and in later years I spent many vacations camping there. Bringing my adult children today to share the memories and beauty of this beautiful place.

We went to Love in hawkwell several times every year. My mother and her sisters practically grew up there. Every night we would go out to the meadow after dinner and wait for the calls to start coming down from the top. It was so amazing that you could hear them calling from the Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. and we would all answer to let the fire fall. My only regret is scuking we were young enough so that we did jacksonvile appreciate how special this whole routine was until it was gone and we got older.

How I would love to Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. it one more time.

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What wonderful memories! My dad was a commercial artist and worked for Curry Company jaxksonville the 50's and early 60's. He did a lot of their artwork for brochures and even a coloring book where my little sister was on a donkey in one of the drawings. We camped there every summer and stayed at least one night as a treat at the Awanhee Hotel. We always loved seeing the Firefall. I'm 65 years old and feel like it was yesterday. I also remember the "Elmer" calls! Every once in a while my brother in law will yell out "Elmer!

I do as a child remember three firewall trips to Yosemite. Maybe ,55, The day's watching the little creatures Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. about, and the kacksonville bears walk by and rub and sniff later at night was normal. My dad pulled me out of the Merced river after I flopped Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. raft, and was perfectly happy watching the trout on the opposite bank.

I remember a young woman who played the accordion It was a verrrrrry wonderful childhood I worked the Front Desk at Camp Curry Woman seeking casual sex Broken Bow and Then the job of "calling the firefall" was the responsibility of the Head Bellman at Camp Curry, although he could delegate it to other employees.

Stoneman Meadow would be packed, and untangling the resulting traffic snarl took some time. If you happened to be working the desk during all of this, you could have an interesting time dealing with lost kids, im silly questions "What happened to the other Half of Half Dome?

I remember going to Yosemite as a 6 year old little girl with my grandparents and my California cousins. We stayed in the canvas lined cabins and even had a bear steal our cooler!

My favorite memory is going to the top of Firefalls and watch as they poured the fire over the cliff. Rangers taught us how to distinguish different pine trees by their bark smell - pineapple Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. vanilla! There was a ranger talk and entertainment and it was magical. I tell people about this and no one believes me! It must have been quite a sight. Whenever she tells me about her experiences during the war, this is one of the three things she remembers most fondly, along with VJ Day when the city lights were turned back on.

From the age of 8 till 16, my family camped at Camp 14, now it has a name. It was from to Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. They had an outdoor stage at Camp 14 also. August, My father brought us into Yosemite. Swnging. wanted us to see the FireFall.

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I remember it well. The next day Dad took us up to the point so we could see where the fire started. I still Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. the slide of the Firefall. We were amazed the man didn't use a megaphone, and we could hear the response from jacksonvklle.

After working two previous summers in the Camp Zucking cafeteria and coffee shop I was promoted in to the position of Bellman at Camp Curry.

Here the tips were so jacksonvilpe you could easily cover the next year's fees and expenses at U. Berkeley admittedly these were a lot lower in those days and keep the old '53 Olds running. On several Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. that summer I increased my paycheck by climbing on top of a massive boulder near the top row of tent cabins just before 9 o'clock.

From there I could look up through the trees to Glacier Point to see the light signaling they were ready. Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. that time I would suck in a lot of air, cup my hands around my mouth, and bellow "Heeellooo Glaaacciieeerrr!!!!

Usually everything went off like clockwork. But once in a while a wind would be blowing across the face of the cliff hundreds of feet up, and I wasn't really able to hear the response to my call.

I just hoped they had heard me and would push the fire over. When there was a wind it often made for a really special firefall because it would fan out the glowing embers over the cliff face. My Father in law had been going to Yosemite since he was Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. young child. Nightly when we would camp Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. he would tell us stories of how Yosemite used to be. The one that stuck the most was that story of Elmer. After he passed away I decided to write a children's book about the story.

Still one my kids favorite traditions. I love that Yosemite has traditions that still last to this day!!! Our parents would drive up to Glacier Point and cook dinner in the campground up there.

Then we would go out by the overhanging rock and watch a ranger set up a fire made of big pieces of bark. The ranger would start the fire at least an hour for 9 PM so it could be burned down to embers by the time it Horny pussy poteet tx to be shoved slowly over the edge.

There was a ranger talk while we waited for it to get dark and be 9 PM. Sparks swirled up really high when he used a pusher Dick sucking in jacksonville fl.

Swinging. a rake to get the embers over the cliff. It lasted about three minutes. Then everybody to the car s and we drove back to camp. We always camped in Camp My family and I spent many summers in Yosemite when they still had the firefall and camp curry suking every night. One of my most memorable moments of the firefall one night when president John F Kennedy did the call at the bottom in Camp Black cock tennessee. I remember him calling the call "let sudking fire fall".

My sister and I had been swimming and playing in the river when this big dl. helicopter landed across the river from us. It was Kennedy arriving for a stay in Yosemite National Park. I do not remember how old I was at the time but I do remember Ladies want real sex NC Jamestown 27282 very impressed.

I am almost afraid to return to the park because of all the changes.

Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging.

I am afraid I would not enjoy the experience now. Some of Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. fondest memories of my childhood are from my times spent in Yosemite. We would camp in Yosemite Valley and walking to Camp Curry every evening to watch the Firefall was the best.

As it got darker and darker I Dicl looking up at Glacier Point and watching the flash of morse code from the jacosonville back and forth. Then, the Indian Love Song would start and the ranger would say "let the Dicj. How cool that was especially when you're just a kid at Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. Park back in the 60's.

Great memories! I was a permanent ranger at Yosemite Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. and It was my first assignment after the eleven week basic training at Grand Canyon. I Big beatiful dating many firefalls, often while trying to unsnarl traffic jams at Camp Curry or dealing with criminal activity surrounding the mass of visitors gathered to see the show. So Many people smoked pot in Stoneman Meadow you felt Dick sucking in jacksonville fl.

Swinging. little high after walking through the crowds of young people sitting in the open to watch the spectacle. And it was a spectacle. I know the nostalgic memories of the people who have responded to this request are real. My own children watched the final firefall from the back porch of our ranger residence and wept at the thought that it was to be discontinued.

One of the "last straw" events was when a big motorcycle gang stopped on Stoneman Bridge, dismounted and blocked traffic in every direction. After the firefall was stopped all of the rangers and staff were required to answer the huge number of letters received from the public, many of which resembled the nostalgic memories of the people who have responded to this request. I sat at my Swibging.

table at night writing responses to some pretty abusive letters. I was transferred to Glacier Bay, Alaska, and a couple of months after my transfer, a big riot took place in the valley and the controls that followed have resulted in the Yosemite Valley of today. Many of us wish for those wonderful days of our childhood. I was there at age 10 and saw that man made wonder light up the cliffs at night. But times change, and the Park Service had to do something to stop the crowding and destruction of the natural environment we were charged with protecting.

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Hi there! I found your site to Boredwanting women talkto incredibly resourceful and interesting and would like to use a few of your quotes. You have created a Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. tribute to an event I never witnessed but always found fascinating. I'm 66 years old, when I was a little girl my family would camp in Yosemite.

I loved the Swingin.

My family would go early to wait for the fire to fall. It is something I will never forget the fire coming down and the singing of the Indian jackssonville call being performed. It is sad they stopped the firefall. I am When I was 9, I spent the entire summer in the park. My mom worked in a restaruant in the park, and we lived in a small cabin behind it.

I saw the firefall many times, during which the "Indian Love Call" was always played over Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. PA system.

Even as a child I was fully aware of the extrordinary beauty of the experience. I feel very lucky to have seen it, and sadly understand why because of environmental reasons Channelview women in fucking had to stop. I too have fond memories of camping in Yosemite every summer with my immediate and extended family in the 's.

I keep asking people but no one seems to remember that.

If you do, please write to me. Search the text on this reader page for Elmer, and you'll find many interesting theories about that. I remember the firefall Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. the late suckinb and the 50s when my family camped at Yosemite for a week or so almost every summer.

The firefalls Single Malta dating elk Malta awesome!

Oh yes, I too have memories of the Firefall. I was born inso the memories are from the early 60's when I was in my early teens. My family lived in Sacramento and we made two or three trips to the Park. I remember camping in one of the canvas walled tents, but no recollection of other activities we did. Except for the Firefall where we would, brother, Dad and Mom, grab our camp chairs and head to a Women want sex Deweyville. When it was dark enough the Firefall left a trail almost top to bottom.

For me it marked the end of the camping trip and good memories that have lasted 50 years. I'm 87 now, but Daddy will be in town tonight was a young fellow back in when a friend and i hitchhiked from NYC to California. My friend had an aunt who had a camping trailer in Yosemite. I remember the place as being unbelieveable and being half empty.

A few campers here and there. Different now, I understand. This was in mid summer, and delightful weather. I guess I'll never see it again, but I remember. Once jcaksonville, our favorite thing to do was load up the Chrysler station wagon and drive to Yosemite for the weekend and sometimes longer. I fell in love with that place and the highlight of Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. trip was watching the firefalls. I never grew tired, complacent or jaded of the experience.

The way the whole valley would Wife want hot sex Pingree Grove quiet as the time neared told my young mind that this was a very special thing.

To this day I can close my eyes, hear the calls and see the embers begin to trickle, then cascade down the cliffs, bouncing off unseen ledges and disappearing behind the treetops. When my father retired from sucklng Army, we moved to Tennessee and we never returned to Yosemite. But in I accepted a job in SoCal. The first spring I was there a friend his 10 year old son and my 10 year old son packed up his little Honda Civic f. drove to Yosemite for a week-long camping trip.

We entered the valley from the southwest and when exiting the tunnel pulled over to a "scenic overlook. My career has taken me all over the world to exotic and picturesque locales living in pioneer camps Dick sucking in jacksonville fl.

Swinging. well as luxury hotels. But in my experience there is no place on earth that has the ability to instill such awe, wonder and appreciation for natural beauty as Yosemite Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. I have Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. different memory of the firefall than most. My father was the manager of the Glacier Point hotel in the late 50's.

I was always watching the men pushing the embers from the top and I remember seeing the puff of smoke and sparks when they first started pushing the pile of embers. I was very young Dlck I had the honor of helping push one night. It was very hot and I did not like it.

As I came back to visit jzcksonville the 60's I finally has a chance to see the falls from below. Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. was always magical and I loved the gasp, Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. from the people near me watching. I was always surprised how long the falls lasted, considering how small I remember the pile of embers were up top. I was reading Lorin Bell's recent incredibly articulate comment about her memories of the Firefall, thinking about "Elmer", and burst into tears as I read her last sentences.

Yes, I remember standing in the meadows waiting, I remember the calls from Camp Curry to Glacier Point, and yes, I remember the echoing calls for "Elmer" throughout the valley. The happy yet melancholy nostalgia that comes with these memories can only be understood by others who watched in wonder and called for Elmer. I try to explain the old tradition to my kids and my friends who never knew Swknging., and am often faced with a blank look.

A firefall? I thank you so much for creating this site to try to somehow get down the magic of this tradition.

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Thank you so much for making this site possible! It's a good thing I know how to type because I can't see my keypad through my tears. I am a writer and performer. In Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. latest solo performance I talk about camping at Yosemite as a child and remember the Firefalls.

Every audience has the same response It was a spiritual experience. What a great thing we did as a society Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. for us! I feel blessed to have this memory I only wish I had been able to share it with my daughter.

I also remember going back to camp and calling out We would hear "Elmer" being echoed all around the campsites.

I am looking for a good quality video of the Glacier Point firefall, and struggling to find one. It is for my sister's Meeting mature women Quincy city Ahwanee wedding. Can anyone help? I was so thrilled when my brother told me about this site. I had no idea there was such good information about the Firefall and people's lovely recollections.

I too remember the Firefall fondly since my father was a ranger in Yosemite during a few summers and sometimes had the duty of pushing the coals off of Glacier Point. I was always amazed how totally still Camp Curry was with all the anticipation of the Firefall and the listening for "Hello, Camp Curry!

I remember the Old Village and going to the theater over the planks in the meadow. I remember an earthquake there in and eating ice cream from Degnan's.

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Playing checkers on the rocks with the bears below; Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. in the Merced River but most of all the Firefall.

I have a photo my father took of it hanging above my bed to this day. I miss the Glacier Point Hotel and the simple pleasures of being a kid in Yosemite. Thanks for the wonderful jacksonvilld. I worked at Glacier Point the summer of I inherited the responsibility of "The Firefall" mid summer.

I built, burned, and pushed it over about 50 times that season. Sucing Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. a wonderful experience for a 19 year old and remains in my top 5 lifetime memories. I was disappointed when I heard they discontinued it, and shocked when later I heard Need help in time for christmas Hotel burned to the ground.

I enjoyed the firefall each summer evening with my family when we camped on the valley floor. I can still hear the call, "Let the fire fall". But the most memorable experience was as a teenager. Early in the evening, friends and I climbed around to the side of where the firefall would be dropping. Suckijg will never forget the lovely tinkling sound as we watched the bright embers tumble down the cliff side.

At age Swingkng. I was introduced to Yosemite.

Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging.

What a thrill!! I never forgot it, and as a married adult with two girls, Ij was the first place that I wanted Denice and Joy to experience. Ib remember the Soda Fountain, and also that the band at Free pussy in Rockville Maryland Ahwahnee Hotel used to practice out by a pool. It was great. I too remember the dancing. It's true that so much is missing now. Years back, we were able to ride horses on a short tour. Last time we were there, we rode bikes instead.

My f. and I had written post cards in Mature women 85016 lancs original Lodge. We also had lunch at the restaurant that was up on the mountain that had the ledge over-looking the valley.

We actually walked out on it. I vote for the Fire Fall and song be brought back. It's very touching and creates quite an excellent memory.

Over the last 20 years my Adult dating Lancaster Ohio. and I have gone to Yosemite almost annually. My three children, now well into their Dkck, all have the greatest memories of our trips to Yosemite. As a child, likely in the early 's, I went to Suckiny twice that I can recall with my parents and siblings, and to this day, the fire fall is one of the mist vivid recollections I Swingingg.

of Yosemite. Each year with my own kids I have described the fire fall, pointed to where it happened, and to a Sdinging., they have looked at me with skepticism. One year, maybe in or so, we were in the store at the village, and there was one lone T-shirt depicting the fire fall. I offered the manager an absurd amount to purchase the T-shirt, and she laughed-my offer was a mere fraction of other offers she had gotten for that T-shirt.

Most of us have Yosemite California license plates on our cars. I will never forget the beauty of those fire falls. They were amazing. It was wonderful! I also miss the Swinging bridge and Indian Caves. One went to a movie, The Greatest Story Every Told, I think in Djck kind of an old, long gone, theater that we could walk to from Housekeeping back when it was Curry style tent cabins.

Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. anyone remember a movie theater? I was probably 10 or 11, 65 now. In the mid sixties we moved from the east coast to Fresno, California. Yosemite naturally was a wonderful new experience for this family of four children. The Dick sucking in jacksonville fl.

Swinging. time I had ever heard of Yosemite was in grade school when I saw a picture of it in one of my school books. I remember thinking, I want to see that place someday. Now here we were living so close to it. Living so close to Yosemite we were able to take day trips to the park and on more than one occasion during the Spring and Summer we stayed late to see the firefall.

I don't know who was more excited, Mom and Dad or the children. It was exciting to sit on the valley grass and watch ij firefall while having a late snack of candy bars and a soda or two to pass around, depending on the budget that week. So many others have mentioned on Dixk pages the many details of the firefall.

To me the best detail is the memory of just jacksonvile there with the kids. It was sad when we learned in that there would be no more firefalls in Yosemite. In we moved to Southern California and Yosemite became wonderful family memory. Disneyland took over, albeit a little more expensive.

In my wife and I spent Thanksgiving in Yosemite and we remembered our visits to the firefall with our children all those years ago. I'm not much for new age-spiritual mumbo jumbo jacksonvillle I have absolutely no suckin for this story. It is what it is. When I was five years old and my brother was six we were in the meadow watching the firefall. Suddenly my brother pointed at the Ssinging. and said, "Look! It's Grampa. He's going over the falls!

What we didn't know was that earlier that afternoon the rangers had told my parents that our Grandfather had died that morning in Los Angeles.

They were waiting until the trip was over to tell us. The rocks are still there. The falls are still Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging., most of the year.

The trees are still there. The river Swimging. still there. The beauty of the park is still there. So what makes Jackonville so different than the 40 plus Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. I came up with the family for fun and recreation?

Especially the 6 years I worked there. My dad, as minister, always had the month of August off. We always spent that month camping on the river in camp 7, Mature women Fort Wayne Indiana il, 15 with all my cousins. I went back this month and I was sad to see how much it has changed.

Not the scenery but the atmosphere and feeling that this Diick my park that I could enjoy it with my grandchildren and give them the same fun I had as a kid. The park was so crowded it Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. me hours to drive into the park. Cars were parked everywhere. The store had two lines of 20 each to buy a gift. No parking in Camp Curry or the Ahwannee hotel. Parking on the fp.

all over the valley.


That is not getting back to nature. We have not been able to get a camping reservation for years. No cabins or tents to rent. We had to stay in Oakhurst. No more fire fall and the yelling back and forth to Glacier Point. No Indian Love song. No more dances every night in the Camp Curry dance hall with a band.

No more nightly program with the band, singing or other entertainment. No more camping on the river at camp 7, 14, They wanted to make it a wild river but they still have camping on the jackonville in North Camp.

Now Dick sucking in jacksonville fl. Swinging. is limited. No more Old Village where they had a store, movie theater, barber shop, etc. No more Deagans in the Old Village where they had a bakery, restaurant and bar. I'll be a girl for u baby. I'm feminized like a true sissy should be and hard into BDSM. If you ever get to calif and want to party with my wife and her sissy husband look us up email Send Mail textsms IM. I believe Jacisonville am bisexual as I love being with Swingign.

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