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Do you need or want a massage I Look For Horny People

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Do you need or want a massage

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Hot stones.

Pleasant scents. Wooden rollers.

21 Things You Can Do to Get the Best Massage You've Ever Had

Deep breaths. Getting that stupid knot out of your shoulder.

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A massage sounds nice. Massaging kale?

15 Completely Legit Reasons Why You Need a Massage

That sounds kind of…weird. Why do we do it?

Great questions. Of all the greens we like to consume, kale is definitely the most stubborn.

Not in its opinions on politics or nineties sit coms. Regardless of varietyraw kale is kind of tough, which is why we love cooking it—it holds its own and maintains integrity even in long-cooked soups, stews, and braises.

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But we also love eating it raw in salads, which is where w massaging process comes in. Working those greens with your hands a bit takes the edge off, and renders them tender enough to eat without cooking.

You don't always have to do it—more on that later—but if you're going to, here's how to do it. And by start, we mean throw them the hell out.

Kale stems are tough and fibrous. You can slice them out with a knife or rip them out by running you fingers along either side of the stem. Now, we massage.

Hit those leaves with a pinch of salt mmassage a squeeze of lemon or a splash of vinegar, and then start crunching them between your hands. The trick here is not to over-massage. Mushy kale. Over-massaged kale loses that texture we love so much. Rub the kale leaves together between your fingers, until they just start to wilt. It should feel more crispy than rubbery.

I Am Ready Couples Do you need or want a massage

If you're shredding your Do you need or want a massage, like in our Winter Crunch Saladyou don't need to massage it. So when do you need to massage kale, and when should you not?

By and large, we only massage kale for salad when we're working with big, leafy pieces, for a salad we're planning on serving immediately. If the kale Friendship only w getting shredded into thin pieces or chopped to bits, you don't need to work it over before serving it raw—whatever dressing and tossing you're doing already should render it tender enough.

Also, if you're going to dress a salad well ahead of time and let it hang out in the fridge, massaging isn't necessary.

Acids like citrus juice and vinegar break down the cellulose in kale in the same way that massaging it does. Just let it hang out in a bowl with the dressing.

And if you're working with tender baby kale, the kind you find packed in plastic tubs with the salad greens, you definitely don't need to massage it—that stuff is delicate enough to eat on its own, and massaging it will just wilt it in a gross way. You need to love your kale before Kielder fuck buddies loves you.

What's the Deal with "Massaging" Kale? - Bon Appétit

Or you love it? Or you love yourself?

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Just give the stuff a massage if it needs it, OK? Close Persisted Player.