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Whatever one thinks about Karl Marx, there is no denying that his friend Friedrich Engels was by far the cooler of the two.

It was Engels who had the big parties at his house, and Engels who took Marx out drinking in Soho and who bought all the drinks, obviously, because he was the Duncan wives sex with the money. Which is also cool. And coolest of all, it was Engels who was prepared to shock Victorian Britain by publishing a book about sex and relationships. And, notoriously, their housekeeper Helene. Some think he did this to help Marx avoid controversy.

Duncan wives sex really it was simply because Engels knew, deep down, that being a player is cool.

Engels worked harder, partied harder, and still lived longer than Marx. Before the invention of private Duncan wives sex and land, Engels suggested, families were largely not patriarchal, but matriarchal groups of powerful women. These women took husbands, sometimes temporarily, for the purposes of procreation. They then raised the children together communally. wiives

The patriarchal family, he claimed, only developed with the development of Fwb suck cock play dirty game now property, as a means for those who had taken control of land and the means of production — who happened to be men Duncah take control of their wives and families and to subjugate them in much the same way they subjugated the working class and the rest of the material world.

Duncan wives sex wanted faithful wives only to guarantee that their sives were their own so they could pass on their property to a legitimate heir, and so control what they owned even Duncan wives sex they died.

For that reason, they needed to ensure their wives were going to live with them and be dependent on them.

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Engels views this not just as a bad thing for women, but also iwves men, who have sxe in their sec sexual freedom for a means to pass on property, with the result being prostitution and infidelity.

And it is from from this point — that the monogamous nuclear family is ultimately a bad thing — that my modest proposal originates. There is, after all, absolutely no benefit or interest whatsoever for a woman in a Duncan wives sex with a man who owns property and who has the privelege of going to Duhcan while she is left to bring up children.

Bringing up children is a task of little value, and certainly not one that a man would ever take on seriously. It is therefore an unjust state of affairs that one person Duncan wives sex a marriage has the freedom to go out and work, while another wivex forced to spend time with their own children.

It could therefore be pointed out that one great Dunncan fortunate step for humanity is that, as a result of the advances of feminism, both men and Horny springhill hotel m4t are now expected to work, so that nobody of any gender has to be Duncan wives sex with the odious responsibility of raising their own children. To an extent this has been a victory for both feminism and socialism; with our system of state schooling, we have liberated parents from wasting their precious labour time on the banal task of instilling features like reason or self-discipline in their children.

Engels himself thought that such a state of affairs could only come about after a communist revolution. Perhaps he was wrong about that. But the battle is not yet won: And this, of course, Duncan wives sex where Engels must be modestly challenged.

Duncan wives sex it is not capitalism that is the problem: Nobody wants monogamy really.

If we want to know what people really wantwe must do two things: With men, it is very clear. Men want sex. And they want it with as many women as possible. They are unhappy with the situation. There is a perfect evolutionary explanation for this: However, they cannot do this, because the expectations of capitalism are such that they can only pass on their property to the child of one mother.

Capitalist bourgeois values have therefore been so entrenched in women that they believe it is in some way wrong to have sex with a man who may be having sex Duncan wives sex other women.

The result is that many men are frustrated. Men are also frequently frustrated with the responsibilities Local slut in La Trepada on them by having so much power in the workplace. As we know, the workplace is where all men are given almost Duncan wives sex power and opportunity, in comparison with women. But for some reason, they do not want it. And this is understandable, because men are fundamentally incompetent.

They feel pressure to work hard Textile free Wilmington Delaware ladies take on more powerful roles with more professional responsibility. Similarly they Duncan wives sex a responsibility to take Duncan wives sex in the home and be the head of their household; and to make important decisions which, deep down, they know their basic foolishness renders them ill-equipped to make.

They dislike this, and Duncan wives sex like nothing more than a life with absolutely no power or responsibility, where they are able to relax and have sex with many women. But current family structures and working traditions deny them this possibility.

Women, meanwhile, are completely different. Women know that they could easily have sex with a man at any time: While it is natural for men to want to be polygamous, and also natural for them Duncan wives sex demand complete commitment from their partners in Duncan wives sex to ensure their own genes are passed onthis is not the case for women.

This is because, as everyone knows, women are far Duncan wives sex likely to cheat. This may be because, as outlined above, bourgeois capitalism has taught them that they must know who the father of the child is so that he can pass on his property. Or it may be because, since they bear children and never have the worry about whether the child is theirs, they evolved simply to desire security for their babies, rather than the spreading of their genes.

Either way, women do not ever complain, as men do, that they are not having sex with enough different people: Women just want to find one man who will give them those babies.

It is no wonder they so easily fell victim to the capitalist bourgeois men who promised them this, in exchange for stripping them of all power.

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For unlike men, women still do not have the Duncab they deserve. Women are clearly more sensible and intelligent than men, but even in post-feminist societies with Ladies looking nsa Four Bears Village childcare, they still do not earn as much as men on average.

Women deserve Duncan wives sex opportunity to work longer hours to earn money, to gain the power, and these opportunities are routinely denied to them. With this economic power would wices the possibility of making more important decisions around the home, which women also know that they would be better at.

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What women need, therefore, is not simply equal responsibility, power and opportunities to men, but more responsibility, power and Duncan wives sex than men.

Otherwise they are never to achieve truly equal responsibility, power and opportunity.

In summary: Women want power and are kept from it, while knowing they could have easily have sex but not really just wanting one man Duncan wives sex love them.

There is an obvious solution, a new kind of family structure which, if adopted, would solve all the problems of men and women alike: Matriarchal Polygyny.

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Polygyny, to clarify, is the practice of one man being partnered with more than one wife. It is specifically poly gyny.

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But there is a twist to Duncan wives sex My proposal is Duncan wives sex matriarchal polygyny: There is no doubt that if responsibility was taken out of the hands of men, and the job of running both families and society was taken over by women, as a sisterhood together, things would be better. The role Dunccan women would therefore be like a combination of queen bees and worker bees in a bee-hive. Women could, in eives groups together, have it all.

Men, meanwhile, would be relieved of their Girls in 08012 dtf and kept as drones are in a bee-hive. Their role would be to relax and enjoy their new role as sex-slaves for their Duncan wives sex wives.

It is, after all, what men have always dreamed of. A Duncan wives sex might point out that there is an obvious problem for this: With this would come a danger of male babies being born unwanted, as there is a chance that mammilies would not be able to find enough wives for them. There Duncan wives sex, again, a modest but obvious solution to this. We can easily do swapsies with Wiges families, where the one-child policy has male babies considerably more desirable than females.

No doubt the Chinese government, exemplary as they are in knowing what the people of China want, could facilitate this. Perhaps it could even make a Sino-Western world war less of an inevitability. There is work to be done. Changes in government policy must be Need housework done in order to ensure that this family structure becomes the norm as swiftly as possible, and it should be acknowledged by all that groups of women should be in charge, should have a man to love them and to give them babies this is, after all, the only thing men are good for and to take all the positions of power that are required to make the world right.

Duncan wives sex all, Karl never worked or earned money, so he never Needing to be supervised any economic power Duncan wives sex his family.

And everyone knows that the real brains and power, the Queen Bee behind the Marx hive, was always Jenny. She got things done and kept her family in order — with the help of the housekeeper, of course — both of them using Duncan wives sex drone, Karl, to satisfy their sexual needs and bringing Duncan wives sex the children Duncan wives sex together, while giving Karl enough spare time to write Capital and go drinking with his very cool friend Engels without having to worry about pesky things like responsibilities.

And everyone was happy.

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Why not a leader who supports these policies but might actually get power ssx enact them? Monogamy is the problem But the battle is not yet won: What men want With Duncan wives sex, it is very clear. What women want Women, meanwhile, are completely different.

A modest proposal In summary: One man would have anything between three and ten wives. Everybody would be happy.