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Getting what you need from your man I Am Wants Men

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Getting what you need from your man

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Getting what you need from your man

There's a commercial for a popular razor in which a man waiting for a job interview notices that all the pictures in the waiting room of the company's executives were of bald men with shaved heads. The interviewee, one of many similar looking men in suits waiting to be interviewed, then runs out to buy a razor in order to shave his head.

He Naughty looking hot sex Hanover to the room without hair and shares a knowing smile with the boss implying that his appearance will give him an edge. In reality, it might. In a perfect world, job candidates Gettihg Getting what you need from your man judged solely by past experience, skills, how they interviewand nded resume, but that's not always what happens in the real world.

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Sex tonight Kusadasi you look, what you wear, your religion, your name, even your height, or how you wear your hair can impact whether you get hired or not. That's certainly not fair and it's not how things are supposed to work, but it's how the real world works.

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The people doing the hiring, whether they intend to or not, bring their yyour prejudices to the process. This may not be blatant discrimination, but it's a subtle problem that impacts who gets hired.

Attitudes toward tattoos are changing, but prejudices still exist. Image source: Getty Images.

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A lot of Americans have tattoos and piercing that go beyond traditional earrings. In time, hiring attitudes toward tattoos and by extension piercings should change, but for now a prejudice remains. That's probably because the people doing the hiring are likely to be older, but a Salary. Not surprisingly the survey found that older people were less tolerant of tattoos.

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That's good news in a sense -- this prejudice has likely lessened since the survey was conducted and will continue to go away as Generation X and Millennials increasingly take over positions of power in the work world. Many companies including Starbucks have relaxed or eliminated policies regarding tattoos.

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Others including Walt Disney continue to make employees cover any visible tattoos. When it comes to getting hiredit's important to give the person conducting the interview what they expect. That may not be as extreme as shaving your head in order to look like the person doing the hiring, but it does mean making your appearance match the corporate culture.

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If a company has a published policy on covering up body art in the workplace, that suggests heavily you should do the same during the interview. It's not about fairness. It's unfair that a less-qualified candidate gets hired because he was in the same fraternity as the person doing the hiring.

It's also unfair that a better-looking person may get the nod over a less pretty or handsome candidate, but both of those situations can happen. When you enter an interview, your purpose is not to create social change, it's to get the job.

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Attitudes and prejudices toward tattoos and body piercings will likely diminish over time, the same way those toward men with long hair have become less prevalent. For now though, when approaching an interview unless your research tells you otherwisecovering tattoos and body piercings likely gives you the best chance at being hired.

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