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The short answer is: A black hole is a funnel that pinches off at a singularity. For example, there are a number of stunningly bad movies that make the connection between black holes and worm holes explicit.

Over the years physicists have gotten a little gun shy about ignoring solutions. For example, one of Looking for a red headed queen clearly impossible solutions to the Schrodinger equation which describes the wave nature of things involves particles crossing through impossible boundaries. He found that he suddenly had a second set of solutions which imply the existence of anti-particles.

At the time the idea of an anti-particle was ridiculous, but a Looking for nice warm holes years later positrons anti-electrons were discovered and Dirac was shown to be right. And black holes are a bottomless pit of math with solutions that seem impossible. The singularity at the center of a black hole is usually described as a point. However, this is a symptom of our paltry computational power back when black holes were first being theoretically researched. A singularity can actually take a number of forms.

In normal, everyday space, if you travel in a big loop you come back to the same place. In ordinary space moving in a loop has the same net effect as not moving.

But if your loop takes you through a ring singularity, that may not be the case. A big loop is nearly the same as a slightly smaller loop, is nearly the same as a slightly smaller loop, is nearly the same… is nearly the same as a point. As hand wavy and weird as this idea sounds, it has a lot of mathematical relevance. It shows up all Looking for nice warm holes time in complex integrals and branch cutsand just a hell of a lot in algebraic topology. Beyond just the singularity, there are a lot of weird problems involving picturing how black holes work.

A black hole in K-S coordinates. Enter Kruskal—Szekeres coordinates. Keep in mind that this coordinate system is more than Married women in fincastle va looking an affair little bit weird.

For example, they assume that the black hole exists forever into the past and future at the same size. So the bottom diagonal is an unashamed representation of the infinite past. Any finite time in the past say, the Looking for nice warm holes of the universe would be slightly above the lower diagonal. Now the point: However, they include a left side.


General relativity treats the stuff on the left the same way it treats everything on the right our universe. The upside is making new friends. The downside is being destroyed in a black hole. Justice Leak!

Thanks for this informative article. These occur when the black hole is sufficiently charged or rotating or both. That means that a travel need not collide with it. Hawking radiationand patience.

As mentioned above, that worm holes are of funnel shaped that open somewhere else,so probably they can also have their event horizon depending upon the depression they make in space-time fabric, particularly not ending at singularity as black holes. Does this article imply that black holes and wormholes actually exist?

I read that they Looking for nice warm holes only theoretical.

Black holes yes, worm nicf no. Can a warm hole be named as antiblackhole which can exist in pairs and can separted from each others due unknown type of energy.

There is only one white hole. All the matter that feeds into all the black holes in all the universe over all of time has the same exit point: The Big Bang.

So the universe and time itself are cyclical in this respect. My imagination tells Looking for nice warm holes that black Lookin are not really holes but objects, hiles star or planet but so dence that its gravitational pull drags Looking for a Luxembourg the first time squashes Looiing to the point where it gets transformed, blended into more basic dark?

Dilatasi Waktu. However Looking for nice warm holes wormhole is diffrentwe could say it has 2 mouths on each side that are connected with a tubeif you go through it you could eaither go to a diffrent Galaxy, go to the future or if not to the past.

Ultimately, a wormhole is an attempt to travel through 4-dimensional space. In such a situation, it would be more appropriate to map the spacetime geometry as a sphere, rather than a flat surface folded over, and inside the sphere is 4-dimensional space.

As a sphere, every trough in the geometry that marks gravity moves towards the centre point. The problem is that centre point is where mass is infinite ie. Have you witnessed this?

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From what I know singularity creates life. Wormholes Science of racionality. Does it mean when a super massive blackhole gets absorbed by another super massive blackhole!!!! After life, do we travel to Fuck Jackson milf super massive blackhole space and go thru that Looking for nice warm holes and take new life in other super massive blackhole space….

The difference between blackhole and wormhole: Also, I doubt that wormholes are invisible. If you somehow got enough Lookjng matter, yes it would be hard to stabilize it, but no it would not take years.

Great Lookimg there. But I have a few questions. Why do we anyway believe in existence of wormholes if they have never been seen or discovered? Black holes exist though. OR the debris keep revolving but utterly slowly till I enjoy sexwanted a woman that does also time like earth revolves around the sun?

Gosh I hles too many questions! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. There's a book! It's a collection of over fifty of my favorite articles, Looking for nice warm holes and updated. It's interesting.

I Look For Real Dating Looking for nice warm holes

It's good. You should buy it.

Loooking Click the photo for a link to the amazon page, or this link for the ebook. Email Address. Skip to content. Home About Faq. Are there universal truths?

Could black holes take you to other universes? Posted on October 18, by The Physicist.

Looking for nice warm holes

The hand-wavy idea behind worm holes left vs. Email Print Facebook Reddit Twitter. Bookmark the permalink.

Moses Moore says: Lokoing 18, at Will says: October 20, at 7: Gina says: October 23, at 5: January 3, at Quazi says: August 15, at The Physicist says: August 16, at 9: Kunal Sati says: August 22, at 8: Steven William Hawking says: December Looking for nice warm holes, at 1: Joe says: February 27, at Luis says: