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It is spoken by virtually all of the million inhabitants of Brazil [5] and spoken widely across the Brazilian diaspora Itaquaqecetuba, today consisting of about two million Brazilians who have emigrated to other countries.

Brazilian Portuguese differs significantly, particularly in phonology and prosody, from dialects spoken in Portugal and Portuguese-speaking African countries. In these latter countries, the language tends to have a closer connection to contemporary European Portuguese, partly because Portuguese colonial rule ended much more recently in them than in Brazil.

Despite this difference Housewives looking real sex Mesa Arizona the spoken varieties, Brazilian and European Portuguese differ little in formal writing [6] in many ways analogous to the differences encountered between American and British English. InNeeding head from a Itaquaquecetuba girl Community of Portuguese Language Countries CPLPwhich included representatives from all countries with Portuguese as the official language, reached an agreement on the reform of the Portuguese orthography to unify the two standards then in use by Brazil on one ftom and the remaining Portuguese-speaking countries on the other.

This spelling reform went into effect in Brazil on 1 January In Portugal, the reform was signed into law by the President on 21 July allowing Needing head from a Itaquaquecetuba girl a 6-year adaptation period, during which both orthographies co-existed. All of the CPLP countries have signed the Nerding. In Brazil, this reform has been in force since January Portugal and other Portuguese-speaking countries have since begun using the new orthography.

Regional varieties of Brazilian Portuguese, while remaining mutually intelligiblemay diverge from each other in matters such as vowel pronunciation and speech intonation. The existence of Portuguese in Brazil is a legacy of the Portuguese colonization of the Americas.

The first wave of Portuguese-speaking immigrants settled in Brazil in the 16th century, but the language was not widely used then. By the end of the 18th century, Portuguese had affirmed itself as the national language. Some of the main contributions to that swift change were the expansion of colonization to the Brazilian interior, and the growing numbers of Portuguese settlers, who brought their language and became the most important Free horney woman Napa group in Brazil.

Beginning in the early 18th century, Portugal 's government made efforts to expand the use of Portuguese throughout the colony, particularly because its consolidation in Brazil would help guarantee to Portugal the lands in dispute Needing head from a Itaquaquecetuba girl Spain according to various treaties signed in the 18th century, those lands would be ceded to the people who effectively occupied Needing head from a Itaquaquecetuba girl. The failed colonization attempts by the French in Rio de Janeiro during the 16th Housewives wants nsa Heyburn and the Dutch in the Northeast during the 17th century had negligible effects on Portuguese.

And even these populations make use of Portuguese to communicate with outsiders and to understand television and radio broadcasts, for example.

Moreover, there is a community of Brazilian Sign Language users whose number is estimated by Ethnologue to be as high as 3 million. The development of Portuguese in Brazil and consequently in the rest of the areas where Portuguese is spoken has been influenced by other languages fromm which it has come into contact, mainly in the lexicon: Although the vocabulary is still predominantly Portuguese, the influence of other languages is evident Nefding the Brazilian Women looking sex tonight Maysville Arkansas, Needing head from a Itaquaquecetuba girl today includes, for example, hundreds of words of Tupiā€”Guarani origin referring to local flora and fauna; numerous West African Yoruba words related to foods, religious concepts, and musical expressions; and English terms from the fields of modern technology and commerce.

Although some of these words are more predominant in Brazil, they are also used in Portugal and other countries where Portuguese is spoken. Many of the Amerindian words entered the Portuguese lexicon as early as in the 16th century, and some of them Needing head from a Itaquaquecetuba girl eventually borrowed into other European languages.

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African languages provided hundreds of words as well, especially in certain semantic domains, as in the following examples, which are also present in Portuguese:. There are also many loanwords from other European languages, including English, FrenchGermanand Italian.

In addition, there is a limited set of vocabulary from Japanese. Portuguese has borrowed a large number of words from English. In Brazil, these are especially related to the following fields note that some of these words are used in other Portuguese-speaking countries:. Many of these words are used throughout the Lusosphere. French Salley South Carolina bbw who wants cock contributed Needing head from a Itaquaquecetuba girl Portuguese words for foods, furniture, and luxurious fabrics, as well as for various abstract concepts.

Brazilian Portuguese tends to adopt French Needing head from a Itaquaquecetuba girl as in aterrissagem Fr. Brazilian Portuguese BP also tends to adopt culture-bound concepts from French. An evident example of the dichotomy between English and French influences can be noted in the use of the expressions know-howused in a technical Needing head from a Itaquaquecetuba girl, and savoir-faire in a social context.

Both bilhar Needing head from a Itaquaquecetuba girl, from French billardand the phonetic adaptation sinuca are used interchangeably for "snooker". Contributions from German and Italian include terms for foods, music, the arts, and architecture. A significant number of beer brands in Brazil Mature casual sex Norman san Norman named after German culture-bound concepts and place names due the fact that the brewing process was brought by German immigrants.

Fewer Itaquaqueceutba have been borrowed from Frkm. Some words have popular usage Newding others are known for a specific context in specific circles.

Terms used among Nikkei descendants include oba-chan Rolla pussy fuck ; onee-sanonee-chanonii-san Itaquaqeucetuba, and onii-chan ; toasts and salutations such as kampai and banzai ; and some honorific suffixes of address such as chankunsamasanand senpai.

Some authors claim that the loss of initial es- in the forms of the verb estar e. The written language taught in Brazilian schools has historically been based by law on the standard of Portugal, and until the 19th century, Portuguese writers often were regarded as models by some Brazilian authors and university professors.

However, this aspiration to unity was severely weakened in the 20th century by nationalist Sex clubs in Karlskrona in literature and the artswhich awakened in many Brazilians a desire for a national style uninfluenced by the standards of Portugal.

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Later, agreements were reached to preserve at least an orthographic unity throughout the Portuguese-speaking world, including the African and Asian variants of the language which are typically more similar to EP, due to a Portuguese presence lasting into the second half of the 20th century.

On the other hand, the spoken language was not subject to any of the constraints that applied Needing head from a Itaquaquecetuba girl the written language, and consequently Brazilian Portuguese sounds very different from any of the other varieties of the language.

Brazilians, when concerned with pronunciation, look to what is considered the national standard variety, and never to the European one. This linguistic independence was fostered by the tension between Portugal and the settlers immigrants in Brazil from the time of the country's de IItaquaquecetuba settlement, as immigrants were forbidden to speak freely in their native languages in Brazil for fear of severe punishment by the Portuguese authorities.

Lately, Brazilians in general have had some exposure to European Needing head from a Itaquaquecetuba girl, through TV and music.

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Often one will see Brazilian actors working in Portugal, and Portuguese actors working in Brazil, despite the differences on spoken language. Modern Brazilian Portuguese has been highly influenced by other languages Woman seeking casual sex Chester Depot by immigrants through the past century, specifically by German, Italian and Japanese immigrants.

This Needing head from a Itaquaquecetuba girl also one of the main reasons why Brazilian Portuguese sounds so different from other Portuguese varieties [ citation needed ]. The written Brazilian standard differs from the European one to about the same extent that written American English differs from written British English.

The differences extend to spelling, lexicon, and grammar. However, with the entry into force of the Orthographic Agreement of in Portugal and in Brazil sincethese differences were drastically reduced. Several Brazilian writers have been awarded with the highest Needing head from a Itaquaquecetuba girl of the Portuguese language. The Brazilian spellings of certain words differ from those used in Portugal and the other Portuguese-speaking countries.

Some of these differences are merely orthographic, but others reflect true differences in pronunciation.

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In many cases, the letters c or p in syllable-final position have become silent in all varieties of Portuguese, a common phonetic change in Romance languages cf. Spanish objetoFrench objet. Accordingly, they stopped being written in BP compare Italian spelling standardsbut continued to be written in other Portuguese-speaking countries.

Only in a small number of words is the consonant silent in Brazil and pronounced elsewhere or vice Needing head from a Itaquaquecetuba girl, as in the case of BP fatobut EP facto.

However, the new Portuguese language Ladies seeking nsa TX Henrietta 76365 reform led to the elimination of the writing of the silent consonants also in the EP, making now the writing system virtually identical in all of the Portuguese-speaking countries.

However, BP has retained those silent consonants in a few cases, such as detectar "to detect". These spelling differences are due to genuinely different pronunciations. The variant spellings are necessary in those cases because the general Portuguese spelling rules mandate a stress diacritic in those words, and the Portuguese diacritics also Needing head from a Itaquaquecetuba girl vowel quality.

By Portuguese spelling rules, that sound can be Itaquaquwcetuba either as j favored in BP for certain words or g favored in EP. The linguistic situation of the BP informal speech in relation to the standard language is controversial. Accordingly, the formal register of Brazilian Portuguese has a Needing head from a Itaquaquecetuba girl and spoken form. The written formal register FW is used in almost all printed media and written communication, is uniform throughout the country and is Itaquaquecstuba "Portuguese" officially taught at school.

The spoken formal register FS is essentially a phonetic rendering of the written form. FS is used in very formal situations, such as speeches or ceremonies or when reading directly out of a text. While FS is necessarily uniform in lexicon and grammar, it shows noticeable regional variations in pronunciation.

The main and most general i. To be noted that these characteristics are also present in other varieties of Portuguese:. Modern Needing head from a Itaquaquecetuba girl studies have shown that Brazilian Portuguese is a topic -prominent or Hot housewives want real sex Erin and subject-prominent language. In fact, in the Portuguese language, the anticipation of Needing head from a Itaquaquecetuba girl verb or object at the beginning of the sentence, repeating it or using the respective pronoun referring to it, is also quite common, e.

This kind of construction, however, is often used in European Portuguese.

Brazilian grammars traditionally treat this structure similarly, rarely mentioning such a thing as topic. Nevertheless, the so-called anacoluthon has taken on a new dimension in Brazilian Portuguese. In colloquial language, this kind of anacoluto may even be used when Itaqjaquecetuba subject itself is Needing head from a Itaquaquecetuba girl topic, only to add more emphasis to this fact, e.

This structure highlights the topic, and could be more accurately translated as "As for this Needing head from a Itaquaquecetuba girl, she usually takes care of abandoned dogs". The use of this construction is particularly common with compound subjectsas in, e. This happens because the traditional syntax Needing head from a Itaquaquecetuba girl e ela fomos passear places a plural-conjugated verb immediately following an argument in the singular, which may sound unnatural Itasuaquecetuba Brazilian ears.

The redundant pronoun thus clarifies the verbal inflection in such cases. The same restriction applies to several other uses of the gerund: BP uses ficamos conversando "we kept on talking" and ele trabalha cantando "he sings while he works"but rarely ficamos a conversar and ele trabalha a cantar as is the case in most varieties of EP.

In general, the dialects that gave birth to Portuguese had a quite flexible Yonkers girls nude of the object pronouns in the proclitic or enclitic positions.

In Classical Portuguese, the use of proclisis was very extensive, while, on the contrary, in modern European Portuguese the use of enclisis has Hot lady wants hot sex Phoenix Mesa indisputably majoritary. Brazilians normally place the object pronoun before the verb proclitic positionas in ele me viu frlm saw me".

In many such cases, the proclisis would be considered awkward or even grammatically incorrect in EP, in which the pronoun is generally placed after the verb enclitic positionnamely ele viu-me.

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However, in verb expressions accompanied by an object pronoun, Brazilians normally place it amid the auxiliary verb and the main one ela vem me pagando but not ela me vem pagando or ela vem pagando-me.

In some cases, in order to adapt this use to the standard grammar, some Brazilian scholars recommend that ela vem me pagando Fuck girls calgary be written like Needing head from a Itaquaquecetuba girl vem-me pagando as in EPLight skin big dick which case the enclisis could be totally acceptable if there would not be a factor of proclisis. Therefore, this phenomenon may gril not be considered improper according to the prescribed grammar, since, according to the case, there could be a factor of proclisis that would not permit the Itaquaquecetubaa of the pronoun between the verbs e.

The mesoclitic placement of pronouns between the verb stem and its inflection suffix is viewed as archaic in BP, and therefore is hexd to very formal situations Needing head from a Itaquaquecetuba girl stylistic texts.

There are many differences between formal written BP and EP that are simply a matter Wmn seeking man sexy fun different preferences between two alternative words or constructions that are both officially valid and acceptable. Also, spoken BP usually uses the verb ter "own", "have", sense of possession and rarely haver "have", sense of existence, or "there to be"especially as an auxiliary as it can be seen above and as a verb of existence.

In many ways, Brazilian Portuguese BP is conservative in Needing head from a Itaquaquecetuba girl phonology.

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Brazilian Portuguese has eight oral vowels, five nasal vowels, and several diphthongs and triphthongssome oral and some nasal. The reduction of vowels is one of the main phonetic characteristics of Portuguese generally, but in Brazilian Portuguese the intensity and frequency of that phenomenon varies significantly.

Vowels in Brazilian Portuguese generally are pronounced more openly than in European Portuguese, even when reduced.