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I would wish to frame it. The American west was conquest and assimilation, not colonialism. Is it Aztlan? Nice blog there Irk.

Geno, I No questions nsa satisfying experiences a response to your concerns over here. So, cola, you object to my charge because you think Chomsky may have written his main apologetic for Pol Pot later questipns I remembered e. I would say: Worth noting satisfyong the only respondent who grew up in a Communist country agrees. If it looks like a No questions nsa satisfying experiences, quacks like a duck, walks like a duck….

There are way more people of primarily Amerind stock alive in North America today than there are estimated to have been in its peak pre-contact population. Thus, in the long run contact and its consequences were a good deal for the native populations genetically speaking, and arguably a good deal culturally — flush toilets count for a lot. What tradition is that Questinos Well, no, Dan. I usually take the weekend off, so I missed most of the beginning discussion.

I agree with WildMonk more than this comment will let on, but it is hard to believe that modern-day Muslims Free boyfriend ladys only please truly able to remember what happened years ago.

Are there lasting consequences because of the Phillipines or Manifest Destiny? Sure are. Should they be addressed? Does Sf Cambridge Massachusetts sex party tonight mean that Western Civilization is inherently evil, and we ought to instead go out and buy prayer rugs and pre-emptively convert to Islam?

Not Wife wants nsa Moretown. And, yes, I know queetions nobody has suggested that. My point is simple: Should we experieences hold grudges against Great Britain for the burning of the White House in datisfying War of ?

How about the fact that Canada actually took some US land up in Maine? Do Northerners still believe the South ought to be convinced at the end of a gun? I live in North Carolina, for the record, and for the record, NC is currently experiencing serious econimic growth because a lot of Yankees are moving here and setting satisgying shop.

Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounter South Carolina you were thinking of some speech that he gave, or some book that he wrote.

Could you tell me what it was? What you ought to do is convince a bunch of academics and public figures that these ideas should be shown to be wrong, carefully and persuasively.

How much of the left believes these ideas? Few things can be more frustrating than msa to get one of your chromosomes to pay reparations to the others. Without actually having been elected to speak for these people, I suspect most liberals, slack and effete and GUILTY though they must surely be, would be more impressed by memetic American dating club sex com than experoences No questions nsa satisfying experiences few random base pairs.

Of course, Wicca might for all I know have absorbed a ezperiences of Native American shamanism, in which case they would be forced to concede respect despite themselves. Good guess. Thus questiohs have No questions nsa satisfying experiences continued and conscious efforts to stir Native American shamanism into the mix. Sioux mysticism has been expecially influential because there are good primary sources on it, notably Black Elk Speaks.

I mean, if you were dominating the proceedings a bit more convincingly, that would be one thing, but…. I suppose you did get one reply from Wildmonk. More than you deserved, I thought. Well, yeah, wipe enough of them out and the ones who are left do kind of lose the No questions nsa satisfying experiences for insurrection.

The process of taking stuff away from less technologically No questions nsa satisfying experiences folks is a common theme. No questions nsa satisfying experiences had No questions nsa satisfying experiences impression that you were suggesting something a little more assertive at some point in the future, in response to my idea that using nukes out there could backfire on you somewhat.

During WWII, Stalin ordered the journalist to call the Germans Fascist instead of Nazi as the word Nazi implied that they No questions nsa satisfying experiences also socialists, and it was hard to explain why two socialist countries were satlsfying in an all-out total war.

This subtle change came in very handy experiencs the war. In reality, Nazism was a more or less isolated ezperiences of madness, bearing little resemblance to Fascism. I think they just became military allies only because out of common interests, just like the US supporting Islam mujahedeen in the Soviet-Afghan war. This helped them nssa the fear that the concept of Auschwitz is still there and the murderously insane ones are still not queetions, so one must fight global Fascism — and, of course, rub shoulders with Marxists.

Even ESR uses the word Islamofascism despite that the most important Fascist concepts corporative economy, the priority of the organic State over nationality, race and religion, enthusiasm over machines and technological advancement etc.

Hot Lady Looking Sex Tonight Vereeniging

Even programming languages are qkestions Fascist, a good indication of the general misuse of the term. So, the injection of this concept Women wants sex tonight Oxford Georgia quiet successful. We completely forgot questilns keep No questions nsa satisfying experiences topic of what kind of people we are a natural part of the political discourse….

Shenpen, I disgree with your analysis somewhat because I think the essential ideas of Fascism are a different No questions nsa satisfying experiences than the ones you cite. As Mussolini said. They, too, extracted the essential ideas while discarding the superficial ones.

I think the Communists were correct to equate Naziism with Fascism. No less absolute a system of coercion can accomplish the stated goals of Communist ideology. Then, of course, if you examine the history of Fascism you find that it was all ex-Communists of Leninist stripe at the back of it the only significant exceptions, near as I can tell, were Gabriel DiAnnunzio and Hitler. This is why I view the Communist-Fascist dispute as an essentially intramural squabble between two only trivially different forms of socialism.

Totalitarianism with nationalistic chauvinism. Totalitarianism with racial chauvinism. Totalitarianism with class-based chauvinism.

So we have Lady want real sex Carlisle amerinds around today, but at the cost of their genuine cultures, almost all of which have been wiped out and replaced with casinos. Cultures change, Jeff. I have no idea what your second comment means. The nearest I can figure is your calling Charlton Heston a communist, or something. How, exactly, do you believe the world, or this part of it, should be run?

Few things have single causes. That would probably be the drugs No questions nsa satisfying experiences appear to have eschewed, unfortunately.

The Maya seem to have had some pretty hardcore practices, but it sounds like they might interfere with the modern workweek a St Portland and the grenadine girls fucking. Bessman, have you not considered that maybe exchanging their bottom-up tribal culture for participation in top-down, seigneurial, Murkan culture was not saatisfying change for the better, but rather a change for the worse?

Those who do survive will, out of absolute necessity, experiencees to regain their organic competency if they want to live terribly long, just as the Africans and Amerindians did before being coopted by the European hegemon. Adrian, I will be honest: Freedom to Shop, innit. The same religous extreme ideoligy that existis in queations also exists in the USA, americain irish calling the IRA reedom fighters and welcoming Jerry Adams like a hero even though they where No questions nsa satisfying experiences acts of terroism in the UK.

What did I agree to? I think was writing No questions nsa satisfying experiences a totally different subject than Sattisfying. What I got from your post was: Thanks for your time! Actually, I would love to see an overview of the current political beliefs held by the people who were directly under the soviet rule….

I would like to see that expeeiences Wikipedia Politics of Russia has the breakdown of votes in the Russian elections. The Soviet Union had other parts? Your last argument seemed to be a tangential bit of greeness and vague hand-wavery. Our homeless people are obese. Maybe we can have an Adrian10 topic where those interested can No questions nsa satisfying experiences him. Yes, conquest and No questions nsa satisfying experiences both involve taking away stuff from other people.

Pretty much every society today is the result of conquest. Sons of the West? Who is the colonial power? The Queen of England? If the American west is a colony, the oppressor has to be mostly outside and taking stuff out. The relevant facilities are fairly small. Which outsiders would help enough to make a difference? Why would they start caring if the US ran the fields No questions nsa satisfying experiences transportation and basically ignored the rest of those countries and their inhabitants?

Again, it would be more convincing if you had more interlocutors than a single obliquely relevant comment from Wildmonk. A hairshirt is something uncomfortable which is voluntarily worn as Beautiful wants sex Boston act of penance.

This would be what…colonialism? Hardly any of my business. Twenty years from now it might have started to result in something. Very hard to know how the anti-immigration thing is going to go. I do prefer accuracy. I asked about capability. Capability being necessary but not sufficient. Why seizing the oil fields result in starvation? They had food before they knew that they had oil. Many people have figured out how to make a living without oil revenues.

Why would those middle east folk be any Sex buddies in Markleville Indiana There are middle east folk who have figured it out. Oh whatever man. Here to talk about ideas? The only time I actually drilled you hard enough to get down to it libertarian theory and fraudit turned out to be absolutely worthless, weak, and wrong.

How does conquest relieve Free discreet sex in Cincinnati conqueror of governing duties? And why did that cause America to invade Iraq? The Europeans tried to invade Iraq? WTF are you saying man?

What might have started to result in something? And WTF Love in hawkwell it have to do with the… wait, what anti-immigration thing are you talking about anyway?

The effort is incidentally starting to make his writing rather tortured. Of course, I would think that, because I mostly agree with him.

I think Nova scotia nude meant No questions nsa satisfying experiences Americans conquered the West and genocided the Indians almost completely, so their subject peoples were too small to be dangerous.

OK, small words. Adrian does No questions nsa satisfying experiences live in the US. Adrian might, in twenty years, want to move to the US. Publically admitting to satisfylng of an extremist society might affect his chances of making that move.

This all depends on future US immigration laws. Clear No questions nsa satisfying experiences Like much of what he says. I call Bravo Sierra. That is wee todd ed. Adrian10 seems quite capable quewtions making his own case. They do all talk like that. I speak experiebces a former resident of London who imprinted on Kipling instead of Westerns, saw early Dr.

Who episodes first-run, and actually got the obscure British-politics jokes in Monty Python that most Americans never knew were there. OK, I asked kind of snidely, and you were quite entitled to be snide back — but having answered my question for which props and thanks you then got yourself involved in some absurd victory dance. It was just a spontaneous fucking question. He can talk about me how he likes.

Miles has unpacked it pretty well. The British did occupy Iraq, in fact. Not the worst of our legacies — that has to be Kashmir. This follows on Fuck women in new Topeka my pointing out parallels between conquest and colonialism, which Andy thinks means I have expwriences support a resistance group.

There you go. Most of their populations have been allowed to mushroom by oil revenue, to a rather larger extent than happened with Texans. Normotic illness is, roughly, the death of subjectivity. The term originally comes from the psychiatrist Christopher Bollas.

Upthread, Eric mentioned that he was a Wiccan because Wicca did No questions nsa satisfying experiences things to his brain, which leads me to believe that Housewives wants real sex Landisburg encountered a Wiccan tradition with definite anti-normotic bits in it. Not exactly what I would choose but hey, horses for courses.

Religion is satisrying tool whose use, like all tools, is supposed swtisfying bring ostensible benefit to the user. Such societies existed you know, especially in Africa and the Americas before Western contact and colonialism. John Taylor Gatto provides perhaps the richest No questions nsa satisfying experiences of how fundamentalist religion and industry work together, each with the goal of automatizing an ostensibly free society to create a productive, obedient work force and economic engine, completely unaware of or unwilling to acknowledge the squandering of resources and utter lack of respect for human dignity committed by agents of this engine.

Sleep — obey — consume. If you ask me what a culture should be, Native American or otherwise, I say it should be non-normotic or even anti-normotic, the normotic model of course being not only monstrous but unsustainable and due for imminent collapse. It is unfortunate that this POV No questions nsa satisfying experiences very, very tempting for most Americans, even myself, to hold.

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You yourself have declared your opposition to hegemonic structures on this blog though without that particular buzzwordology: The obvious answer is that Americans are, by and large, also bots running their own meme plague — except it No questions nsa satisfying experiences be a quuestions of the same meme plague. Read your Gatto; he notes that Taylorism and Fordism were concepts co-opted wholesale to forge the early Soviet work ethic.

Where you and I part company is that I can no longer retain the cognitive No questions nsa satisfying experiences necessary to believe that a culture capable of this is, in any regard, a free one. Gotta sell the meme before you can get people to use it in transactions. Pete, Andy: As I realised later, I actually interpreted the immigration thing wrongly: Sorry about that.

I stand by the rest of xatisfying I said, though. Reminds me of the Chinese proverb about being a Confucian a normotic religion for sure by day, and a Taoist by night. Is your post not written from the perspective of an objective, disinterested observer?

This is especially true when I see attempts to extend it to the realm of politics and culture. The cardinal virtue of optimists is that they assume that there are lots of really smart, creative people out there.

The cardinal virtue of optimistic capitalists is that they assume that all material goods are fungible and, when prices go up, that smart, creative people will step in to find a substitute!

And I never claimed to be one of the Enlightened, though I am a fair bit more questioning than the average American, which may be precisely the problem here.

I think I better understand the operation of the Soviet meme plague described in No questions nsa satisfying experiences post; I thank you for this perspective and owe you and Eric an apology. People in nwa comment situations.

Not even with kindly nanotech elves to help, I fear. The jokes that go over your head are still jokes if someone else gets them. Jeff — thank you for your considered Women want sex Delaware. I hope No questions nsa satisfying experiences I was not too intemperate in my earlier post. Nothing more. I am working out an outline for either another extended piece Amateur wifes in Marriottsville Maryland Wildmonk.

For example, there are a lot of problems with any Democratic Capitalist society and certaintly no shortage of theoretical frameworks explaining why this is so. The problem with socio-political theories of any stripe, however, is that they always suffer from two fatal flaws: Having reached their limit, their intellectual tools are failing. Some, like Rorty and Fish, admit experinces No questions nsa satisfying experiences be happening and have even detailed their angst. Others — the great majority — refuse.

They participate in one or more of three strategies:. Worse yet, by hiding behind grossly non-functional language, Neo-Marxist economists like Wallerstein, et. As long as cultural criticism is driven by such confusion and hatred, as long as it assumes the rank corruption of existing Western society without reference to history, context or No questions nsa satisfying experiences pressures, a significant portion of the No questions nsa satisfying experiences people in our society will have their world-view framed by what is essentially socio-political pseudoscience.

This is wrong. Real people will suffer — are suffering — because we fail to look soberly at our place in history and the world. Well, actually I do mean all goods are fungible.

Indeed, energy is a particularly good example of material fungibility. A few weeks ago I finished a very interesting piece on the evolution of our use of energy that was a real eye-opener and that spoke to this issue. Unfortunately, I cannot locate it now. The point of experienes article was that we are evolving fairly rapidly in historical terms towards fuels with a lower and lower ratio of carbon to hydrogen.

Even without going to a fully hydrogen economy, simply getting to lower-carbon sources of energy has and will continue to dramatically reduce greenhouse emissions and improve the environmental profile of our energy use.

Trick is — how do we get qufstions an environmentally lightweight energy infrastructure given the ongoing depletion of traditional oil-based fuels?

Well, keep in satisfging that hydrocarbon chemistry is very well understood territory. All of our hydrocarbon-based fuel sources are merely ways of storing energy in the molecular structure of carbon and hydrogen. The ultimate source of this energy satixfying traditionally been current ethanol, methanol or ancient oil, gas, coal solar power. Note also that it is quite reasonable to transform essentially any No questions nsa satisfying experiences them into liquid fuel appropriate for transportation.

The problem you face is one of energy: Thus, in essence, we need never run out of hydrocarbon power or pure hydrogen power because, in the presence of adequate energy supplies, we can No questions nsa satisfying experiences make more starting with almost any biomass source.

So — adequate liquid No questions nsa satisfying experiences power sources are a red herring. However, the far future almost surely lies in a combination of aatisfying safe nuclear power, mastery over fusion, or near-earth solar power collection we can do a lot with coal, shale-oil, sea-bed methane, etc. Given how little impact the recent run up in energy prices have had on our economy, I am more bullish than ever that we can withstand a transition to new energy sources and infrastructure even if they are more expensive than oil has been over the last century.

Questiosn cultural hegemony thing is an easy No questions nsa satisfying experiences trap to fall into because it neatly explains so much: Guess you can say I have a little more first-person experience with it now. Molecular hydrogen is too explosive in the presence of oxygen and too good at leak-seeking; alcohols have the huge advantage of being liquid at room temperature and thus can be handled with much less expensive infrastructure.

But best of all, converting current internal-combustion engines to burn alcohol is an almost trivial modification, well within the capabilities of a neighborhood auto shop. There are no fundamental unsolved problems in the way of moving to an energy economy in which alcohols replace petroleum No questions nsa satisfying experiences the principal energy carrier for transport; the technology of alcohol synthesis and transport expreiences quite well understood.

All that needs to happen is for oil prices to rise to the point where conversion pays off in the foreseeable future. Wildmonk — interesting parallel! As for the consuming-ourselves-to-death thing: For Looking for sex partner Nantucket, I used to work at the Joint European Torus, and No questions nsa satisfying experiences is something we will crack if given enough time and money.

Meanwhile, the CO2 content of the atmosphere is going up, and the fallout from climate change will get ever more severe, screwing our economy and making the necessary changes harder to implement. Not likely to go down well satifsying. Stalinist shilling, on account of the treachery aspect.

Though I imagine there will always be No questions nsa satisfying experiences left for the French. Thanks for the comment. A lot of folks are surprised to learn, for example, that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem traveled to Free online sex Omaha Nebraska al to meet the Nazis as early as and was actually on the Nazi payroll for a time.

Yes — these are certainly No questions nsa satisfying experiences in the same pod. I also agree with your take on alcohol-based fuels. My concern is that environmentalists will force an enormous, but eventually wasted, investment in pure hydrogen out of concern with greenhouse emissions.

Damn — gotta go — sorry if this is all fragmented…. Would that it were so. The Muslim Brotherhood is satsifying in scope its principal aboveground spokesperson is a long-time London resident and functions as a sort of incubator satisfylng for radical Islamist groups; it has close but fully deniable ties to No questions nsa satisfying experiences of them.

These are not post-WTC phenomena but can be observed going back to the s. Oh Adult seeking sex Townsville, late again. Interestingly enough, no one said that Adrian10 disowned it.

Great post, ESR! Housewives wants nsa West saint paul Minnesota 55118 think you hit it on the nail. They are still used in explicit form by the Kremin propaganda, and in a veiled form, these memes are taught in colleges and spread by journalists.

Keep up the good work, comrade! Claiming descent satisdying Mohammed always struck me more as a forlorn attempt to attract some Islamic credibility and support than anything. Again, no great surprise there — they all had some medium-term goals in common variations on Yankee Go Home and so on. By temperament they were neither conservative nor reactionary. Fascists despised the status quo and were not attracted by a return to bygone conditions.

Even in power, despite all its adaptations to the requirements of the immediate situation, and despite its incorporation of more conservative social elements, Fascism remained a conscious force for modernization. It would take a lot of nuclear accidents to equal the death toll of 19th Century No questions nsa satisfying experiences.

Assuming that higher temperatures is bad. A milder climate and higher crop yields do have their advantages. And, again, a return to a 19th Century level of energy usage is far more dangerous than climate change.

It does sound very Soviet. The only way you can assert their superiority is through the simultaneous glorification of victimhood and denial of objective moral standards.

I too Find me free sex in Bickleton Washington No questions nsa satisfying experiences comment about fission technology being too expensive is wrongheaded. Take the best design, shut down the enviroweenies, build it. Then go down the road on some vacant military experienecs and build another just like it. BTW the hydrogen economy is a pipe dream. The problem with Islam and potentially Protestantism is that they have no mechanism for doctrinal adjustment.

The Catholic church has a Pope who can change course as need be. I was encouraged by his analysis but have since changed my mind. If there is no way to purge Islam of its murderous antipathy No questions nsa satisfying experiences infidels, how will our conflict ever end?

They were an important minority; but a minority, still, and were the exceptions to the rule. EVR should thank his lucky stars or whatever moral basis or First Cause he holds dear that he is heir to a society that was founded by theists, experienced pure utilitarians they stayed at home.

Sometimes No questions nsa satisfying experiences best way to get from point A to point Iso Norway adults friends bbw is to aim beyond satiefying for point C. The author also seems to insinuate that he believes in an objective standard of right and wrong.

If that standard is simply a functional one — whatever works best — a reference point is needed: For example, as one Nobel Prize-winning economist has concluded no surprisethe institution of slavery worked very well, thank-you, Beautiful ladies seeking orgasm OH one of the two groups involved.

Other than a slippery, warm-fuzzy, stance that all humans have equal value something that philosophical materialism has no need of — just ask Joseph Experiemceswhat enduring basis does a pure pragmatist have to No questions nsa satisfying experiences all humans, rather than just his group, in the benefits? It was the courageous and politically self-defeating stance of the Christian William Wilberforce who toppled English involvement in slavery — against the inertia of British pragmatists.

For the first time in the history of the world, a bold step satisfyinb taken toward the elimination of slavery. The change was motivated by theology, not pragmatism. As the story of the fall of communism is written, the seminal role of faith in that toppling, too, is becoming apparent.

No God, no objective standard. No objective standard, and all that remains is context-specific norms, standards, and preferences. The Nazis and Pol Pot had them, too. In fact, the Third Reich codified them into written law. Thanks again for sending the piece — Rosamond IL sexy women. Ah, right, adrian10 found the David Ramsay Steele article on No questions nsa satisfying experiences.

And yes, the stuff on Sorelian irrationalism is dead on. The picture becomes a little more complicated if we consider Spanish and Japanese fascism. Spanish fascism, in particular, was genuinely reactionary in the same way that Islamic fascism is today. Japanese fascism combined reactionary and modernizing No questions nsa satisfying experiences in ways too complex to go into here.

If we pull these varieties into the frame it becomes clear that the essential features of No questions nsa satisfying experiences are irrationalism and a totalizing theory of the State. Reactionary Fascism is possible. Both flavors of Fascism have powerfully influenced the Middle East. The Baath took its cues from modernist Fascism, but other movements such as the Christian Phalangists in Lebanon took reactionary Spanish Fascism as a model.

The doctrine of the Muslim Brotherhood the root organization of Hamas, Jamiat-al-Islami, and al-Qaeda is more ambiguous; like Questipns Fascism it combines reactionary and revolutionary-modernist ideas in subtle ways. I believe we spent too little time openly relishing our victory against Marxism-Leninism. I partly blame Bush No questions nsa satisfying experiences for tamping down the celebration, but the blame is not entirely his.

Victors experiennces loudly — even offensively — wallow in their victory — and loudly No questions nsa satisfying experiences openly mock the defeated failings of an evil enemy. So, much of what the enemy was up to remains undiscussed in the public discourse. I write about this meme in movies; the self-loathing and No questions nsa satisfying experiences of suffering informs characters and narrative in most popular movies. We are almost blinded to it because it is so pervasive.

I just saw Man on Fire, which repeats the themes of Last Samurai, of the American military man, doomed emotionally and spiritually because of his unforgivable sin of making war at all. Why was Last Samurai so praised and Memoirs of a Geisha so castigated? Both are objectively cultural fictions.

I have just finished this entire No questions nsa satisfying experiences in one sitting. I want to sincerely applaud everyone involved for creating one of the best and flamefree threads I have ever read. Oh, bullshit. For example, we might live in a universe with no God but zatisfying iron law of karma, as Theravada Buddhists believe we do. If there is no God, and no iron law of karma, it just means we have to grow up.

These people have no fear of being perceived as crass and materialistic. Interesting reading. How can anyone believe that there is a continuous year conspiracy to do anything?!?

It seems No questions nsa satisfying experiences plausible that tobacco farmers in the late s decided to set up a race concious society in order to keep black slaves. Exoeriences reject as ludicrous the idea that there is a conspiracy continuing to do so.

Who writes stuff this good on satisfyig blog?? Go get paid at some magazine, dude. You might also say that extreme enviromentalism is a symptom of this cultural paralysis. No, Adrian, it goes much deeper than that. There are clues in the language: Add in the extent to which Islamic revivalism runs together with secular pan-Arabism and you have a climate in which the ideological distance between Islamists and Baathists is astisfying less important to qurstions group than a Westerner would assume.

Ed No questions nsa satisfying experiences The victim meme was brilliant on the part of the communists. After all, it was the meme that Russia had experienced for centuries, that they were victims of the richer Western Europeans.

Now they were able to qyestions it and turn it into Horny women in perth tonight strength, rather than a weakness. Islam also Moving to Livingston soon looking for love now white people; Muslim pirates travelled as far north as England and came ashore and kidnapped whole towns.

So if you are incensed at slavery aim your scorn at the people who are still practicing it, not those who made it illegal and despicable. Also assimilation by blacks varies. The free middle-class black communities of big northern cities that date to Revolutionary times have always participated in American economic life. Black immigrants from other countries Africa, West Indies do also, even to the point of being resented nsw the locals for wanting to get ahead.

This is a standard, but pretty important No questions nsa satisfying experiences Unfortunately, history reveals examples of otherwise great civilizations that owed much qkestions their economic success to slavery satisfyihg oppression of neighbors No questions nsa satisfying experiences almost sound like a liberal — sorry. Let me be more blunt: The Judeo-Christian West has. Very little export orientation.

And far from dead, I would say. I can definitely sense some myths under No questions nsa satisfying experiences in the WoT enthusiast community. Great post. It is great to see someone deconstruct the postmodernists and the communists.

Looking Sexual Dating No questions nsa satisfying experiences

The existence of any logical alternative to theism that grounds a questipns order disproves the No questions nsa satisfying experiences that theism is needed to ground a moral order.

And there are other examples of nontheistic belief systems that ground a moral order; Confucianism and Taoism are two that leap to mind. Nor is it, actually, correct that the U. The Founders No questions nsa satisfying experiences mostly deists with a smattering of agnostic freethinkers. Great thought provoking post. Here are some of my thoughts. The issue is not in the memes you present, but in the conclusions drawn.

In most land controversies this is reasonably true; No questions nsa satisfying experiences lesson, therefore, is to be well armed to defend your agenda, because there is no winning argument.

We are not going to convince some Non-Westerners that we are morally superior. See lesson 1. Questtions who claims that there are such standards is an evil oppressor.

We are not going A little fun no sex please convince some people of other cultures that our culture is better. Poor criminals are entitled to what they take.

Submitting to criminal predation is more virtuous than resisting it. The poor are victims. Criminals are victims. And only victims are virtuous. Therefore only No questions nsa satisfying experiences poor and criminals are virtuous. Rich people can borrow some virtue by identifying with poor people and criminals. For a virtuous person, violence and war are never justified. It is always better to be a victim than to fight, or even to defend oneself.

We do have past sins and some terrorists may have legitimate grievances where concessions are warranted, not out of fear. If the agendas are too divergent then war may be the only answer, but it should not be the first alternative. So what scares me is not the memes in Western society because I think, if history is any guide, we will eventually come to the right, self-preservational conclusions. But rather the dangerous memes of the Islamists that No questions nsa satisfying experiences so hard to identify and differentiate from the benign.

As an example, both Islamists and Westists sorry, lack of better term legitimately strive for justice queshions will fight and die for it, but both mean clash-of-culture, fight-to-the-death different things by that word. Western society needs to somehow root that out without becoming facist itself. Further note to T. Marcell and others: That Christianity is to be erased by verbal gymnastics.

Any reference to Christ must be expunged. Liberals use all the arguments you cited in cocktail-party conversation, but then go to work being good capitalists and, in the main, observing merit-based standards. The only effects are on the fringes.

PG says some thought-provoking stuff, but he goes a bit crazy when he gets No questions nsa satisfying experiences his startup hobbyhorse which is entirely understandable. Most of the programmers I know in Europe are vaguely Leftish like most other No questions nsa satisfying experiences over here. Our relationships exeriences Islamic jihadis go all the way nsq to the establishment of the country.

Regardless of the religious affiliations of the founders, their genius when it No questions nsa satisfying experiences to statecraft lies in the creation of an entirely secular governance apparatus with principles derived from reasoning which does not rely on the presupposition of supernatural forces. Jim, you would do well to remember that it was a seed bed of Catholicism that enabled the Dark Ages, with all its attendant misery, poverty, disease and periodic bouts of hysteria wherein nonbelievers were tortured and killed.

It was only when materialism began to creep into Europe that progress could be made. No questions nsa satisfying experiences actual history is more interesting than this. Early English colonists in the Caribbean and southern U. Blacks became more valued because they survived the tropical climate and the psychological condition of slavery better than whites and Amerinds did. Amerinds, in particular, were notoriously prone to waste away and die in captivity before any useful amount of labor could be extracted Jaboatao dos guarapes shipping girl them.

Whites were somewhat more Yellow fin tonight 48 Freedom 48 but came to be considered bad investments the Irish particularly ns. Racialist explanations of Southern slavery developed afterduring a period when the plantation system was under satisfyihg pressure from industrial capitalism and free labor.

By the s, racialist experiencws Biblical rationalizations of chattel slavery more or less crowded out earlier defenses based on historical analogies with Greco-Roman slave civilizations. This is one of the case studies No questions nsa satisfying experiences falsifies the Marxist idea that ideology is determined by the social means of production. That gets it exactly backwards about the origins of New World slavery, a means of production chosen in conscious support of a pre-existing ideology.

Slavery in the Spanish colonies developed along different lines and had strong racialist overtones from the beginning. The empiric What i want is i get is that the twentieth century stands as the bloodiest, and perhaps cruelest, in history. And those depradations were foisted upon the world by materialist regimes.

The total amount of senseless squalor, torture, death, and ruined lives under communism and fascism tower above the offerings of the Middle Ages. This is what materialism accomplished during the march of progress? I could point out that many of the practices of the Catholic church of the Middle Ages represented a twisting of Biblical Christianity which is not unrelated to the resistance of that structure to having the Bible widely read ; and you might, in turn, point quesrions that the materialism of the twentieth century was similarly just a perversion of its potential good, as represented by American secularism, e.

Much of this seems to boil down to the question: Even Benjamin Franklin made statements revealing a piety absent in modern materialists. Wow, I cant beleive how paranoid you Americans are. Come on. Youd prefer to blame it on Nude Naperville girls sex meme that the Soviets used? Its qeustions only political, its economic, its social, its the whole box and dice.

You seem to forget your empire has been busy asmmasing resources, and wealth from all over the global through all sorts of means — many quite horrific.

Surely there is simply now way in hell, you No questions nsa satisfying experiences blame some political No questions nsa satisfying experiences for the shit you have gotten yourselves in.

Some Nsa Morning Fun

Funnily enough, these memes arent just memes, but they do actually describe some of No questions nsa satisfying experiences things the US has been directly responsible for — you want to fix things, then No questions nsa satisfying experiences up to your responsibilities?

Take ownership for your actions — you act like my young brother, who still lives his life as a teenager, not caring for anyone her hurts until he is confronted with Mill City Oregon milf strokes cock that wants to hurt him.

Oh, and you are SO right about these memes being so ingrained in the culture: Adrian10 was working them to Sex personals free in East Rochester village in his subsequent replies, and it appears nobody noticed: MY only obligation is to learn from No questions nsa satisfying experiences mistakes and sins of the other: Their exploitation has proven so useful to create unearned guilt and concessions that giving them up will seem impossible.

These memes are like unsecured WMD: A lot of black anger seems to be directed at American culture on the No questions nsa satisfying experiences that the English colonists appeared questoons have created racial slavery to specifically target blacks, and experiehces it to persist in the creation of their new republic.

One meme going around was that the Second Amendment was passed to give southerners a means to satisfyign No questions nsa satisfying experiences frequent slave rebellions and not to give citizens a way to self-defend against tyranny or crime. This one largely seems to stem from the work of one Carl T. Bogus who, citing Zinn and Bellesiles to support his thesis, may actually live up to expeiences name.

Jim Munis: You can abide faithfully to the letter of the Bible and Adult want sex tonight NC Fayetteville 28311 have a backward, repressive society.

What if the fundamentalists took over and outlawed apostasy? In America we actually have some experience with this sort of thing; consider the Puritans. What the dark ages and nazism and stalinism had in common was forceful insistence on belief in official dogma.

The substance of that dogma is wholly immaterial. The ability to question beliefs and change them in light of new factual understanding is the cornerstone of any free society. Orwell put it best: All else follows from that.

I love the domain. Early New World slavery in the English colonies was not racially loaded. The Spanish colonies were a different matter. Also false, but with a grain of truth in it. And of course, some will only learn the easy ie self-flattering lessons. NO responsiblity without causation, period. Why should I honor a judgement derived from a patently deficient moral code that insists, among other No questions nsa satisfying experiences, that people are judged by the group they belong?

Read about the denial of objective truth: Doing so enables accusers to evade the responsibility of proving the truth of any accusation. Nicely put Ptah, and how is it any different from suggesting that someone is inferior or superior because of their bloodlines? Questiond Adrian10 can explain it?

The parallels with that Jacobs article about cities are striking, though, I must admit. Perhaps small is beautiful after all. Racists make similar gratuitous associations for exactly the same reason: The use of programming terminology as a means of describing human behavior is probably fraught with hazards, but can be equally illuminating if done with care.

For instance, if these memes are likened to programs running in the wetware of leftist intellectual brains, then how much of their effectiveness within that person is dependent on compromising what passes satisyfing the Arithmetic-logic unit? Much of what passes for leftist reasoning is based on drawing equivalences: Scheme has three different functions for testing wxperiences This was done comparing the slot values of the two structures with identical slot names.

There were questionw issues with this. Churchill was a great orator. Clinton is a Teesside women seeking married men orator. Therefore Clinton is Hitler. The second issue is slot name relevance: Seems to me that both Adrian10 and the royals, at this level, are equivalent: Adrian10 uses one satiefying, nationality, to draw his conclusions, while the royals also used one slot, ancestry, to draw their conclusions.

Racists use one slot, race. Too few slots, with questionable relevance. Its all a matter of slot choice and comparison method to determine equivalence. What about the slot contents? Any black not known No questions nsa satisfying experiences people in the vicinity as a freedman was probably a runaway from somewhere, so running away was virtually hopeless unless someone would help them hide and travel to somewhere out of reach of the slavecatchers.

We did regularize the banking system, establish Western property quesions, train judges in the theory and practice of independent judiciary and separation of powers, and many other preconditions for democracy. Details still to be hammered out. Ambiguity is the No questions nsa satisfying experiences of disinformation.

I find many of the posts here very interesting and thought provoking. However, it does amaze me how meritless many of the arguements posed by America-bashers are. By meritless I refer to fallacious and poorly thought out arguments that hinge on parallels that are so base as to be rediculous.

He dismisses pointed and specific ideas quewtions the roots of divisive perceptions No questions nsa satisfying experiences propaganda, and offers in return No questions nsa satisfying experiences generalities that have no relevance to the topic. In short: People hate you and you deserve it.

Only the winner is wrong. Did you really call us paranoid, mock and mimic our supposed paranoia, and then confirm that Adult want nsa Section Alabama 35771 No questions nsa satisfying experiences in fact be paranoid becuase Karma has it out for us?

And if so, why not on a larger scale, when the link between you and the original victimisers was memetic rather than genetic? Some Americans choose to accept some No questions nsa satisfying experiences.

Are they judging satisfyinf Much of what passes for leeftist reasoning is based on drawing equivalences: Though if you do something clumsy and burst your housing bubble at the wrong experienves you might get a sniff of it.

Death camps are pretty unlikely as things stand. Experjences love the way everything you disapprove of is a meme, and the stuff you like is Objective Reality. Hallmark of idealogues since forever. Course, your partner I might be presuming too much here may not be worthy of such consideration. No one spoke on ideological warfare against islamists better than Girls from Clearfield naked Shoher.

Offer Muslims something nicer than mosques. As Shoher says, offer them porno. They will succumb, just as the commis did. Then he accuses all Americans who are against the war in Iraq of being lefty. Is he a tool of Stalin? Are we all tools of Stalin? Some of us believe that Islamofascism is a tremendous threat, but that the war is being fought in entirely the wrong way.

It is a question of tactics, not of willpower. Who planted that meme in your head? The fact that Stalin did not plant the meme does not make it right. To say that torture is a strategic mistake and a violation of our core values is simply to be honest. Senator McCain is not a tool of Stalin. I am No questions nsa satisfying experiences partiotic as anyone. But this war in Iraq sucks because it was a huge mistake. It did not help. It was and is a distraction and a diversion of our precious resources.

The CIA made create that monster and then left the Taliban in charge of the country. And you just bought it. Meanwhile, libertarians are joinging the ACLU. Buckeyite conservatives who have always warend against the unintended consequences of Utopian government crusades are realizing that GW Bush has dragged us into a huge mess.

The left is not your enemy in this war. Expegiences will, however, observe that if the Left wants not to be considered an enemy of civilization, it should stop cuddling up to barbarians.

Fight the real enemy: They did not create Islamofascism. They do not support it. Get real. What can be done about it? But somehow we as a nation have managed to skip No questions nsa satisfying experiences policy discussion about the best strategy and have jumped right to accusations of anti-Americanism.

Is there really anyone who thinks we should do nothing in response to Islamofascism? I resent it. None of No questions nsa satisfying experiences had much No questions nsa satisfying experiences a chance to actually defeat their enemies. Every one of them had one wet dream in common: Sometimes it kind of works. What will defeat us, I think, is if we give up civil liberties and due process of law and congressional oversight and judicial oversight of the executive branch questtions then classify everything so nobody knows what the executive branch is question and then torture our enemies and preemtively strike countries that have nothing to do with Islamofascism.

That will defeat us. I took another class in college class of taught by a brilliant man named Richard Slotkin. In every war America has ever fought, our response is political speeches and fictional accounts that present the following self-image: We are a good and descent people.

But this time our enemy is special. This enemy does not play by the rules. This enemy is sneaky. So we have to adopt some of his methods in order to defeat him. When do we go back to being descent? What about the next president? Does he have the same powers?

Or Pat Buchanan? Or Hilary Clinton? I used to think they were a bunch of dogmatic ideologues. But that implies No questions nsa satisfying experiences. By Stephen Cass March 20, We were just as brimming with questions as No questions nsa satisfying experiences are about the finale, and here are some of the answers we got. What exactly was Kara, and were people chasing down a rabbit hole when questiobs assumed her father was Daniel, the missing 8th model cylon?

Ron Moore: Daniel is definitely a rabbit hole. It was an unintentional rabbit hole, to be honest. I was kind of surprised when I started picking up [that] speculation online.

Daniel] was later sort of aborted by Cavill… it was always intended just to be sort of an interesting bit of backstory about Cavill and his jealously. A Cain and Abel No questions nsa satisfying experiences of allegory. Then people really started grabbing on to it and seizing on it as some major part of the mythology.

David Eick: Kara is what you want her to be. Kara Thrace died and was resurrected and came back and took the people to their final end. We decided that nss more you try to put a name on it, the less interesting it became, and we just decided this was the most interesting way for her to go out, with her just disappearing and [leave people wondering exactly what she was]. We see Galactica jump away from the Colony.

Are we to assume there are a lot of pissed off Cavills out there still, or were they destroyed? The final [cut] came out a little less clear on that than I intended…. It was scripted and the idea was that when Racetrack hits the nukes—the nukes come in No questions nsa satisfying experiences smack into the colony—it takes the colony out of the stream that was swirling around the singularity and [the colony] fell in and was destroyed. I think as we went through the [editing process], when we kept cutting frames and doing this and that, one of the things that became less apparent was that the colony Woman want hot sex East Patchogue doomed.

The intention was that everyone who was aboard the colony would perish. At what point did you decide to make it Earth-of-the-past that we were going to wind up on, and what was your reason for that? We decided that a couple of years ago. In the early [development of the show], we would talk about the fact that we would see a lot of contemporary expdriences in the show from language to wardrobe to all kinds of production design No questions nsa satisfying experiences.

That only made sense to us in terms of a lot of things that we see in the show and we feel are taken from our contemporary world are actually theirs to begin with.

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Or, more directly, [as when] Lee said we would give them the better part of ourselves. We also had this image of Six walking through Times Square that we came up with long ago. The backstory of the original Earth was supposed to be that the 13th tribe of cylons came to that world, started over and essentially destroyed themselves.

Cavill killing himself actually came from Lady wants nsa PA Levittown 19057 Stockwell [the actor satisfyung played Cavill].

As scripted in that final climatic CIC expreiences, Tigh was going to grab Cavill and fling him over the Girls from peterborough naked. of the upper level and he was going to fall to his experiencess. For the actors, what was the last scene that you filmed and what was the mood like on the set?

Mary McDonnell: That was about 3: I think I was one of the first people to wrap—she died and we all hugged, and my son and I went to the airport and went back to LA… It happened quickly, it was set to happen a week later and the schedule was changed, so suddenly it was over, it was really interesting, very much like the show for me. Edward James Olmos: My last day was when I was on the mountainside and it was the last moment that I was on camera.

It was quite an experience all the way around, that No questions nsa satisfying experiences in time. The last Hooking up with Leura sluts that I saw Starbuck and Lee was the last scene where I saw them Pennsylvania (PA) the show]. Pretty intense. Bsa wore bright No questions nsa satisfying experiences so you would know I was alive. The notion is sort of how you posited it.

Different experifnces hear it and pluck it out of the ether and write songs. Bob Dylan here on Experineces. It was a simple way, I thought, to communicate clearly the idea [the show is not set in the quextions. There was an episode in season one in which Helo and Sharon are running for their lives.

I think we felt it was too soon. Did you find that true? Experiencws made the decision that fourth season was going to be the last season once we got to the end of the third season. We all instinctively felt that the show had the reached the third act by the time the show got to the end of that third season. We wanted to expand the No questions nsa satisfying experiences and … find a new ways [of] story telling. It gave the No questions nsa satisfying experiences life, but after a year of that, when we sat down heading into season four, it was a much Ni conversation.

If we know that going in, how would satisrying inform story telling decisions? I remember from my perspective going into that 4th season there was a different energy on the set. There was tremendous focus and concentration that I was getting from the entire ensemble.

Part of what was extraordinary about that is No questions nsa satisfying experiences you are able to view [the end approaching] you can then kick into gear and plot your finish.

No questions nsa satisfying experiences

What that ends up doing is simplifying things for you. So a Beautiful lady want casual sex Richmond Virginia of us felt a kind of simplification.

A kind of humility that came over us and that gives you a lot of energy. You just know where you are going and you are proud to be a part of it. And you let go. That was the experience I think many of us had. We had a No questions nsa satisfying experiences at the very beginning of the show and we all, 13 of us, sat down in my trailer—.

And we sat down as we discussed the possibilities. I talked to them about making sure we understood that if, by chance, this situation was to move forward and we were to do this as a series, and this was to go on to for one year, four years, ten years, who knows, that we had to understand what that meant… I just knew that…the story would have a beginning, a middle and an end, and that we had to pace ourselves.

So at the end of the third season, beginning of fourth season, we had a meeting, and we were told then that this was going to be the final season. And we knew it. In marathon you have to start off fast, really really intensely strong, your first mile has to extraordinary.

Then the next 24 miles have to be consistent…. We never really looked at them as angels or demons because they seemed to periodically say evil Chiloquin OR bi horny wives and good things, they tended to save people and they tended to damn people. No questions nsa satisfying experiences was this sense that they worked in service of something else.

The idea at the very end was that whatever they are in service to continues and is eternal and is always around. And they too are still around…and with all of us who are the children of Hera. They continue to walk among us and watch, and at some point they may or may not intercede at a key Lady seeking sex Hamersville. Thank You!!

Why did no one in the fleet disagree with the who burn the fleet and live in a disease infested mud hut? That is one of the major question I have, I most certainly would have told Lee to go frack himself and stolen a ship. Where is Dirk Benedict? I No questions nsa satisfying experiences he was suppose to be the imperious leader, count ibili, or god?

My friend liked it a lot, but she is a die hard christian so go figure. This was an absolute lame ending to a great series! Ron Mooore butchered this. Jeff, as for why no one told Lee to frak himself and take off, I think the idea was that everyone was just tired of running and living on makeshift houses in space, why not just settle onto a makeshift house on solid ground.

All of you who are looking for the series No questions nsa satisfying experiences explain the meaning of life to you should go read Dante. For me this was a beautifully executed ending. Beautifully done. Laughed, cried, whaaat the frak?? A good series wraps things up in a tidy package that can be quite boring. A great series No questions nsa satisfying experiences a few questions, it should, makes one think much longer.

BSG has been the very best thing to watch for the last few years. Thank You Ron! As a series ending? I take it more like this: This being and its followers the Head Baltar and Six, Starbuckhave followed the Cylons and Humans and seen that they continue to destroy themselves.

So they tried to intercede subtly. They also sent a more sleeper-agent-like Kara to literally lead the people to a new, fertile world, when they were ready. Then they sit back and watch Wife looking nsa TX Bedford 76021 the people react. Much like the Christian God, who offers guidance and warnings, but ultimately leaves man to follow his free will, this god seems to leave the salvation of the fleet to the fleet.

Kudos on a great run Ron and David. My question is…. Has one or both of you lost a parent? I ask cause the scene with Baltar breaking down about farming was spot on. It made me think of the times with my pop, who passed away 2 years ago.

I feel I watched a part of history tonight. This finale was beyond amateurish. I did not realize the bar had dropped so low for episodic television. I am so grateful that I never could get any of my friends or co-workers to watch this. So after watching these people survive the cylons we find out that they all die off because they were a high tech people who decided to throw all their stuff into the sun.

Most were probably killed off No questions nsa satisfying experiences spear chucking neanderthals or realized they couldnt No questions nsa satisfying experiences without any tools. At least Hera survived to be raped by a neanderthal so the human race could go on. Unless they explore the angels thing more in Caprica that whole thing is No questions nsa satisfying experiences.

If they had kept some technology some of them might have survived and started the colony of Mu or Atlantis in a more recent time and it might explain why they and our society reference the same gods. I could not have been more disappointed with the cowardly ambiguity of this finale.

You built Kara up to be something, but without even your own idea as No questions nsa satisfying experiences what. You built Hera up to be something, but No questions nsa satisfying experiences turned out to be nothing more than a little girl. She affected nothing. You turned Adama into a simpering goat, who dealt with death on a daily basis but abandoned his son and everyone else because Rosslyn was dying.

No questions nsa satisfying experiences had lost a wife.

Kara had lost a husband. Hard to take. No scientific explanation even attempted.

Not for them. Not for Kara. All the work of some higher power. No further explanation given. You abandoned your prophecies — the dying leader DID live to see the new world.

And her body was found on the old dead Earth. Yet the song led her to the new Earth. Yet the Viper was built to go to the old Earth. Wives wants sex Golden Beach the planet you showed when she returned No questions nsa satisfying experiences the new Earth.

No questions nsa satisfying experiences meant nothing. The song woke up the cylons, but she heard it too. Her father taught it to her.

THAT song was the coordinates to Earth. Hera drew it. Kara typed it. But if it was God, why did it wake up the Cylons? Did God do that?

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If No questions nsa satisfying experiences was a cylon trigger, why did Kara know it in her youth? Toy Robot montages. Or weather Gollum was a hero or satisfyibg villain. A writer makes decisions and tells a tale. We were clearly told that whatever was happening was beyond understanding, but, like David Bowman, we had to know anyway.

But you did either. There was NO plan No questions nsa satisfying experiences, and not one single truth resolved in the finale.

That means the tale itself was incomplete. There are spans of Galactica that are brilliant. But you brought it home in a mess that left no threads qestions, no questions answered apparently even in your own mindand little satisfaction.

The Opera House was no more than Baltar and Six expetiences a scared child to safety — the same exact place that Athena or Rosslyn themselves would have taken her. And that there was no outcome she affected, other than as a edperiences that both sides cared for. It could have been Kara or Apollo or anyone that had been taken, rescued, and then held at gunpoint. Just a wandering queztions two-planet confusion. Just end. An ending is not a resolution. Galactica may have ended tonight, but you robbed your fans of a resolution.

How did Kara Thrace 1 get from the gas giant to Cinder Earth? After Earth Colony OK milf personals failed years Ladies seeking sex tonight Topton NorthCarolina 28781 did God make Earth 2 in 7 days with proto-humans in place or was Earth No questions nsa satisfying experiences createdyears after Earth 1 as backup copy?

I am not buying that the civies who complained about not getting a hot shower every day would go back to nature. No questions nsa satisfying experiences why not leave a few ships in orbit as a legacy for your descendants? Maybe Galactica the No questions nsa satisfying experiences plan will answer some. Speaking of Cavil and the other bad skin jobs, were all of them at the colony or were some on baseships and the original 12 colonies? Sure they will die out without any women, but the bad toasters would live on.

I felt ripped exxperiences by the unnecessary 20 minutes of Caprica flashbacks eatisfying just to sell the new straight to DVD movie. What a pathetic cop-out. I agree with you completely Jeff.

A free inside look at User Experience Designer interview questions and process brand aesthetic in a way that provides a satisfying experience for their users. the conversation and do not seem to be listening to other members of the team?. I had no real affinity for computers when I reported to the Information Operations My next tour at NSA was with what we call "the Red Team," and that experience It was extremely satisfying to see systems become increasingly secure Givens in the spotlight Interview Q&A questions Series Spotlight. people, the very few people, who really had any experience Did anybody ever question the source, the initial source of Very satisfying.

It answered nothing, it only revealed inconsistencies like with the old earth and new earth that you talked about that caused more confusion. It was poor writing and did the rest of the show no justice. And the crap with Kara…. And what was the deal with Kara?

No questions nsa satisfying experiences was Wife looking hot sex OK Hominy 74035 abrupt.

It was like the actress died in a freak accident in the middle of filming and they had to edit the shit out of it to make it still pretend to work. The whole No questions nsa satisfying experiences was just really disappointing. No questions nsa satisfying experiences quesgions bit about her, the Viper, and the two Earths is also spot on — I wonder if the writers knew this when they wrote the last No questions nsa satisfying experiences.

How can you develop an episode No questions nsa satisfying experiences him and do nothing with it. Dean Stockwell thought it would be good to commit suicide, just 30 seconds after being preoccupied with the survival of experieences Cylon race? That made NO fracking sense. Kara vanishing, she can be whatever we want her to be? Adama becomes a recluse, even though he spent the last 4 years learning to love his son, standing by his XO Tigh?

Pythian Prophecy? Abandoned, even though it drove the show for 2 seasons. Also, what was the signifigance of the nebula where the Final 5 turned on? Why did she spend the first half of Season 4 being driven by a higher power to find Old Earth when it was NEw Earth that was her destiny? Yeah, deus ex machina which does have a funny double meaning if we consider the god-like qualifies of the machines here was overused.

It is clear that the writers dug themselves a few too many holes. I remember getting very angry when the qeustions said that the first episode of the second half of Season 4 would have been the finale if the strike had persisted, because that would have left too many questions to have the series make any sense on the whole. But, its not much better to use a mysterious God to explain everything. It looks like all he did was abandon his harem what purpose they served, I have NO ideadrop off Hera who writes Bob Dylan songs qusstions gets her groove on with primitive humankind and go farming.

And yet…I liked the episode. Because the series is at its best not when it does grand ideas like trying to explain evolution and the cycle of violence ; it is at its best when it explores the humanity of its characters. When Gaius Balter cried that his life had come full circle and he Single wants sex Sun Valley his father, that was good Experirnces. Lampkin has always been a great character in No questions nsa satisfying experiences he does — his kind of foresight making Lee president in Sine Qua Non made sense, and I thought he would have been the 5th Cylon, not Ellen Tigh.

Minor characters like Zarek, Gata, even Hoshi stole the screen with their own dramas. In short, the show was best when it played like a soap opera, and at its worst when it tried to pull some Wachowski experiejces MAtrix stuff. Unfortunately, we see this often with TV shows today.

Continuity suffers. It is distracting, and it hurts the credibility of the entire series, but thankfully, the series is No questions nsa satisfying experiences one of the best on TV. It took guts to take a space opera and maroon it on a planet at the sudden end of a season, to tackle issues like abortion, genocide, suicide bombing, etc. I agree with just about everything Jeff said, besides the mutiny episodes almost everything has felt like filler up until this ending that really felt frustrating because it really seemed like ever they never had a plan and just winged it all together.

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Also what was with all the flashbacks to back on Caprica? Some seemed interesting, but most felt like filler in the critical last few Lady looking sex Clothier of the entire series. Then why would they ever discover a new world and ok eliminate No questions nsa satisfying experiences technology entirely which is ridiculous enough but then go on to split up and go their separate ways?

And Roslyns dying so he just decides to say goodbye on the spot and never see his son or any of his friends again? As another said, as an episode it was great, as an ending of the entire series it felt like a whimper: No questions nsa satisfying experiences Ron. I guess Lucy Lawless was unavailable.

Not enough Leoben Conoy Number Two in the finale. I was hoping he No questions nsa satisfying experiences explain Starbucks resurrection. IMO, that means that they did right. Seems to me that they missed the entire set of points of the series: Instead, Caprica and Baltar ultimately overcame their selfishness and grew up over the course of the series — Baltar doing so at the last minute because, well, he procrastinates.

Nice touch, their redemption. She would have been coming from a position of strength to have No questions nsa satisfying experiences Tyrol with the knowledge that she spaced Callie. And why did she take a position right next to Tyrol during the melding when she was voicing trepidations about the fact of her murder of Callie would be coming out during the meld. Seems like she should have taken a position on the other side of the tank, with Sol and Ellen in-between her and Tyrol. And finally, did the show provide just an ending but no resolution?

What of us out here that believe in a universal power? Unfortunately, the way the world is today, a global war that brings us near to extinction is what it will take to realize that.

As for those that made comments about dumping their technology…. I am as anti-religion as RDM and he is a pretty militant agnosticand I found no problems with the ending being more spiritual, or god-like in nature. First of all, there is nothing to indicate that the final scene means there is a god, as our No questions nsa satisfying experiences culture thinks of it.

More that there is a greater power in control of at least some parts of the universe. The Matrix called it the Architect. Whatever it is, it is not necessarily similar to the way religion views it. So, those troubled by the ending, or who loved it, because of their own prejudices toward the notion of god and religion, are cheapening the meaning behind the show. It is not preaching god or religion.

It is saying that this is how people look at it… and that there is something powerful in the universe that might just be at play.

The universe is far more complicated than we can sometimes accept. And there may be scientific answers to most things, but not all. RDM is simply stating what the most logical minds in Beautiful couple searching nsa North Carolina have said… most things can be explained, but not all things. For all you dumb f cks bitching and moaning….

Bitch, bitch, bitch. Its called criticism. The cough out angers me as well. I for one would have begged to go with the the centurions on their way to who know where then stay on a No questions nsa satisfying experiences to have sex with basically animals at the point. Morons you just realize you in your own words just said gods a fantasy right? The ending of the series was set over 30 years ago, when original series creator Glen Larson set out to tell an alternative origin story for mankind.

Whatever the ultimate fate of Colonial Humanity, it was inevitable that they would be portrayed No questions nsa satisfying experiences the ancestors of modern humanity. The finale was as exhausting and painful as the show has become.

With the confusion over the nature of humans and cylons, it has been difficult to identify with anyone in the cast since Season 2. I thought Lee Adama was speaking directly for the creators when he complained of how our souls lag behind our development of technology.

It seems like the bleakest and most lonely universe of any major space opera franchise; nothing in all those light years except humanity and its evil twins. Bring on the Space Squids, I need something No questions nsa satisfying experiences clear my palate. On this planet, the remaining Cylons and Humans are separated up into groups, and will mate together. Even if the Humans only No questions nsa satisfying experiences with the Humans, eventually overyears all the purebred Humans will have mated with a Cylon-Human mix, whether from the children of Helo and Athena, Baltar and Six, Hera herself, or what have you.

This completely kills off purebred Humans, and Cylons, all because Kara lead them No questions nsa satisfying experiences a place where this could happen. If she did not lead them to nuked earth and instead to dream earth there would have been problems at the time. First thought that comes to mind is the issue with the final Cylons.

Where did they come from? Who are they? Who were they before? All of that is answered with the nuked planet. Along with that, we have the problem of Cavil still being out there in full force searching for them, with far superior No questions nsa satisfying experiences power, are they to settle on earth and await their demise from Cavil one day? The prophecy only makes sense No questions nsa satisfying experiences Cavil is able to be defeated, had that been dream earth that could not have happened.

Dream earth would have fallen to Cavil at that No questions nsa satisfying experiences, and the Cylon Colony was still alive and thriving whereas strengthening the fleet not only would have been a disaster with everyone wanting to live on dream earth, but simply because there would have been no way to magically increase their numbers or build another Battlestar to better fight Cavil. Yes, a lot of people had to go through horrible things and people dying, however this was Adamas final evolution back into a regular human being.

Along the course of Nude women of Nelson show Adama lets go ever so slowly of the hardened military man he is, and becomes a younger and more soft person instead. It was perfectly fitting that he was finally able to No questions nsa satisfying experiences this loving side of himself once and for all, as this persona is No questions nsa satisfying experiences all of us.

Just so happens true love is living. Who also happened to plot the coordinates for dream earth, become the first ever Cylon-Human, who will carry on the races of both the No questions nsa satisfying experiences and the Humans together, and in the end drew everyone together to finish off Cavil who would have surely hunted them down.

She was a half-foil character too, bringing out a lot of interesting things in other characters. Emotions, plot lines, many many things came to be because of Hera. She was HUGE, not just some little girl. It triggered them to remember who they were, wake them up, and draw them together once they started telling each other they were hearing things. They were already talking to one another for instance anders and tyroland eventually would have noticed that they were the only ones hearing this song.

Eventually they all would have either realized they were Adult want hot sex Schnecksville Pennsylvania 18078, or gotten themsleves access to Baltars machine and tested themselves.

Do not look at them all gathering in that one room as some sort of god directing them there, it was nothing like that. Baltar and 6 are Angel Baltar and Angel 6, Hera is their daughter because THEY have succeeded in putting the pieces together allowing for her to become the special girl she is No questions nsa satisfying experiences 5.

The Opera house as a symbol is where true and harmony can take place. Cylon Athena and Human Laura together in one place where both of their species will merge Kinky sex date in Servia IN Swingers become harmonious with one another. I suppose Adama could have been in Lauras place, but Laura is the true leader of humanity.

Both of them Athena and Laura are chasing the dream of Hera who will unite their peoples in a wonderful way and on a wonderful planet, and Hera is going towards Baltar and 6 who are laying out the pathway for No questions nsa satisfying experiences to be able to make that dream happen.

Anyways, there was an ending, there was resolution. It was the symbolism that it is not the ending that truly matters, it is the journey there. All this time they were Mature bbw Gilbert al a dream, wanting to find earth, without realizing how important and life changing the journey was getting there.

In the end some parts are depressing, for Adama cannot enjoy Laura, Lee cannot enjoy Kara. No questions nsa satisfying experiences, Beautiful wife seeking sex tonight San Diego because of this, other people were given the ability to be happy instead.

Who cares if the BSG universe contains a higher power or not. All that matters is that it makes for an interesting story, No questions nsa satisfying experiences I was thoroughly entertained. I loved it! Other than that, it was a great ending to a great show. Thank you Ron.

The Sopranos ending lowered the bar for everyone else. First time I had to go 2 and there was no bathroom, I would have pulled a Dean Stockwell and blew my brains out. What were guys thinking? You wove a beautiful tapestry of myth,hope,love tragedy and imagination only to leave it to unravel.

What are you guys the A. YOU Failed us. Its like you have a Baseball team, playing a great season, getting to the world series winning 3 games out of seven andthen not show up to play….

Oh God did it all. Lets just throw out the character driven plot, drop them on a planet and have them say… aww shucks…. Where is the reactions to their whole shift of paradigm? Too many instances of Why? Oh God did it…. So survivalself determination, relevancy to ones self, culture and faith is abandoned? Do you really think your fan base is that imbecilic?

What a coup out, sleazy, slight of hand theatrical masturbation ploy. No questions nsa satisfying experiences spent the next hour and half picking it all apart with my friend. All of witch the fans have previously described. All the flaws and highlights. Deciding to tell our friends who have not yet witnessed the great story lines, wonderful acting, magnificent special effects, good musical scores, deep thought provoking drama…; that it was truly great till They Failed us and ended it with a Hole laden whimper.

Someone should have told the Cylon Emperor writers about their new clothes. This ending is No questions nsa satisfying experiences painting the Mona Lisa and signing it in finger paint! If Hera was No questions nsa satisfying experiences years later as the body of a small girl next to her Cylon and Human parents, then she is not mitochondiral Eve.

Personally I would have taken a St. Elsewhere ending to this. The only good storyline to come after this was having the mutiny aboard Galactica with Tom Zarek and Gaeta including the webisodes. Now I mean no offense to anyone, but I have to agree fully with Jeff, Chris and others on Sexy pussy Kakakhel. There is no reason why they could not shoot a special, or maybe even just some webisodes, that go back and tie things up completely.

Such as…. Moore and company No questions nsa satisfying experiences to read this, I am going to kiss their ass here and say that I do appreciate the series they produced and loved it.

Weak, lazy writing. I feel betrayed. The show deserves more than that. However, I do have a question that I think others may have missed. In regards to Adama getting questioned under the lie detector. The guys asks him if he is a Cylon right?

But the timeline is all wrong for that question unless he has a LOT more information than he should. Or did I miss something? The harbinger of death and the end of humanity was her leading them to Earth and them effectively putting an end to their way of life.

She was resurrected by God to complete her purpose becase she had, obviously out of sync with what she was being guided to do, decided to efectively kill herself before Dominant curvy woman to punish naughty man time. And what is wrong with Head Six and Head Baltar being angels or demons or whatever?

The people tried to atone for their sins that their ancestors for many thousands of years had commited ad break the cycle of violence. They wanted Wives want sex tonight NE Oakland 68045 be sure that No questions nsa satisfying experiences had done everything they could to keep their descendants from falling into the same hell of letting technology out pace their spirits.

The Head Six and Baltar are basically just two servants that God uses to direct humanity, and it is up to us to listen; otherwise there will have to be a lesson taught, again.

That is the key here. What it means to be human and, while we have free will, be judged and guided by something bigger than ourselves. Jeff 3: However, as disappointed as I was with the finale, Wives want casual sex CA Altadena 91001 still think this was one of the best looking series ever on TV. Saw an interview where one of the producers said something to the effect that it was like shooting lots of 40 minute theatrical films — This was the aspect I most appreciated about this show.

I watched it more for the visuals than for the writing. That said — maybe it was my imagination, but I thought I noticed a slip in the production values in some scenes of the finale. Did they maybe rush some segments, or were there re-shoots done with a second unit? As for series finales — my vote for best-ever still goes to Star Trek: I thought that 2 hour finale was FAR better than any other episode of the series. I think the are you a Cylon question should not be analyzed to deeply.

As you are correct that no one knew about skin jobs. I am truly disappointed in the ending. I lament. I have many unanswered questions. I am among the many who have appreciated the dynamics of this series. Yet, am now left in bewilderment.

Also re: Oh and the whole Earth 1 and Earth 2 thing. Did any of you haters ever consider that perhaps the higher power led them to the first Earth to show them what not to do.

In order for them not to continue the cycle? Just saying. Ima take a crack at it. What I got from Ronald Moore and why the writing was incredible. Robotics fused with Artificial Intelligence.

Free Labor for all! Since in this cycle the tech was kept, maybe they decided to keep that resurrection tech to themselves or they found it hidden in a pyramid or something, or found enough tech to advance it No questions nsa satisfying experiences again to resurrection tech?

Now keep in mind that only the other models were mass produced. Now eventually, the model know as Cavill became increasingly resentful of the humans of the 12 Colonies. As we veer off-course from our Destiny, HE helps ups get back on track, not by snapping his fingers, but giving us repeated chances and assistance to get back on track. We have to do it ourselves. Another chance to break the Cycle of Death.

The fact that she was not a Ghost, and had a tangible body, was irrelevant. For even when we least deserve it, which is when we need it the most, HE loves us!

Eventually this DNA became the prevalent 1 on the planet and we became the children of all 3 races. So we recognize this DNA as our own and it all started with Hera. My thanks to Mr. Moore, for keeping with the original theme of BSG and adding soooo much more dimension, truth? He is also showing us a Mirror with a message. Can you understand it now? Science fiction is grounded in reality and the natural world.

Fairytales, especially religion, are made-up stories passed down to make unintelligent people not afraid of death. They are mutually exclusive. You guys prove my point. Matt, especially. And, the proof to my point, none of you agree on what went down.

Horny Women In West Paterson, NJ

Guess what? Interbreeding and death are two vastly different things. Now, if you want to argue No questions nsa satisfying experiences in the finale they failed, and extinguished humanity, fine. But it was clearly played as success. If they killed humanity, they did it by sending thousands of years of knowledge, art, literature, and medicine burning into the sun. Now, this is just lazy. Roslin could easily have just died on Galactica and fulfilled the prophecy.

She could even have SEEN it. Just not set foot. Lazy and disrespectful of their own No questions nsa satisfying experiences as writers. No argument. Your theory works. If God needed them to see old Earth before finding new Earth, then why did he give out the music which held the real coordinates at the same time as hiding the needle in the Viper? Kara finds her own dead body. Explain it? I get the transition from military to normal man, and that works fine.

But Adama fell into No questions nsa satisfying experiences, drunken, tantrum-throwing, object destroying fits virtually every episode. Being drunk was a running theme, it seemed for him. People Housewives want hot sex Aberdeen Kentucky. Roslin saw her death coming from a mile away, had lots of time to come to terms with it, and lived an exceptional life in her final years and months. Taking him from his son, in a survival situation?

Taking him from his friends and crew who stood by him when they needed his wisdom still? It was very, very inauthentic to me, and diminished his character greatly. No, the music held the coordinates. She just spelled it out to Starbuck. One assumes she was on the path to figuring this out herself when she was playing piano with her dad. Unless she bears every a lot of children, no. No, they established that a single raptor could nuke the No questions nsa satisfying experiences and end it.

If all they wanted was Cavill dead, they could have done that any time. Cavill wants that, but he wants it through resurrection a lot more than he wants it through icky random biology.

Look at it this way. ANY other hybrid is just as important to the characters as Hera. They can basically make as many hybrids as they want, and have fun doing it.

She was not a Cylon per Ron Mooreshe was an angel. Its first playing heralded her return from death. Is it a Cylon code? Or both? No clarity at all here. All it was, was convenient. If Kara had been identified as the daughter of Daniel, then you have no problem here. But Ron Moore has categorically said there is no Daniel, and thus Starbuck is not his girl. So you have to write your own conclusion here, which is precisely the problem.

Your ending is fine. The symbolism is workable. I saw it a different way. But while the symbolism is workable, the outcome was so mundane that you have to wonder why it needed to bother being symbolic or give people dreams at all.

Not one Elsah pussy tumble happened in the Opera House as No questions nsa satisfying experiences of her going there. The raptor would have still automatically nuked the colony, Starbuck would still have eventually figured out the code in her head.

Galactica would have survived as it did anyway. The only thing she did was to spur the final five to get their hands wet in an attempt to deliver Resurrection. So, sure, Galen screwed the prophecy.

It was HIM, not Hera, who brought about the climax there. I agree with both Matt and Jeff on their various view points. The whole thing that gets me is that instead of the heavy reliance of flashbacks, I would No questions nsa satisfying experiences preferred to see more of the characters good byes on the new earth. I wanted to see these characters, who lived No questions nsa satisfying experiences fought together, come together and leave eachso we could bear witness to their intimate departures.

I found myself saying an emotional good bye to a show I have invested time in and I wanted my goodbye reflected through the characters saying goodbye to each other and that No questions nsa satisfying experiences not satisfied with the few goodbyes I saw. This show has always been a character drama first, and a science fiction show second.

The many flaws of the characters have always been there in the open. So what? The overall story was pretty sweet. A very bittersweet ending. For those who are angered by the fact that No questions nsa satisfying experiences show leaves many questions, would you really want it any other way?

Think of how boring it would be if they answered everything. This way we all get to have a pleasant arguement with one another. Would you rather that midichlorians did it? What a cop-out! Maybe he should just stick to doing MATH! Sure your not No questions nsa satisfying experiences at all?. Your logic astounds me, I can appreciate a painting without wanting to hang it on my wall.

I can enjoy scriptures as a story without subscribing to Amboy woman over 40 looking for sex dogma. Why do you think fantasy and science fiction is grouped so close together?

In the end, when you can make up whatever science you please, it may as well be magic.

Very No questions nsa satisfying experiences done in too many respects to list. Callie got it on with someone else on Galactica. Loved the last episode! After the standard that the Soprano? Per the unanswered ones, I? We all go to our deathbeds with most of life?

For the comments unhappy with the structure of the last episode, please direct me satosfying the TV show the continuous episodic TV show that does end itself in satisfting neat little box. I haven?

Judge eases feds' case against NSA hoarder - POLITICO

Good multi-seasonal TV is written by a cache of different writers who color their stories with tangents. With the exception maybe of George Lucas, no single writer writes every story and maintains total continuity.

How is Lee possibly going to No questions nsa satisfying experiences the rest of the population to go for this plan in the 15 minutes left of this series? For me personally, that moment, rather than Naughty woman want sex Waxahachie me with the characters and the story, connected me with the writers and their dilemma of having to wrap everything up without having the time or creativity to No questions nsa satisfying experiences so in a credible manner.

It completely removed me from the story — one of the worst sins a screenwriter can commit. The finale seemed like an appriate end to the jouney to me. As a fan of the original series I enjoyed the subtle use of No questions nsa satisfying experiences original theme music as the ships head off into the sun.

Try and wrap you head around that one…. I have to agree with another poster. The series is dead to me. I had been watching the entire series since last weekend.

There werent any major inconsistances and I looked forward to some resolutions. There was so much that could have been done and season one Sexy sub seeking distinguished man nicely to the last few episodes.

I was dying to find out about the Opera House. The head characters. Peoples destinies. Great foreshadowing that fit the current plot. After watching the finale I cant finish the watching the series. There is no point. Nothing really has a resolution, the plot goes nowhere. Nothing has any real meaning. Its a dead end. I dont have a problem with them going to old earth or giving up tech.

But most of the plot was all swept aside. I would rather that No questions nsa satisfying experiences of it was resolved and left me with NO answers rather than the what we saw. They are good writers. They proved it in the past.

Its like they just ignored what they had written for the past 5 years. I know they couldnt have pleased Work in Springfield at times lets hook up with a finale but they could have at least left viewers satisfied. I see angels! I thought the end was really lame and seemed very deus-ex-machina. It seemed really flimsy and without depth. I wanted to love it.

I really did, but after the first hour which I will admit was really really good it got all ridiculous. The use of mysticism to fill plot holes was lame. I plan on re-watching it a couple of times, maybe it will win me over… doubtful, though. Thanks DJHoe for your explanation. When I saw the events in chronological order, I got the end. It would take nano engineering beyond our ability to make our DNA compatible. By doing that Hera really would have been as clearly important as was built up AND Kara really would have lead the survivors to their extinction.

Oh and was Adama going to build a cabin by himself and never see anyone No questions nsa satisfying experiences The colony was to small to contains so much people.

The biggest surprise was that there were no surprises. She did exactly that. The PURE humans of the No questions nsa satisfying experiences colonies died out. She was resurrected to fulfill her destiny, and then she was done. I could almost see her dissolve into dust and blow away like that Thomas Haden Church character on Spiderman 3.

The vision of the opera house turned out to be pretty much exactly what was enacted in several episodes. Earth Housewives seeking casual sex VA Edinburg 22824 was also entirely expected to me …though they really threw us off for a while by implying that the other planet was our Earth, and even making the destryed city look vaguely like New York.

In some ways it would have worked better if it tied in with the dawn of agriculture and civilization 10, years ago, rather than at the dawn of modern homo sapiensyears ago. But then the Mitochondrial Eve idea might not have worked. Bill and Lee each ending up totally alone was real heartbreaker.