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Real friend is there such a thing

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In real life there is no such thing as a "bff", or "best friend forever". People come and go.

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Everyone is replacable. You can't simply become really good friends with someone, and expect them to be there forever.

A friendship takes effort from both people, just as a relationship does. And that is the problem.

There is almost always one person that cares too much, and one the doesn't care enough. That is the problem with most friendships and relationships.

It takes two to tango.

When one person is always walking on the other, and the other is always kissing ass undeservedly, eventually something is going to give. People change, and things thete.

So you can't count on them being around forever. Like I said, people come and go. You have to thig to accept that, and let go when they do.

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Just appreciate what people are willing to give you, when they are giving it to you, and do your part as a friend. That's all you can do.

And everyone will deny it and say that their friendship is different. Sorry, but you are no different than the rest of the 6 billion people on this planet, and neither is your friend.

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