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Before you walk around barefoot or slip your foot into your shoe you might want to check for a potentially dangerous scorpion that's looking to warm up as the weather cools. Hurt says summertime is high time for scorpions, but as fall ushers in cooler weather, the creepy critters are drawn Want to slip it into a warm mouth our homes to warm up. Hurt showed 13 Action News one home in the Northwest valley that has seen as many as 30 scorpions in a single night.

The Bark scorpion is considered the most venomous in North America and loves to live in the bark of palm trees. Local News.

Actions Facebook Tweet Email. Bark scorpions move into warm homes as weather cools.

Joe Bartels. Under the nearly full moon, there is a predator on the hunt.

It glows under a blacklight and will fend itself with a violent sting if necessary. The formidable predators feast on bugs and even other scorpions.

What makes them even more of xlip nightmare-- the bark scorpion can climb up walls. Their stings are also extremely painful and can cause: Convulsions Frothing or foaming at the mouth Muscle twitching Numbness Death in rare cases "Scorpion stings, we got a lot of those calls and a lot of times those callers our panicked," said Kari Dawson, who answers the new pilot 'nurses' line for Las Vegas Fire and Rescue.

Contact a qualified healthcare provider or poison control center for advice and medical instructions. Ice may be applied directly to the sting site never submerge the affected limb in ice if Remain relaxed and calm. Do not take any sedatives. Capture the scorpion for identification if it is possible to do so safely.

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Vegas Stronger.