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Also by showing others fault, they may satisfy their inner egoistic attitude. They also like manipulation. It's a mental disorder one should correct for healthy living. "Do You Want to Know a Secret" is a song by English rock group the Beatles from their album Please Please Me, sung by George Harrison. In the United. (Letras y canción para escuchar) - You'll never know how much I really love you never know how much I really care / / Listen / Do you want to know a secret.

Written by: Lennon-McCartney Recorded: George Martin Engineer: Norman Smith. George Harrison: Available on: My mother was always Not professional, but, you know, she used to get up in pubs and things like that.

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She had a good voice. She could do Kay Starr. She used to do this little eants when I was just a one- or two-year-old The tune was from the Disney movie — 'Want to know a secret? Promise not to tell.

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You are standing by a wishing well. So, I had this sort of thing in go head and I wrote it and just gave it to George to sing. I thought it would be a good vehicle for him because it Who wants to know a secret had three notes and he wasn't the best singer in the world. He Housewives seeking casual sex Romance improved a lot since then, but in those days his singing ability was very poor because a he hadn't had the opportunity, and b he concentrated more on the guitar.

So I wrote that — not for him as I was writing Who wants to know a secret, but when I had written it, I thought he could do it. It was just written. Lennon recorded a demo while in a Hamburg nightclub's toilet; he claimed it was the only place quiet enough to record in.

Do You Want To Know A Secret – The Beatles Bible

At Who wants to know a secret end of the demo, now sadly lost, he pulled the lavatory chain. The Dakotas recorded it at their debut session knkw Abbey Road on 14 Marchand later that year it reached number one in the singles charts. It was the fourth song to be recorded that day.

The final version was take six, Lancaster california swingers club. Swinging. also included an overdub of the harmony vocals and two drum sticks being hit together during the middle eight.

With the overdubs, this final version became wsnts as take Who wants to know a secret. The first performance was for Here Who wants to know a secret Go, recorded on 6 March This was included on the digital release Bootleg Recordingsas was a version for Saturday Club recorded on 21 May During the fo vocal overdub by John and Paul, Ringo added some drumsticks tapped together recorded with echo.

You can hear them from 1: Why was John Lennon so condescending with George. Obviously George could do backup harmony———which can be more difficult than singing lead.

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I never read about George putting down John for that. While George did the mid to low range which was already naturally Who wants to know a secret his voice and vocal range. Well, John never had sufficient tact and never kept his mouth Wives want nsa Linndale when he should have. George was not a singer on the same level as John or Paul However, John was never as good a guitarist as George. Just my opinion.

There is some truth in this. John was offended that when George wrote his book I, MeMine, he gave acknowledgement to alt of artistes who inspired him, but Married wife looking sex tonight Hamilton came right out and included John. So Who wants to know a secret was a bit angry with George, and had unflattering things to say about him in Who wants to know a secret inrerview.

Which he gave to Ringo Starr to record, at first. In fact, John learned more chords from Paul than George, and you can imagine the insecurity John overcame when he invited Paul to join his band. Paul was clearly the superior musician even a better technical guitarist than George in many instances, though George is easily the most expressive. I submit that John had every right to make the statements he did. They are in their early twenties with popular though not critical for some time acclaim and who knows if it will go on?

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Sounds like John refers to George being new to singing and getting better with time and experience. And as a side note, John always seemed humble about Get fuck Charlotte own guitar skills. Just recalling his thoughts at the time he wrote the song, and reflecting on the changes after as time went on.

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Kirk out. George was not new to singing in This song was released as a single in the U. It got as high as 2 on secert charts in March of !

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The version on the Billy J Kramer cover xecret really crisp and sharp. To my untrained ears it sounds like an edit: It was this and Bad To Me. It sounds like most of his early vocals on ballads. The guitar work on here is among Who wants to know a secret best on album by him here too.

Backing vocals are quite solid too. Great guitar on this song and quite good solid vocals as well. Did Billy J sing different words to George?

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Who was that aimed at? I am such a rube — for years, I thought that John sang this song!

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Perhaps because it is penned by John, it simply sounds like something he would sing. Regardless, this one is one of my kids favorites and very catchy.

This was one of the first Beatles songs I ever heard. I still have the original 45 with the yellow Vee Jay label! Recently read an excerpt when Pete Best was in the Friend wanted no lairs and they were all getting on the bus.

The girls were all around Pete, and that steamed the other guys. Also before take 8 George is talking with John about if they should do the Doo rah doos or whatever they are in the first verse and it is clearly John and George then. In fact, if you listen to this you will see what I mean. For some reason, they decided Who wants to know a secret add the backing vocals as well as drum sticks as an overdub. George might be Who wants to know a secret because they could have been planning on doing three-part harmony but I can only hear two backing vocals.

Just trips along. Except during the fadeout, around 1: It parallels much of the top 40 pop music happening then.

Kind of sing-song and whispy. It could have been sung by a dozen groups at the time. John is full of shit when he says George was a poor vocalist— on the Decca sessions, John sounds tight and scream-y without being musical, and Paul sounds like a terrible Elvis impersonator.

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Lennon underated it. He never realised how wonderful it is. The same short start, and then the same upclimbing melody. McCartney composed Yesterday or Yes, once again the broken record.

This is hardly anything approaching a masterpiece. A likeable song — nothing more.

You need to get out now and then, Johan. As someone else said a sweet and simple song. It is a lovely tune.

Obviously he gave it to George to sing.

I always thought that bad note at 1: Should have used that take IMO. Remember that they cut 10 tracks that day Feb 11 in …. Ridiculous really. For an album made on the cheap with indecent haste it is remarkable how good it wsnts.

DO YOU WANT TO KNOW A SECRET CHORDS (ver 2) by The Beatles @

I have give George some perks for his early harmony work. I believe adding a harmony on top of a melody is relatively easy if you have the vocal skill.

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Comparatively, much harder is adding a third part in between the high and low vocal part. The birds are able to sing in major scale, in minor scale and in chromatic scale. Who wants to know a secret tk, given a song, tries to sing all proper, and producer says, no, no, your speaking voice is great.

Go from there.

Lyrics to "Do You Want To Know A Secret" song by The Beatles: You'll never know how much I really love you You'll never know how much I really care Listen . Do You Want To Know A Secret Chords by The Beatles Learn to play guitar by chord and tabs and use our crd diagrams, transpose the key and more. Also by showing others fault, they may satisfy their inner egoistic attitude. They also like manipulation. It's a mental disorder one should correct for healthy living.