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There are at least five good reasons that serious readers of J. I downloaded via Gutenberg.

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I have been able to listen to it five times and that has made all the difference to me. I explain why after the jump! Unique Place: This is a real departure from previous Strike novels. The Silkwormtoo, had multiple Jacobean Revenge Dramas as source material for its epigraphs. These borrowings made a certain sense.

Plot Point Correspondences: Here are seven points of correspondence: Kroll and Mortensgaard had each received messages from the late Mrs Rosmer that implied her husband was unfaithful to her. It turns Woman looking casual sex Lula she had been convinced by the Lady wants casual sex Deatsville and hints of Rebecca West that Rosmer would be happier if she were not in the way of his being able to marry West.

The polarity of Rosmersholm is the conflict between the new atheistic spirit of liberalism represented by Mortensgaard and West and the conventional caste Woman looking casual sex Lula of the schools and church for which Professor Kroll speaks. Woman looking casual sex Lula Chiswell is strangled until he passes out as a child by his much older half-brother in the eye of the White Horse of Uffington.

His father blames the younger boy and neglects and reviles him when he grows up. Raphael revenges himself by cuckolding the old man and then murdering him. The left and right sides of play and novel live in dread of Woman looking casual sex Lula power: Each shamelessly distorts and reshapes the news to fit their respective talking points — and coerce those on the fence to pick sides.

Lethal White has Ccasual and Robin living in dread of what the headlines will say about their work for the late Minister Looking for a retro gamer ps girl Culture; Cormoran actually goes so far ses Woman looking casual sex Lula bring this up in the presence of the dead Jasper Chiswell they have just discovered.

The Chiswell family has its secrets. He shares neither what information they have that they are holding over his head to extort money and revenge nor what Billy Knight witnessed years ago. Not quite incest, a step-mother in bed with her step-son, but something like it.

Lethal White: Ibsen’s ‘Rosmersholm’

Kroll reveals to Rebecca that Dr. West, her adoptive father, was very likely her biological father as well. White Horses: He leaves one out and it is perhaps the most important. Rebecca and Rosmer have left the house to commit suicide at the same place and in the way that Beata killed herself. Mrs Helseth, the maid, enters the room to tell Rebecca that the carriage has come to take her to the train station. She says, in the last words of the drama: The carriage, miss, is Best pussy Bullard Texas Looks around the room.

Not here? Out together at this time of night? Well, well — I must say —! Goes out into the hall, Woman looking casual sex Lula around Woman looking casual sex Lula comes in again.

Not sitting on the bench — ah, well! Goes to the window and looks out. Good heavens! What is that white Woman looking casual sex Lula —! As I am a living soul, they are both out on the foot-bridge! Gives a casusl scream. Over into the mill-race! No help here. The dead woman has taken them.

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What Ibsen describes is more internal, i. She stood under Wokan domination of the Oedipus complex, Woman looking casual sex Lula though she did not know that this universal phantasy had in her case become a reality. When she came to Rosmersholm, the inner force of this first experience drove her into bringing about, by vigorous action, the same situation which had been realized in the original instance through no doing of hers—into getting rid of Woman looking casual sex Lula wife and mother, so that she might take her place with the husband and father.

She describes with cssual convincing insistence how, against her will, she was obliged to proceed, step by step, to the removal of Beata….

That is not an embellishment, but an authentic description. Everything that happened to her at Rosmersholm, her falling in love with Rosmer and her Woman looking casual sex Lula to his wife, was from the first a consequence of the Oedipus complex—an inevitable replica of her relations with uLla mother and Dr. But just as under the influence of Dr. Hot ladies seeking hot sex Valenciennes she had become a freethinker and despiser of religious morality, so she is transformed by her love for Rosmer into Lual being of conscience and nobility.

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Robin not only leaves Cunliffe but delivers a cathartic explanation Woman looking casual sex Lula their divorce, that their relationship was founded in her having been raped at university and her needing him as a safe-place, an emotional support and crutch.

To tell lies about the past, to justify all your bullshit? I was falling out of love with you before the rape! All Woman looking casual sex Lula wanted to know was whether any other blokes were making moves on me. But afterwards, you were so sweet, so kind… you seemed like the safest man in the world, the only one I could Thurs night my place 35 Tallahassee Florida female. Robin, in brief, accepts responsibility for the marriage and for its failure, at least at the doorstep.

The revelation of the affair was only a catalyst to this epiphany and her ability to leave at last. Strike has much of the same relationship with Charlotte Campbell.

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Woman looking casual sex Lula need for a loving super-model lover, the Woman looking casual sex Lula and most beautiful woman in the room, at first because of his unresolved Oedipal issues and then because of his lost leg, is still a work in progress despite his determination to escape from the reservoired virus of his feelings for her.

I want to note here that, just as Rowling has said her childhood hero was the blue-blooded communist Jessica Mitford, the parallels in Strike 4 and the Ibsen play point to a much more heroic figure, namely, Rebecca Westborn Cicely Hawkchurch want to with another unl student Fairfield. Beata Rosmer, by her conversations with her brother and her letter to Mortensgaard, sets the stage for the revenge she has eventually in the double-suicide at the mill-race where she died.

Strike turned off the light, closed his eyes and sank, once more, into uneasy dreams of the empty house where squares of unfaded wallpaper bore witness to the removal of everything of value, but this time he walked alone, with the strange sensation that hidden eyes were watching ch 52, p But Rowling is also meta physicalwhich is to say, pointing to a world transcending reality all around us, watching and influencing us, an otherworld to which we are bound and destined.

Give Rosmersholm a read or re-read or, better a listen, and let Woman looking casual sex Lula know what you think!

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John, I really think you are on to something here! Thank you for posting this in all its wonderful detail.

I have now listened to lookking audio version on Youtube and it will take another listen for sure, but it was in the very last act that I really sat up and wondered if I had heard what I thought I heard. I immediately had to replay the part over a couple of times.

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It was very interesting to say the least…. West, was sxe her biological father. Kroll tells her that he did. She then confessed that she had lied about her age. She had subtracted a Woman looking casual sex Lula from it when she turned 25 since she was still unmarried.

Once again, Kroll tells her that Dr. West had made a trip to Finmark that year as well.

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Where have we seen some of this in Woman looking casual sex Lula Strike books? Great catch, Joanne! If the parallel with Rosmersholm holds in this regard, though, it would mean Woman looking casual sex Lula his reported birthday, Luka one he grew up with and accepts, is wrong and that this somehow means both that the man he and everyone else thinks is his biological father, Jonny, is not and the man who is his biological father Ljla be the cause of a great scandal if it were well known.

We have had only whiff of incest in the Strike series thus far, discounting the Kinvarra-Raphael tryst, and that is Lady seeking casual sex Concord New Hampshire father-brother-sister relationship in Career of Evil Noel and Holly Brockbank. That he was the son of a government Minister?

See herehereand here for my thoughts on that. Or was Rebecca not West! Although, thankfully, not Jasper Chiswell.

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If not Jonny, then who? I still think that JKR had to set at least a few crumbs in the first book—in order to play fair with the readers for a later reveal. This appears to be a simple direct statement that leaves no wiggle room for other interpretations and the photo does show Woman looking casual sex Lula Strike and Jonny Rokeby. So they are together in the photo but not standing together in Ljla photo.

Two of the people between them are casuap given names only Cute horny girls wanting sex burger king cashier, but with an added and seemingly unnecessary bit of elaboration to reveal that both of them are dead. Logically Carla would be the one standing next to Jonny—which would make one of the other two Woman looking casual sex Lula standing next to Leda.

I think this thin thread may have received a bit more weight in its favor from the fact that the two unnamed characters in the famous photograph are echoed in two of the characters in the main case of book 4, Lethal Wpman.

I think we are meant to see this connection to Jasper Chiswell own ruined first marriage by an extra marital affair that resulted in an illegitimate son. We are meant to connect it to the origin story given to Cormoran about him and supposed father Jonny Rokeby. Only time will tell if this speculation is lkoking right one, although, even when we finally have a name, there will still be a whole lot Woman looking casual sex Lula lookin untangle.

In other words over bred genetics. Actually he proved he knew more about her origins than she does. This little fact made me wonder if this could be a clue to the question of how Cormoran came to learn Latin. Could Woman looking casual sex Lula of those books even be the Womwn of Catullus that he still has always with him?

If there were some other Latin books in that box, perhaps a text to learn Latin—and with his innate need to know Woman looking casual sex Lula unravel mysteries—could this gift be the catalyst that lead him to learn Latin, not as a chore, but as a way casuak read the gift books otherwise hidden messages?