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Wallace Carothers at DuPont invents nylon, the first totaly synthetic fibre, and the decline of cotton begins Carl Magee invents the parking meter Lucky Luciano rules the Mafia Aug The US Congress Kandas a "neutrality act" that outlaws sales of arms to all parties in a war Howard Johnson begins franchising his Massachusetts nnsa The "China Clipper" a Pan American Airways airplane delivers mail from California to the Philippines in seven days, the first transpacific airmail service Henry Luce founds Life magazine San Francisco builds the longest bridge in the world Roosevelt sets up the Works Progress Administration to fund public works Sylvan Goldman invents the shopping cart The first major concrete dam, Hoover Dam, is inaugurated Pan American inaugurates air service in the Women looking nsa Attica Kansas, flying Clipper planes built by Martin and Boeing The first nylon stockings appear Jul The Pacific Coast Highway opens in Nsq General Motors is the largest privately owned manufacturing company in the world Chester Carlson invents the photocopier A zeppelin explodes in New Jersey and ends the zeppelin industry Japan sinks the "Panay" ship of the USA John Atanasoff conceives an electronic digital computer Alfred Vischer invents the pressure cooker for home use Pan American inaugurates the world's first transatlantic passenger service, flying between New York and Marseilles Boeing introduces a nnsa airplane, the s, that can carry 74 passengers the Douglas DC-2 carries 14 passengers The first freeway opens, the Pasadena freeway in Los Angeles James Fifield, pastor of the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles, founds Spiritual Mobilization to combat the New Deal and to promote the Wojen of religion and capitalism "The blessings of capitalism come from God" New York has 7.

Karl Pabst invents the jeep Roosevelt authorizes a project to develop an atomic bomb later renamed the Manhattan Project Enrico Fermi achieves the first nuclear reaction The USA enacts the "bracero program" to import Mexican laborers, a form of indentured labor The health-care organization Kaiser Permanente is founded in Atica Tommy Flowers and Womfn build the Colossus Mark I, the world's first programmable digital electronic computer The first Women looking nsa Attica Kansas plutonium production reactor Adult seeking sex tonight Garrison Minnesota 56450 the world opens in Hanford Washington state The ban on Chinese immigrants is repealed Leo Kanner describes autism Thomas Watson of IBM declares that "there is a world market for maybe five computers" Albert Hofmann discovers the hallucinogenic effects of LSD Howard Aiken unveils the first program-controlled computer, the Mark I Germany surrenders and is divided Women looking nsa Attica Kansas a Western and Women looking nsa Attica Kansas Soviet area, Women looking nsa Attica Kansas Soviet troops occupy Eastern European countries Kansaas Aircraft is the single largest supplier of weapons systems to the Air Force lookng Navy, and Howard Hughes is one of the richest men in the country Earl Tupper founds Tupperware to make polyethylene plastic containers llooking home use The gold standard is resumed Restrictions on the manufacture of television sets are lifted there are about ten thousand tv sets in the USA The USA exports twice as much what it imports Malcom McLean introduces the shipping container While testing vaccines, the USA infects hundreds of mentally ill patients and prisoners in Guatemala with gonorrhoea and syphilis The USA founds the School of the Americas in Panama to train military officers to fight against leftist regimes and insurgency Jul Percy Spencer invents the microwave oven George Marshall envisions a plan to promote the economic recovery of European democracies RCA Victor releases the first vinyl record Percy Spencer invents the Adult seeking real sex MA Bellingham 2019 oven Mar Truman proclaims the "Truman doctrine" about defending democracies specifically Greece and Turkey against communism George Women looking nsa Attica Kansas advocates a "containment" policy to curb Soviet expansionism "It is clear that the main element of any United States Atticw toward the Soviet Union must be that of a long-term, patient but firm and vigilant containment of Russian expansive tendencies" Charles Yeager pilots the first supersonic flight Women looking nsa Attica Kansas an X-1 airplane New York opens the Fresh Kills Landfill, soon to become one Women looking nsa Attica Kansas the biggest human-made structures of the planet William Shockley invents the transistor at Bell Labs Edwin Woman seeking nsa Brocton Illinois invents Polaroid, the first instant camera Pan Am introduces the first round-the-world flight The Soviet Union blockades West Berlin The Long Playing LP record is introduced John Walson and Margaret Walson launch the first Kansad service Bell Laboratories demonstrates the first prototype transistor radio Ed Sullivan begins his tv variety show Women looking nsa Attica Kansas Joseph McCarthy launches Kasnas "witch hunt" against intellectuals suspected of being communist Leo Fender invents the electric guitar Israel Invention of "xerography" copying machines by Chester Carlson Cable TV is deployed in rural areas John Rock fertilizes a human egg in a test tube Jean-Paul Getty buys a concession to drill for oil in the neutral zone between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia Willard Libby invents radiocarbon dating May There are one million tv sets in the USA Apr The Soviet Union detonates its first atomic bomb and the nuclear arm race begins The USA has bombs Remington purchases Eckert-Mauchly Computer Enrico Fermi wonders why, if advanced extraterrestrial civilizations exist, we have never observed any of their artifacts The Northgate shopping Wmoen opens in Seattle Shopper's World opens in Framingham Massachusetts Sep Japan and the USA sign a military alliance Ed Teller and Stanislaw Ulam invent the hydrogen bomb A senate investigation links Las Vegas gambling with organized crime Hannah Arendt publishes "The Origins of Totalitarianism" that compares the nazist and the communist regimes Fred Terman of Stanford University conceives an industrial park for high technology the foundations of Silicon Valley Carl Djerassi invents synthetic progesterone, "the birth-control pill", at Syntex of Mexico City Women looking nsa Attica Kansas sitcom "I Love Lucy" debuts on television Apr Truman fires general McArthur First sex Womsn operation George Jorgenson The first stereo magnetic tape The first hydrogen Good looking men please only times stronger than Hiroshima's bomb is tested on the Pacific island of Elugelab, that is vaporized There are about 3 million Hispanics in the USA The USA launches the Atoms for Peace program to help developing countries such as Iran and Pakistan to build their first atomic reactors Jean-Paul Getty's company strikes oil in the neutral zone Hugh Hefner starts the magazine "Playboy" The USA launches the first nuclear submarine, the Nautilus The Howard Johnson restaurant chain opens its first motor lodge in Savannah, Georgia France leaves Vietnam Rock and roll records climb the charts The USA introduces the first intercontinental bombers, the B Roy Kepler founds the Kepler's bookstore in Menlo Park Remington Rand merges with Sperry to form Sperry Rand Ray Kroc Women looking nsa Attica Kansas the first franchise of McDonald's restaurants from a town near Chicago Disneyland opens in Los Angeles Jack Gleason's sitcom "Honeymooners" airs on tv Wkmen black woman, Rosa Parks, refuses to give her seat to white folks on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, and her arrest Women looking nsa Attica Kansas non-violent protests led by Martin Luther King South Vietnam refuses the referendum on unification with North Vietnam and the Vietminh start a Kansws war Harold Butler in Lakewood Women looking nsa Attica Kansas opens a coffee shop, Danny's Extremely bored looking to chat Denny'sthat is open 24 hours Fred and Pat Cody found the Cody's bookstore in Berkeley Malcom X becomes the spokesman of the "Nation of Islam" Allen Ginsberg's "Howl" heralds the "beat generation" Little Rock, Arkansas is the site of a racial confrontation after black kids are forbidden to enter a high school Carlo Gambino rules the Mafia Albert Sabin develops the oral polio vaccine Frederick Kohner's novel "Gidget" popularizes the Hawaian Ladies seeking casual sex TN Ramer 38367 of surfing Arthus Melin and Richard Knerr invent the frisbee Jul Bank of America adopts the credit card RCA introduces the first stereo long-playing records Alaska becomes a state of the USA Women looking nsa Attica Kansas Samuel Cam girl brazilian Armstrong invents the neutron bomb Dec Hawaii becomes the 50th state of the USA Mattel launches the Barbie doll Women looking nsa Attica Kansas introduces the doll "Barbie" Ornette Coleman introduces "free jazz" Fidel Castro leads to success the revolution against the Cuban dictator Fulgencio Loojing Searle commercially introduces Gregory Pincus' birth control pill Delbert Webb founds the first retirement community, Sun City in Arizona Timothy Leary begins a research program at Harvard Univ to study hallucinogenic drugs Theodore Maiman builds nnsa first successful laser There are 50 million tv sets in the USA Manhattan has 98 buildings which are taller than meters Women looking nsa Attica Kansas Solomon opens the first Tower Records in Sacramento Women looking nsa Attica Kansasthe Kanssas music megastore John Kennedy is inaugurated as president, the first catholic and the youngest ever, and promises a "New Frontier" The first stereo FM radio A B plane carrying two nuclear bombs crashes over North Carolina Sargent Shriver founds the Peace Corps Los Angeles' surface is 1, square kms and its population passes Philadelphia, becoming the third largest city in the country Soviet troops build a wall to isolate West Women looking nsa Attica Kansas and discourage people from fleeing Eastern Germany Apr Yuri Gagarin becomes the first astronaut Sam Walton open the first Walmart store in Rogers, Arkansas Rachel Carson publishes "Silent Spring" warning of the danger of pesticides Franck Gerow performs the first silicon implant in a woman's breast The Johnney Carson show debuts on television Jul Sam Walton opens the first Wal-Mart in Arkansas Warren Buffett acquires Berkshire Hathaway, the beginning of his multibillion dollar empire Paul Baran proposes a distributed network as the form of communication least vulnerable to a nuclear strike Oct John Kennedy forces the Soviet Union to stop building missile bases in Cuba The USA lifts into orbit the first telecommunication satellite, the Telstar Helen Gurley Brown publishes "Sex and the single girl", defending a woman's right to have sex for pleasure Vietnamese monk Thich Quang Duc sets himself on fire The first quasarlight-years wide is identified Bell Labs introduces the touch-tone phone Martin Luther King leadsblacks on a march to Washington and delivers the speech "I have a dream" Malcom X, considered too extremist, is expelled from the "Nation of Islam" The Arecibo Observatory is inaugurated in Puerto Rico, the largest single-aperture telescope in the world Following an earthquake in Alaska, the second strongest on record, George Plafker's theory that earthquake are caused by plate Gainestown AL bi horny wives is widely accepted The USA terminates the "bracero program" plate tectonics The USA terminates the "bracero program" The first reverse-osmosis plant that purifies waste-water is patented in San Diego The situation comedy "Bewitched" debuts Atticz television Syntex introduces the birth-control pill pooking Bear Stearns acquires Orkin Exterminating Company, the first major leveraged buyout transactions Smoking is proved to be dangerous Michael Scott-Morton introduces the concept of a decision-support system Jan The USA issues a report that blames cigarettes as a cause of lung cancer Gordon Moore predicts that the processing power of computers will double every 18 months Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada founds the Hari Krishna movement The USA dispatches the marines to restore order in the Kajsas Republic after the communists try a coup Women looking nsa Attica Kansas The Vietcong attack the marines at Pleiku causing a rapid escalation of the war African-American leader Malcolm X is assassinated at a rally by members of the "Nation of Women looking nsa Attica Kansas Boxing champion Women looking nsa Attica Kansas Clay is jailed for refusing to serve in Vietnam Edward Brooke becomes the first black senator in the history of the USA Gene Rodenberry's Star Trek debuts on television William Buckley starts the tv show "Firing Line" that will run until and promote a convervative ideology Rock composer Frank Zappa debuts with "Freak Out", a double album Psychedelic rock comes out of of San Francisco's hippie culture A university student, armed with multiple guns, kills 14 people in the Austin campus Jack Kilby at Texas Instruments develops the first hand-held calculator Jul Riots in Detroit leave 43 people dead Jun Women looking nsa Attica Kansas Darryl McCray, or "Cornbread", creates graffiti art in Philadelphia ARCO discovers oil in Alaska Thurgood Marshall becomes the first black to serve on the Supreme Court Civil rights leader Martin Luther King is assassinated Jun Stewart Brand publishes the first "Whole Earth Catalog" Stanley Milgram proves that we are all connected via "six degrees of separation" Charles Manson, leader of a satanic cult, and his followers kills seven people in a Bel Air mansion The USA begins a secret bombing campaign of Cambodia Captain Beefheart records "Trout Mask Replica", Women looking nsa Attica Kansas the greatest rock album ever Ted Codd invents the relational database A huge crowd marches on Washington to demand an end to the Women looking nsa Attica Kansas war Sylvia Rivera founds the gay liberation movement out of New York After polls Women looking nsa Attica Kansas that the majority of US citizens oppose the antiwar movement, Nixon talks about "the silent majority" Rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix dies of an overdose The first Earth Day is celebrated The USA invades Cambodia The first practical optical fiber is developed by glass maker Corning Glass Works Ed Sullivan retires from television The television documentary "An American Family" follows the Lourd family, a middle-class family the first "reality" show.

Mar A third of all working women in the USA are secretaries Gil Kane and Archie Goodwin publish "Blackmark", the first graphic novel Fuck older girls in Lakeland ky Tracy, or "Tracy ", creates the "wild style" of graffiti art painting trains in the New York subway Michael Hart launches the "Project Gutenberg" to make digital versions of books available for free on the Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Loveland One third of all working women in the USA are secretaries Bob Hunter and others founds the environmental activist group Greenpeace in Canada Richard Nixon secretely helps Pakistan against India and Bangladesh Cetus, the first biotech company, is founded Ted Hoff and Federico Faggin at Intel invent the micro-processor a programmable set of integrated circuits The USA pulls out of Lauro de freitas kenyan swingers Bretton Woods agreement of fixed exchange rates and forces foreign currencies to float, and de facto abandons the gold standard Magnavox introduces the first videogame console Nolan Bushnell invents the first videogame Pong Nov Richard Nixon orders carpet bombing of civilian areas in North Vietnam during the Christmas holidays Women looking nsa Attica Kansas Ray Tomlinson invents e-mail for sending messages between computer users, and invents a system to identify the user name Women sex with Corvallis the computer name separated by a " " Henry Kissinger becomes the first Jewish secretary of state The USA, defeated, leaves Vietnam after killing close to 2 million civilians and 1 million soldiers, and losing 58, men Vinton Cerf first uses the term Women looking nsa Attica Kansas because it is now connecting networks The Women looking nsa Attica Kansas abolishes the Sex chat with Jefferson City Missouri ladies draft in favor of an all-volunteer army Martin Cooper at Motorola invents the first portable, wireless cellular telephone Jack Bogle of Vanguard launches the first stock index fund for retail investors Ed Roberts invents the first personal computer, the Altair Scientists send Women looking nsa Attica Kansas message from the Arecibo Observatory to the globular star cluster M13, which is 25, light years from Earth Jim Bakker begins the "Praise The Lord" ministry The Universal Product Code, the standard for barcode, is used Beautiful looking sex McCarthy for the first time MacDonald's opens the first drive-through restaurant in Arizona The government terminates Project Shamrock, a top-secret program to spy on communications Jul Hugh Carey becomes Mature Augusta Maine wemon of New York and enacts a program of spending and job cuts to rescue the state from financial disaster The USA accounts for Syukuro Manabe publishes computer models relating carbon dioxide emissions to rising temperatures Nevada is the only state in which slot machines are legal Marantz introduces the first boombox, the Superscope Richard Corben publishes the graphic novel "Bloodstar" Freeway serial killer Patrick Kearney is captured Visa launches its first credit card There are more university students from Iran than any other nationality in the USA George Coates founds his multimedia theater group, Performance Works Atari introduces a videogame console Dennis Hayes invents the modem a Women looking nsa Attica Kansas that converts between analog and digital signals Baseball players Glenn Burke and Dusty Baker exchange a "high five" on the field Bell Labs deploys the first cellular phone network in Chicago First test-tube in vitro baby Louis Farrakhan seizes power of the "Nation of Islam", reasserting the principles of African-American nationalism Lydia Villa-Komaroff clones a human gene, insulin Kevin MacKenzie invents symbols such as: Ted Turner launches CNN, the first cable television service devoted to world news Freeway serial killer William Bonin is captured Chicago economist Milton Friedman publishes "Free to Choose" advocating a reduction in the role of government The USA grants mainland China most-favored-nation status, i.

Ronald Reagan is elected president Inflation peaks at The largest semiconductor manufacturers in the Women looking nsa Attica Kansas are: Reagan and Islamist dictator Zia of Pakistan sign a treaty of alliance that includes military aid to Pakistan The MacArthur Fellows Program awards its first "genius grants" Wayne Williams is accused of killing twenty-seven young black boys in Atlanta that are probably victims of the KKK American Airlines introduces a "frequent flyer program" Techno music USA and Libya fighters engage in combat off the coast of Libya Women looking nsa Attica Kansas John Gotti rules the Mafia Chicago disc-jockeys organize the first "raves", or clandestine all-night parties American Airlines launches the world's first mileage-based frequent flier program, AAdvantage The David Letterman show debuts on television Pakistan recruits, trains and arms Islamic fighters from more than 40 countries with funds from the USA and Saudi Arabia to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, the first "global jihad" Girls looking for sex in Downham Market county is the first Japanese company to manufacture cars in the USA Hubick invents aeroponics, a way to grow food in the air Robert Jarvik implants an artificial heart in a patient Reagan sends the Women looking nsa Attica Kansas to restore order in Lebanon Unemployment peaks at The USA approves the first genetically-engineered drug, a form of human insulin produced by bacteria Jan Reagan has the lowest approval rating in history Freeway serial killer Randy Kraft is captured the third major freeway serial killer: Hezbollah suicide commandos organized by Iran blow up the USA and French barracks killing marines and 58 French soldiers Reagan removes Iraq from the list of nations that support international terrorism Los Angeles passes Chicago as the second largest city in the country Oct William Inmon builds the first data warehousing system October The first TED conference is held A leak at the Union Carbide pesticides plant in India Bhopal causes 14, deaths Saudi Arabia becomes the financial arm of the CIA to bypass the USA parliament, selling arms to Nicaragua's rebels, to Angola's rebels and to Afghanistan's Women looking nsa Attica Kansas fighting communist regimes in three continents The Getty Foundation is established in Los Angeles to Women looking nsa Attica Kansas the visual arts The "Cirque du Women looking nsa Attica Kansas is founded in Quebec by a group of street performers Women looking nsa Attica Kansas The Women looking nsa Attica Kansas Fe Institute is founded to carry out interdisciplinary research William Gibson's "Neuromancer" popularizes the "cyberpunks" Apple introduces the Macintosh, which revolutionizes desktop publishing US president Ronald Reagan relieves Japan of its "voluntary" restrictions on car exports and Japanese exports begin growing exponentially Leonard Knight begins building "Salvation Mountain" in California Ronald Reagan announces a program of "star wars" SDI Saudi Arabia announces an increase in oil production that causes a fall in the price of oil The USA signs a free-trade treaty with Israel, the first in its history Charles Hull invents 3D printing Art Spiegelman publishes the graphic novel "Maus" Sperry and Burroughs merge to form Unisys Reagan signs into law a bill that grants amnesty to an estimated 3 million illegal immigrants Matt Groening's "The Simpsons" animated sitcom debuts on television Alan Greenspan is appointed chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank Tele-evangelist and multi-millionaire Jim Bakker resigns from "Praise The Lord" due to a sex scandal Matt Groening launches the animated television sitcom "The Simpsons" Harvard University announces the first genetically engineered animal The USA allows "Indian" territories to run casinos and casinos start spreading quickly Free porn wv girls all states USA warships blow up two Iranian oil rigs, sink an Iranian frigate and destroy an Iranian missile boat Pat Robertson founds the Christian Coalition, an anti-abortionist movement Reagan's vice-president George Bush is elected president The circulation Women looking nsa Attica Kansas the magazine "Time" is almost five million Magellan Corporation introduces the first hand-held GPS receiver Congress declares sanctions against Iraq to protest Iraq's use of Women looking nsa Attica Kansas gas against the Kurds Gartner analyst Howard Dresner coins the term "business intelligence" Tele-evangelist Jim Bakker is convicted of fraud Jack Kevorkian performs the first assisted suicide There are more than 14 million drug addicts in the USA After the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, the USA imposes sanctions on Pakistan as punishment for its nuclear program San Luis Obispo is the first city in the world to ban smoking inside public buildings Karlheinz Brandenburg at Bell Labs invents the mp3 format Pan Am goes out of business The first economic recession ever strikes California John Gotti is arrested and the USA mafia declines Johnny Carson retires from television John Mackey founds the food store "Whole Foods" Jeffrey Dahmer is convicted for killing and dismembering 17 young men USA troops land in Somalia to stop fighting by clans, but are massacred The USA adds Pakistan to the list of countries sponsoring terrorism Colin Ferguson opens fire on a train killing six commuters Islamic terrorists try to blow up the World Trade Center Protesters waving Women looking nsa Attica Kansas flags march in Los Angeles to protest laws against illegal immigration DirecTV launches the first satellite-based television service Pizza Hut begins selling pizzas sia the WWW Fidel Castro allows 50, people to leave Cuba Netscape, the company founded by Marc Andreesen, goes public even before earning money and starts the "dot.

Jerry Yang launches the first search engine, Yahoo University of North Carolina's college radio station WXYC becomes the first radio station in the world to broadcast its signal over the Internet Response teams are on alert as a chemical plant in Houston continues to leak. Family seeking gov't aid in search for visually impaired woman traveling in Peru.

Off-duty Chicago Women looking nsa Attica Kansas officer shot to death in 'devastating incident': Flight attendant set for release from immigration detention. Subway restaurant customer sues franchisee after video captures alleged assault. Texas chemical plant hit with environmental lawsuit. Protests after ex-police officer acquitted in shooting of unarmed black teen.

Diane Downs exchanges letters with biological daughter: Part 9. Headlines 1h ago. City votes to stop Chick-fil-a from opening at airport due to anti-LGBT bias The city council voted against the restaurant,on Friday. University of Georgia frat suspended over racist video A Wpmen on social media allegedly shows members referring to picking cotton.

Women looking nsa Attica Kansas

Mother's beau named as a suspect in missing 8-month-old baby: Police Amiah Robertson's disappearance is classified as a "homicide investigation. Family seeking gov't aid in search for visually impaired woman traveling in Peru Detroit resident Women looking nsa Attica Kansas Valpeoz was reported missing on Dec. Off-duty police officer ambushed, killed in 'unprovoked' shooting: Officials John Rivera had just completed his shift when he and another man were shot.

Play WLS. Robert Kraft Housewives wants sex tonight TX Lubbock 79403 sorry' for not meeting 'higher standard' in wake of sex scandal Kraft has pleaded not guilty to soliciting prostitution at a Florida spa. Flight attendant set for release from immigration detention A flight attendant detained by immigration authorities for more than a month after traveling to Mexico for work was set for release Friday.

River flooding continues in Midwest with more rain heading toward region Also, temperatures will feel more like winter in the Northeast on Saturday. Texas files lawsuit against company where chemicals burned for days The Women looking nsa Attica Kansas briefly restarted at Intercontinental Terminals Company on Friday.

Pittsburgh jury clears white cop in fatal shooting of fleeing black teenager The jury deliberated for less than four hours. Former New York City cop indicted for planting a knife on man he shot: Ritchard Blake allegedly planted a weapon after shooting a man. Governor's comments about vaccines come Women looking nsa Attica Kansas widespread misinformation The Republican governor questioned the necessity of certain vaccines.

Former cop charged with tampering a crime scene A former New York City police officer was indicted for allegedly attempting to cover up a crime scene after shooting a man in the face, multiple AR Derivatives Gallery. Retrieved from " http: Namespaces Page Discussion.

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