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They are published dsserve times a week, by many different—always female—authors, but they all center around one pivotal message: I stopped to examine my own prejudice.

I mean, as soon as I feserve the male name next to an article about deserving stuff, I had assumed it to be funny and You deserve free fuck girls parody.

Asking myself why this was, I very soon reached a conclusion: A lot of advertising that targets women centers around this idea.

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So what is it about women and entitlement? To be deserving, in the male mind, is the outcome of having achieved something great or performed something well.

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When we work for an employer we see ourselves worthy of a salary. Indeed, for men, to deserve something is the result of having done something worthy. For women it seems the concept is a little different.

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It appears women believe that they deserve things merely by virtue of existing. This is something that can be observed everywhere.

Women often tell each other, you deserve better, you deserve a great guy, you deserve to be happy. For me—and, I believe, most other red-blooded males—this is an alien concept. For women, simply existing makes them feel worthy of being treated a certain way and being doted upon like royalty. The thing is, though, that the male concept You deserve free fuck girls deserving is congruent with the dictionary definition; it islogically, the correct way of looking at it, whereas female deserving seems to factor out their own responsibility and accountability, thus turning it into a completely different concept.

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If everyone were worthy of things based on simply existing, the concept of being worthy is meaningless. Women not Women want sex Buffalo Lake expect, but feel they deserveto be swept off their feet and have a man feed them with constant gratification, something that is very obvious in the article I mentioned before, the author gives absolutely You deserve free fuck girls qualifiers as to why she, or any girl deserves any of this.

You deserve chocolate when you are cranky, a partner to indulge in your guilty television pleasures, and someone who tries to kiss you even though they just gitls you puke up breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You deserve free fuck girls

This is also evident in the fact that women are more likely to be on the political left. In this social-media era, these fellas are ruining it for every other man by gratifying women and inflating their already huge egos.

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White Knights are ruining things for themselves, too. So what can be done about this?

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How can we get women down to Earth again? If we ever want to see female entitlement disappear, we need to stop giving women all that literally undeserved validation, gratification, and praise. Make them work a bit harder for the D.

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Observe wife entitlement Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar.

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